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Email Newsletter Creator (12 Best Solutions)

Grab this curated list of the best newsletter solutions available today.

Hunting for the best newsletter content creator can be frustrating.

It sounds easy.

You think to yourself: just one or two clicks, and I'll be done with my search and land on my perfect choice.

But after an hour or two of scouring the web and countless open tabs on your computer later, you still haven't found the best newsletter software. Truth be told, you are a tad overwhelmed and confused. The solutions are similar, and you don't have a standard by which you can judge them.

That's where this guide comes in.

In this article, I’ve compiled a curated list of the best newsletter software solutions available today.

Crucially, you will also get a criterion for weighing your options.

Let's jump in.

Free Email Newsletter Creator (7 Key Components)

Before we review various email newsletter creator solutions, let’s answer a vital question: which features should you look for in a decent newsletter solution?

These are the seven key components a top newsletter software should include:

1. Templates

Email Newsletter Creator (12 Best Solutions)

Any leading free email newsletter platform invests a lot of resources into creating templates for typical scenarios and use cases. No matter which industry or niche you are in, or which special newsletter campaign you are working on, there are tried-and-tested templates for it. Templates allow you to get started quickly without building from scratch or getting your hands dirty with coding.

Here are 7 newsletter templates to inspire you and save time while you write amazing content.

2. Customization

Email Newsletter Creator (12 Best Solutions)

Your brand is unique. It has a distinct identity, mission, and goals. The best email newsletter creator offers you design flexibility. You can tweak it to capture the essence of your brand. From email design to font type, from CTA buttons to colors, from HTML to preheader, you should be able to tweak it all to your brand specifications.

3. A/B Testing

Email Newsletter Creator (12 Best Solutions)

Modern newsletters have taken the guesswork out of email marketing. You can test and improve every element of your newsletter. Whether you want to find out the best headlines between two or more options or see which CTA copy drives more clicks, it's possible. A free email newsletter creator without the A/B testing capability isn’t up to the mark.

4. Analytics

Email Newsletter Creator (12 Best Solutions)

A robust free email newsletter creator includes email analytics essentials. Email analytics help you track the performance of your emails, e.g., open rate, bounce rate, click-through rate, list growth rate, number of unsubscribes, etc. You get valuable insights into how your subscribers engage with your newsletter and what to improve.

5. Ease of Use

Having fancy newsletter software with all the bells and whistles is great. But if you have a hard time figuring out how to use it, you’re unlikely to get the value you paid for. Hunt for newsletter software that’s easy to navigate and does what you want to do intuitively. For example, a drag-and-drop editor is a must. It allows everyone from newbies to email veterans to design stunning newsletters in a breeze.

6. Sharing Functionality

Email Newsletter Creator (12 Best Solutions)

To maximize earnings and the impact of your newsletter you must grow your subscriber base. The latest top-notch newsletter software allows subscribers to share your newsletter with their social media followers or with friends via email. This is a crucial feature that can drive exponential organic growth.

7. Support

No matter how brilliant your newsletter software is, you will need help to figure things out sometimes. With software, tech glitches are inevitable. When you meet tech challenges, you need a prompt and efficient support team to help you troubleshoot things fast.

With these key features in mind, let’s see which free newsletter creator ticks the boxes and offers real value to content creators.

Email Newsletter Creator (12 Best Options)

I’ve scoured the internet for free newsletter creators–here’s a quick overview of the top contenders, their key features, and what makes each tool rock.

1. Substack

Email Newsletter Creator (12 Best Solutions)

Substack is a renowned all-in-one personal publishing platform. The platform boasts over 1 million users. It's a fan favorite for newsletter creators who want the essentials.

Key Features

  • Newsletters: Create multiple newsletters for free.

  • Audience Polls: Survey your audience with 1-click audience polls for valuable insights that drive growth.

  • Recommendation network: Allow users to refer and endorse your newsletter to people in their circles to grow your audience faster.

  • Mobile App: Reach both iOS and Android subscribers via the popular mobile app.

  • Integrated: Merge your newsletter with a personal website, blog, or podcast, and take advantage of premium subscriptions.

2. Mailchimp

Email Newsletter Creator (12 Best Solutions)

Mailchimp is another newsletter creation software worth considering. It’s a brilliant choice for small businesses and promotional emails.

Key Features

  • Audience: Grow your audience for free up to 500 subscribers, and pay if you want to add more subscribers.

  • Signup Forms: Rapidly grow your audience using unlimited free signup forms.

  • Templates: Build your newsletter in minutes using many free templates that suit any message or context.

