Our Favorite Email Newsletters in 2022

How They Won a Spot in Our Hearts–and How You Can, Too

Let's be honest. There are some email newsletters we love to see in our inboxes. We wait for them every day or every week. We open them as soon as we get them. They are like life and work companions for us.

There are also newsletters that we ignore, skipping right to the delete button without a pause.

Have you ever wondered why that is?

Clearly, the first group is doing something different. In this article we’ll share their secrets–and the tools behind their processes–to help you grow, scale, and get into the lives and inboxes of your readers.

Our Favorite Email Newsletters in 2022

Building Bridges: From the Inbox to the Heart

More than 200 years ago, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark led their famed expedition across the North American continent, traveling over 8,000 miles to discover an overland route to the Pacific Ocean. Since there were no bridges or roads, they had to carry their boats and supplies with them, making their way through deep water and over rocky terrain.

Now that we have bridges and roads, the journey that took them almost three years can be completed in mere months.

beehiiv’s mission is to help others succeed by providing a superior suite of content creation tools, advanced data analytics, robust growth engines, end-to-end customization, and monetization opportunities at scale.

In other words, we are the advance scouts, the bridge builders here to make your travel easier and faster. The most successful newsletters in the world have access to the best tools — and now, with beehiiv, so do you.

Our Favorite Email Newsletters in 2022

Bridge 1: An All-In-One Tool

People with experience scaling newsletters into the millions have built beehiiv to make things easier for you. As Tyler Denk, founder of beehiiv, said: "I spent time building things that actually moved the needle."

Our Favorite Email Newsletters in 2022

Exec Sum, by Liquidity Capital, mentioned that one of their favorite features of beehiiv is that we are “moving products in-house to eliminate the need to go to external products to achieve the same thing."

Recently, Allison Esposito Medina, founder of the Bootstrap to Millions newsletter, asked on Twitter: "What's the best or #1 reason to leave Mailchimp and move over to beehiiv?"

EJ from the beehiiv team shared a fantastic table describing all the benefits you get when you use beehiiv:

Our Favorite Email Newsletters in 2022

For example, Mailchimp is one of the more popular email newsletter providers. While It has some basic features for free, its premium email services can get pricey quickly as you add subscribers, and its absence of growth tools leaves much to be desired

If you are serious about doing an email newsletter that creates an impact, money, and growth, you need complete control of it. And to have full control of it, you need all the tools to make it work.

Bridge 2: Few Clicks, No Code

Our Favorite Email Newsletters in 2022

Have you wondered why some email newsletters are more memorable and engaging than others? What makes templates friendly and attractive?

A well-designed newsletter can make all the difference in terms of reader engagement. When it looks clean and polished, people are more likely to read through it from beginning to end. The problem is all the hard work this can take.

Nathan Baugh, the founder of World Builders, said: "If you want to be able to plan your newsletter and have very full customization, beehiiv really works well. When your newsletter looks clean and polished, it's great for engagement."

Finding a niche and communicating with that audience is one of those secrets that amateurs don't know about. This is why creating a unique email template for your newsletters is essential.

Jasmine Garnsworthy, the founder of female founder world, mentioned that one of her favorite beehiiv features is that "Templates are clean and fresh—it's exactly how I want to receive information in my inbox, and how we want to communicate with our community."

You don't have to worry about coding and doing much design work. We have done that for you, so you can focus on what is more important. Here is a fantastic article on how to improve your email newsletter template using beehiiv.

Geoff Sharpe has created not only one but two well-known newsletters, Ottawa Lookout and The Beer Loop, reaching more than 60,000 readers. His secret? "The beehiiv editor is an absolute breeze to use. I love how much time it has saved my team when inputting content."

With beehiiv, you can:

  • Utilize the best text editor in email.

  • Customize your newsletter, header to footer.

  • And a professionally optimized website to go with it.

  • .Streamlined campaign analytics to understand performance.

  • Own your audience end-to-end.

Geoff continues: "beehiiv works and works exceptionally well. It's simple, easy to set up and deploy, and comes with all the tools and flexibility you could ever want."

Our Favorite Email Newsletters in 2022

The most crucial thing you should be doing is creating content for your audience. "Sometimes the best software experiences are the ones you spend the least time on. beehiiv is so simple and easy to use that it gives me the freedom to focus on writing great content," said Noah Edelman, founder of WTF Crypto.

Not that a good-looking template isn’t important; but if you can do the same job in minutes instead of weeks, you avoid losing time and neglecting other essential aspects of your business. About this, Noah commented: "I also love playing around with customizing the format. I feel like I'm a kid again at arts and crafts: I can easily make the product look like anything I want."

Bridge 3: Networking

Our Favorite Email Newsletters in 2022

No one succeeds in business alone. Being part of a supportive network of professionals who can offer advice, mentorship, and resources is essential.

Nicole Ripka, who is building one of the most prominent email newsletters in the queer community, moved her newsletter to beehiiv When she found that Tyler was building the referral system for Morning Brew.

