10 Content Ideas For Your Next Newsletter

Keep your audience happy with unique newsletter content

Writing a company newsletter can be trickier than it sounds. How do you write an innovative, professional newsletter that keeps your subscribers happy and engaged?

Here at beehiiv, we’ve compiled ten of the best email newsletter content ideas to give you some inspiration when writing your next newsletter. You’ll find it much easier to engage with your customers - and even improve your open rates - once you’ve read this guide!

Keep reading to find out our top ten ideas for a company newsletter, why an engaging newsletter with compelling copy is important, and how you can get started right away.

Top 10 Email Newsletter Content Ideas For Inspiration

10 Content Ideas For Your Next Newsletter

Let’s get straight into our top ten email newsletter content ideas to help you get started:

1. Recent Company Achievements

Making noise about your recent company achievements is a great content idea for your next newsletter. This could range from awards you’ve won as a company to individual staff achievements. Whatever the details, there’s no point in achieving things as a company if you don’t shout about them afterward!

Your subscribers will love hearing about your latest achievements. These personal touches will remind them why they support you and will help them feel more connected to your brand.

Personality is key when connecting with your followers, so keeping them in the loop with your latest accomplishments is a great first idea for your next company newsletter.

2. New Product Releases

10 Content Ideas For Your Next Newsletter

It’s super important to properly announce any new product releases in your company emails. Newsletters are perfect for getting the word out about your latest venture. You could even tie these in with seasonal events, or have a ‘New Product This Season’ newsletter as a regular release.

Make sure to include trackable links when promoting new product releases, as this makes it easier to know if your newsletters are producing sales/orders via your website. You can also track important newsletter metrics such as Click Through Rate (CTR), Open Rate, and Weekly Active Users (WAUs) - check out our blog for the most important newsletter metrics you need to keep tabs on.

3. Personal Letter from the CEO

Subscribers want to feel valued by the brands they follow, and what better way to do this than by issuing your next company newsletter with a personal statement from your CEO? Letters from important members of your company give your brand a personal approach, preventing the negative perception of your company as a faceless corporation.

Whether you’re the CEO, or you need to request a letter from them, make sure you thank your subscribers for their support when compiling your letter to ensure they’re left feeling valued and engaged.

4. Career Opportunities

It’s always a great idea to shout about new job opportunities in your next newsletter. Whether it’s a staple section of your emails or the main feature, subscribers will feel valued knowing that you’d like them to be the first to know when you’re looking to expand your team.

After all, who better to apply for your career vacancies than subscribers that you know are engaged with your brand? Advertise your latest job opportunities to keep your subscribers in the loop with your careers department.

5. Behind The Scenes

Give your subscribers a peek behind the scenes of your company in your next newsletter! There’s no doubt about it - seeing behind the curtain of a brand makes a subscriber feel included in the latest ideas, giving the impression that they know the inside secrets of what makes your company tick.

This could be as simple as including an office tour in your next newsletter, or demonstrating a product journey from initial idea to launch. Whichever idea you choose, make a big deal out of the fact that you’re keen to let your audience in on trade secrets because you value them as a subscriber.

6. Industry News

There’s a good chance that your subscribers will be on the pulse when it comes to industry knowledge, and there’s no better way of giving your audience faith in your brand than by showing that you’re on top of the latest news, too.

Make sure you’re regularly sharing information regarding your industry to make it easy for your customers to keep in the loop, and prioritize your brand as the place to get all the latest industry gossip.

7. Special Offers

10 Content Ideas For Your Next Newsletter

Our next content idea is to share your latest special offer in your next newsletter. Sales and special offers make great content for emails, as they typically have good open rates and can result in more sales for your brand.

Subscribers will also get a kick out of knowing they’re the first in line for your latest offer - you highlight this as a benefit of subscribing to your mailing list to encourage users to sign up. For more ideas on how to gain more subscribers, check out our blog.

8. Customer Reviews/Case Studies

10 Content Ideas For Your Next Newsletter

If you have some great case studies or happy customer content, make sure you’re shouting about it in your newsletter. Potential new customers won’t just take your word for it that your products are great (of course you’re going to say that).