  • Mobile App: Manage your newsletter on the move: send emails, add subscribers, and more on your mobile device.

  • Surveys: Survey your audience to get insights on how to improve your newsletter using the feedback you gathered from your survey.

3. Ghost

Email Newsletter Creator (12 Best Solutions)

Ghost is an all-in-one platform for running a media business. With Ghost, you can earn recurring revenue through publishing, newsletters, memberships, and subscriptions.

Key Features

  • Integrated: Get a built-in newsletter with your Ghost website and control everything from one place.

  • Scheduling: Schedule and deliver different newsletters on specific days and times.

  • List Segmentation: Divide your list into free and paid subscribers so you can send relevant, personalized content to each group.

  • Customization: Customize your newsletters to suit your brand preferences.

  • Standardized Emails: Deliver emails using an attractive HTML template that is standardized for the most popular email clients.

4. Revue

Email Newsletter Creator (12 Best Solutions)

Revue, the newsletter platform Twitter acquired in January 2021, is closing on January 18, 2023, two years after the acquisition. You won’t be able to use it, but it's still worth mentioning as an example given its loyal following.

Key Features 

  • Free newsletter: You can launch and publish a newsletter for free.

  • Ease of use: Launching a newsletter is easy, and the UX is simple.

  • Newsletter Promotion: Promote your newsletter on Twitter and find new audiences fast via direct Twitter integration.

  • Analytics: Revue offers basic email analytics and unique engagement insights. 

  • Premium Subscriptions: Make money off your newsletter by charging subscribers for monthly access.

5. Canva

Email Newsletter Creator (12 Best Solutions)

Canva isn’t just for designing graphics. You can also use Canva’s free online editor to create a professional quality newsletter for your subscribers.

Key Features

  • Templates: Search Canva’s hundreds of templates by keywords for the ideal template for every theme you can think of.

  • Graphics: Make your newsletter stand out with stunning graphics, images, and illustrations- choose from millions of options.

  • Drag-and-drop editor: Design easily and perfect every element of your newsletter using the intuitive drag-and-drop editor.

  • Customize your design: Personalize your newsletter by adding branding elements like icons, photos, and images.

6. Adobe Express

Email Newsletter Creator (12 Best Solutions)

Adobe Express (formerly Spark) is a free email newsletter creator software. It’s an easy-to-use, beginner-friendly tool, even if you don’t have design skills.

Key Features

  • Customization: Configure your borders, add special effects filters, resize text, move it around the page, and make certain elements transparent.

  • Professional themes and templates: Get customizable ready-made templates, so you don’t crack your head trying to create your newsletter from scratch.

  • Branding: Create an on-brand newsletter that truly represents your company by adding personalized fonts, colors, photos, icons, and logos.

  • Photos: Spice up your newsletter and engage subscribers with thousands of royalty-free photos in the Adobe Stock collection.

7. Visme

Email Newsletter Creator (12 Best Solutions)

Visme is a popular free software for creating newsletters. A massive 17,603,456 email marketers and content creators, from over 120 countries, use the tool.

Key Features

  • Templates: Pick beautiful, customizable, pre-made newsletter designs from the Visme collection of templates for every scenario.

  • Drag-and-drop builder: Easy drag-and-drop editor made with the non-techie in mind.

  • Branding: Add your branded icons, fonts, and colors with ease.

  • Share your newsletter: Allow users to share your newsletter with people in their circles via email or as a shareable link.

  • Stock photos and graphics: Pick from over 1 million photos, illustrations, shapes, icons, and characters to make splendid, and captivating newsletter designs.

8. GetResponse

Email Newsletter Creator (12 Best Solutions)

GetResponse is a leading all-in-one marketing solution. Their suite of online marketing tools includes a newsletter builder complete with A/B testing.

Key Features

  • Audience: Grow your list up to 500 subscribers on the free forever plan-upgrade to a paid plan to add more subscribers.

  • Newsletters: Send up to 2500 newsletters per month-pay if you want to send more.

  • Signup forms and pop-ups: Capture visitors' info and grow your subscribers fast using sign-up forms and pop-ups.

  • Drag-and-drop editor: Build the perfect email easily, using the instinctive what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG) drag-and-drop editor.

  • Templates: Pick a newsletter template that suits your fancy from the rich library of 500+ pre-designed email templates.

9. HubSpot Newsletter Builder

Email Newsletter Creator (12 Best Solutions)

HubSpot is a renowned online marketing and sales powerhouse. The platform incorporates a free newsletter builder.

Key Features

  • Responsive Design: Build responsive emails that display correctly and look fabulous on every device.