She moved to beehiiv because she wanted to play with the real stars in the email newsletter industry. "knowing that Tyler is product-obsessed and a real visionary. As he builds features, I can think about how to evolve my business." comments Nicole. We wanted to level up, and she knew beehiiv was the right team.

Networking is one of the most important things you can do for your career. It allows you to build relationships with other professionals, which can lead to new opportunities. In today's competitive job market, being part of a professional network is more important than ever.

If your goal is to grow your email newsletter, you need to be part of the winning team. As Peiman Raf and Mason Spector, the founders of The Local Optimist said: "Our main focus right now is growing our subscriber list, and the beehiiv referral program was a huge draw."

Grow Your Networking in Three Simple Steps:

Our Favorite Email Newsletters in 2022
  1. Create milestones for your readers: Add your rewards and assign them to a referral milestone. You can create a custom email that subscribers receive when achieving a milestone.

  2. Add those to your newsletters: Drop the referral section directly into the editor with one click as you write your newsletter. Again, no code, just a few clicks.

  3. Scale your audience: Let the subscribers do the work while you view the analytics and data on your growth. All your data lives in one place, from a subscriber's email engagement to referral progress.

Matt Navarra, Founder of one of the most-read newsletters in the marketing space, Geekout, mentioned that one of the reasons why he moved from Revue was because of beehiiv’s ad network. "The reason for the shift was essentially me becoming aware that Revue wasn't really focused on the actual newsletter and the development and growth of the users," said Matt.

There is a reason why you see some newsletters more than others. A recommendation from a friend or coworker is one of the main reasons some newsletters can scale and grow faster than others.

You can do all for yourself and take years and tons of development, or you can use the beehiiv bridge and go faster than the competition. Set your referral program up now and see how your subscribers grow!

Bridge 4: Compass

Our Favorite Email Newsletters in 2022

The Lewis and Clark expedition of 1804–1806 relied heavily on the compass for navigation. They also used other tools, such as a sextant, which allowed them to measure the angle of the sun and stars to calculate their position.

If Lewis and Clark hadn't used the power of technology, they would have failed in their expedition and may have died as two unknown guys.

At beehiiv, we want your newsletter and business to live as something other than an unknown contribution. That is why beehiiv has created the tools and technology to serve as your compass and guide in your journey.

David Tao and Kenny Kline run two fabulous newsletters in the fitness industry: The Ripped Report and Barbend. One of their goals is “to be the ESPN of strength training.” They know this is a big adventure, similar to Lewis and Clark's; nevertheless, they feel confident because of the compass they are using.

In their words: "beehiiv is very analytics focused. One tool we really appreciate is A/B testing, when you test out more than one subject line to see which performs best on segments of your subscriber base and which performs better with large audiences. At the end of the day, it's is a pleasure to use and lets us focus our time on content."

Feedback in Real Time

Our Favorite Email Newsletters in 2022

We fall in love with some newsletters because we feel they know us. They talk to our needs; we may even consider them friends without meeting their authors in person. Why is that? It is not by look; it is by design.

Gino Wickman, author of "Traction-Getting a Grip on Your Business," tells the following story:

Picture a small plane flying across the Atlantic Ocean. Halfway across, the captain announces, “I've got bad news, and I've got good news. The bad news is that the gauges aren't working. We are hopelessly lost. I have no idea how fast we are flying, or in what direction, and I don't know how much fuel we have left. The good news is that we're having a great time."

Email newsletter amateurs don't use data or feedback to see if they are going in the right direction. No wonder why they feel lost every other day!

Sam Segal and Brett Perlmutter founded a newsletter called bulletpitch. They aim to bring a Gen Z voice to the startup world. Sam and Brett are in their early 20s, so they can understand their audience very well. However, they don't do that just by common sense; they use data and feedback.

How can they understand their readers' current situation, problems, and desires? In their own words: "We love sending polls as a way to gauge subscriber interest in the companies we cover in the newsletter. Additionally, using segmentation, we've been able to identify inactive subscribers and test out ways to communicate with them."

Our Favorite Email Newsletters in 2022

The competition may be gathering feedback from Reddit posts, friends, or what their mind tells them is the correct assumption. Meanwhile, Sam and Brett are using honest feedback from their subscribers. That is why they keep ahead of the competition. That is why they know their audience and why their audience falls in love with them.

Crossing the Bridge

Now you know why those email newsletters we love are so effective in getting a special place in our lives and inboxes.

You can do the same! We have built four bridges to make your journey easier and faster than the competition. When you sign up on beehiiv, you will:

  • Have all the tools you need to grow, scale, and own your audience.

  • Set up an entire professional email newsletter with a few clicks. No coding knowledge is necessary.

  • Network with the top performers in the email newsletter industry.

  • Get access to all the data and analysis you need to own your audience.

Don't wait anymore! Sign up now. We want to see you on the list of email newsletters we love in our lives and inboxes.

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