Let your loyal customers do the talking and include this content in your next newsletter. This could include pictures your customers have taken of your product alongside their written review, or even a video testimonial of them singing your brand’s praises embedded in the newsletter.

Not sure where to start? In beehiiv, you can request testimonials via your newsletter! Check out our blog for tips on how to do this.

9. User-Generated Content

On the subject of loyal customers, user-generated content is great to include in newsletters. This type of content is much more engaging than generic product images, as it brings your products to life - showing that real people enjoy using them.

If you have some impressive images your customers have shared on social media, for example, make sure to include them in your next email. You could even generate a hashtag for customers to use when sharing posts of them using your products to make it easier for you to keep track of the latest user-generated posts!

10. Survey/Poll

10 Content Ideas For Your Next Newsletter

Our final content idea for your next newsletter is to collect some subscriber feedback through a survey or poll. We all know customer feedback is key in maintaining customer satisfaction and earning those repeat sales or referrals, but reaching out to your audience will remind them that you value their opinions, and want to produce content that they will love.

Embed a poll or link out to your preferred brand reputation website to find out what your subscribers think of your content.

Check Out These Ideas For a Company Newsletter

We’ve collated some recent examples of company newsletters that have used some of the content ideas above to engage their subscriber list. Take a look for some inspiration!

Sales and Promotions: Cult Beauty

10 Content Ideas For Your Next Newsletter

Here’s an example of how makeup/skincare retailer Cult Beauty announced its latest promotion to its subscriber list. As you can see, they’ve got a prominent ‘Up To 40% Off Sale’ banner in the top section of the email, which instantly grabs your attention and keeps you spending time reading their email.

They’ve also included a clear Call To Action (CTA) to ‘Shop All Sale,’ which seamlessly takes subscribers through to a dedicated landing page where you can make the most of this offer. This is a great example of how you can advertise your latest promotion via your next newsletter.

Industry Information: Not On The High Street

10 Content Ideas For Your Next Newsletter

Next up we have an example of an email from the online retailer Not On The High Street (NOTHS), which perfectly demonstrates how to provide their customers with important industry information.

You can see in the email below that NOOTHS has detailed all the information customers need to know about the latest postal strikes to ensure they have ample time to place an order and receive it in time for Christmas.

This example is perfect for showing how to navigate what could be a tricky conversation with potential customers and ensure they know the latest information to help them make a purchase.

Involving Customers: British Heart Foundation

10 Content Ideas For Your Next Newsletter

Lastly, we’ve included below an example of how the charity British Heart Foundation (BHF) involves its audience in its latest campaigns. The section is clearly labeled ‘Ways To Get Involved,’ drawing subscribers’ attention to how they can connect with what the charity is doing.

BHF then goes on to explain how their subscriber base can get involved in a local charity event, with examples such as runs, cycles, or treks, and a clear ‘Take Part Now’ CTA that takes you to their sign-up section on a dedicated landing page.

Company Newsletter Ideas - Why Do They Matter?

10 Content Ideas For Your Next Newsletter

There are many reasons why companies’ newsletter ideas are important. Subscribers will know when you’re not putting much effort into your newsletters, and will likely unsubscribe - leaving you with less reach and fewer sales.

Your audience wants to feel valued, connected with your brand, and the first to know about your latest offers/updates. This is why great company newsletter ideas are so important; you want your subscribers to be excited when they receive your next newsletter, as they know the content you put out there is always helpful and interesting.

Ultimately, it’s important what you put in your newsletters as this is your direct line of conversation with your audience. Ensure you’re making the most of this platform and explore some of the ideas you’ve seen above.

Company Newsletter Ideas - Final Thoughts

We hope you’re feeling super confident with what to include in your next newsletter, and are raring to go. Here at beehiiv, we’ve made writing your next newsletter easy with a range of templates/designs to choose from and plenty of tutorials on our blog.

Start a free trial with beehiiv today, and start exploring your next newsletter content idea!

10 Content Ideas For Your Next Newsletter

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