  • Drag-and-drop editor: Work fast and build pro-looking email designs in minutes, even if you are not a designer.

  • Customizable: Personalize the templates and craft a newsletter that reflects your brand identity.

  • Analytics Dashboards: Tap insights and improve all aspects of your newsletter by digging into data from built-in analytics and reporting dashboards.

  • A/B Testing: Test and improve every element of your newsletter using the A/B testing feature.

10. SendinBlue

Email Newsletter Creator (12 Best Solutions)

Next up on our newsletter software list is SendinBlue. SendinBlue touts itself as the email marketing tool for small businesses.

Key Features

  • Intuitive Editor: Build beautiful newsletters that'll enchant your subscribers-you don't need any coding skills.

  • Complete subscriber management: Store and manage unlimited subscribers, complete with custom attributes and segmentation.

  • Sign-up forms: Grow your newsletter subscriber list with sign-up forms and landing pages you can integrate with your website.

  • Drag-and-drop editor: A painless email newsletter editor to build eye-grabbing email newsletters that engage subscribers.

  • Customizable templates: Get over 40 eye catching editable newsletter templates for different campaigns and industries, and personalize them with dynamic content.

11. Moosend

Email Newsletter Creator (12 Best Solutions)

Moosend, our next email newsletter platform, is a hit with small businesses that want a simple, modern marketing solution with automation.

Key Features

  • Design Freedom: Design the newsletter of your dreams by tweaking their templates or by building and saving your own unique template.

  • Video Embed: Drag and drop a video to add it to your newsletter.

  • Mobile Responsiveness: Design newsletters that work well and look superb on any device.

  • Design History: Revert to a design you changed but want to use again–and keep track of every change you make to your newsletters.

  • Campaign Scheduling: Set the times and dates you want to send your newsletters and let the program do the rest.

Still with me? Good–I’ve saved the best for the last.

The frontrunner for the best free email newsletter software solution is beehiiv.

12. Best Free Email Newsletter Creator (Top Pick: beehiiv)

Email Newsletter Creator (12 Best Solutions)

beehiiv was created from the ground up by the same team that built and scaled Morning Brew to millions of subscribers. beehiiv launched just over a year ago and is one of the fastest-growing newsletter solutions around.

Part of the reason for the exponential growth is the company’s jam-packed free offer–take a look at this extensive list of features.

Key Features

  • Audience; You can build an email list of up to 2500 subscribers without paying a dime.

  • Unlimited sending: Send as many email newsletters as you like with no caps.

  • All-in-one solution: Get everything you need in one place: newsletter, blog, CMS, and more, so you don't have to stitch together countless tools to achieve your mission.

  • SEO-Optimized Web Hosting: Free SEO-friendly hosting for your blog to help you drive organic traffic.

  • Welcome email templates: Roll out the red carpet and create a great first impression for new subscribers with welcome email templates.

  • Custom Newsletters: Customize every element of your newsletter from the header to the footer. Using the sleek, no-code template editor makes building a stunningly unique newsletter surprisingly seamless.

  • Best-in-class CMS: Create, edit, publish, and manage content with a classy content management system.

  • Campaign & Subscriber Analytics: Get 3D analytics updates that include unsubscribes and referrals broken down by acquisition source and welcome email data.

  • Newsletter Recommendations: Scale your audience organically by allowing your subscribers to recommend your newsletter to people in their circles.

  • Pop-ups & Advanced Email Capture: Add a pop-up form to any post on your site, email gate content, or external subscribe forms to grow your subscriber list rapidly.

  • Audience Segmentation: Divide your audience into three distinct groups for tailored content that resonates.

  • Real-time Email Verification: Reduce bounce rates and boost your sender reputation with live email verification.

  • Optimized Inbox Deliverability: Ensure maximum email deliverability with integrated 3rd party email validation, custom sending domains, and even a built-in Gmail clipping warning.

  • Magic Links: Allow people to auto-subscribe to your newsletter with just a single click without going through the normal cumbersome process.

All this for free?

That’s pretty generous if you ask me.

Free Email Newsletter Creator Software (Getting Started)

Starting a newsletter shouldn’t be laborious.

Launching your newsletter on beehiiv is a simple three-step process.

  1. Type in your email address.

  2. Fill in your name and surname.

  3. Secure your account with a strong password.

  4. Hit Join beehiiv.

That’s it–you’re in. You can switch to beehiiv from Revue or another newsletter solution with a few clicks.

You are seconds away from liftoff. It’s time to take your newsletter to the stratosphere–and beyond.

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