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How Facebook Ads Can Get You More Newsletter Subscribers (7 Simple Steps)

Want to speed up your list growth with Facebook Ads? Here’s how.

In 2022, email generated an estimated $9.62 billion worldwide.

How Facebook Ads Can Get You More Newsletter Subscribers (7 Simple Steps)

Starting an email newsletter in 2023 is one of the best options for small business owners and creators looking to grow their revenue. But if you want to make real money with your email newsletter, you first need to have a solid list of subscribers.

While many people take to growing their newsletter through organic social media and SEO, sometimes it’s hard to get the ball rolling to see real results.

So, how do you attract attention to a newsletter?

For those with some capital who want to build their list quickly, using paid advertising like Facebook Ads can be one of the best tactics for gaining more subscribers.

In this article, we’ll cover how to use Facebook ads to get more newsletter subscribers. Plus, we’ll answer the common questions about Facebook ads relative to growing your email list.

Here are seven simple steps you can follow to grow your list using Facebook ads.

1. Choose “Lead Generation” for Your Campaign Objective

How Facebook Ads Can Get You More Newsletter Subscribers (7 Simple Steps)

Let’s get right into it. Open up Facebook and head over to Ads Manager or Meta Business Suite. Next, click the “Create an Ad” button.

How Facebook Ads Can Get You More Newsletter Subscribers (7 Simple Steps)

Now that you’re ready to create a Facebook ad, one of the first steps is to choose your campaign objective. There are a few options to choose from, but you’ll want to select “Lead Generation.” If you’re launching an ad through the Meta Business Suite, then select “Get more leads.”

This will ensure that the Facebook ad will prioritize showing your ad to people who are most likely to subscribe to your newsletter, perfect for email subscriber generation.

2. Narrow Down Your Target Audience

How Facebook Ads Can Get You More Newsletter Subscribers (7 Simple Steps)

Next up, it’s time to look at your audience. This is one of the most powerful—and important —aspects of your Facebook ad. Facebook lets advertisers and publishers narrow down their targeting based on several factors, including:

  • Age

  • Gender

  • Geographic location

  • Language

  • Relationship status

  • Education level

  • The line of work they’re in

  • Financial status

  • Whether or not they have kids

  • Interests

  • Online behaviors

  • Whether or not they’ve interacted with you before

  • And more

Think about who your target audience is with your newsletter. The better you are at connecting your ideal audience with your Facebook targeting, the better your ad will perform, and the more subscribers you’ll get.

Keep in mind: Another reason to nail down your targeting is that it can save you money on your Facebook ad. The ad will have to work harder to get new leads if your targeting information isn’t aligned with your true newsletter audience.

3. Decide What Information You’ll Collect

How Facebook Ads Can Get You More Newsletter Subscribers (7 Simple Steps)

If your goal is to get more newsletter subscribers, there’s no question you’re after email addresses. So for this step, you’ll want to select email addresses as information to collect.

However, you may also want to ask for other information like:

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Phone number

  • Date of birth

  • Gender

  • Job title

  • And more

Just keep in mind, that you don’t need to collect all of this information. You get to decide what to ask for. It could be beneficial to have more information on your audience as it may help you serve them better.

However, it isn’t always advantageous to ask for more. The more information you ask for, the lower your conversion rate for the ad will likely be, as people will see it as too much work. Starting out, we recommend starting simple by asking for just an email address and a name.

4. Establish Copy & Design

How Facebook Ads Can Get You More Newsletter Subscribers (7 Simple Steps)

Now, it’s time to tackle your ad creative. Here’s where you’ll come up with the graphic(s) and copywriting to convince the ad viewer to sign up for your newsletter.

You get to choose your ad format. Facebook lets you choose between a single image, video, carousel, or slideshow. Keep that in mind when designing your ad.

Remember to create an attention-grabbing image. Social media is a visually intense medium. Ensure you’re including a relevant, eye-catching image (or a few images) that will capture your audience’s attention.

Images can help get your audience’s attention, but it’s your copywriting that will persuade them to sign up for your newsletter. Your copy should clearly state why the viewer should subscribe in just a few words. Remember, you can use copy on both the graphic itself as well as the headline and description. Take advantage of every section.

If you’re struggling to come up with something, just come back to the copywriting principle WIIFM, or “What’s in it for me?” If your ideal audience saw your ad, what benefits of your newsletter would convince them to sign up?

You could speak about the key insights you share in your newsletter here, but this could also be a free download, checklist, mini-course, or ebook you’re offering in exchange for someone signing up.

One last tip when it comes to your Facebook ad copy: don’t forget to include a clear call to action (CTA). You don’t need to come up with anything fancy here to start. You can begin with a simple “Sign up to the newsletter,” or “Subscribe Now,” as a starting point. Facebook will give you a few options to choose from here.

5. Set Your Budget

How Facebook Ads Can Get You More Newsletter Subscribers (7 Simple Steps)

Next up, it’s time to set your budget. Figure out what you can afford to invest in your Facebook ad. Facebook makes it easy on you by allowing you to set a maximum daily budget.

If your budget is $100 per month, then set your daily budget at $3.33. If your budget is $1,000 per month, then $33.33 should do it. Automatic bidding is typically the best and easiest option if you’re just getting started with Facebook ads.

Remember that the more you spend, the more people Facebook will show your ad to, which likely means more subscribers.

6. Create an Automated Welcome Series

How Facebook Ads Can Get You More Newsletter Subscribers (7 Simple Steps)

This next step isn’t actually about Facebook. It’s time to head over to your email newsletter software.

The story isn’t over once someone subscribes to your list. If you don’t have the back-end infrastructure set up to keep that lead warm and engaged, you’ll lose them forever, meaning your Facebook ad work will be a waste.

You should have an automated welcome series setup for subscribers once they sign up to your email list since it’s one of the most-read emails. The average open rate among welcome series emails is a whopping 68.59%.

One of the best ways to do this is to send out a multi-day email series. This could be three, five, or even ten emails sent out at specific intervals to introduce yourself and your brand.

Your introductory email series can be based on a simple welcome series template, or you can design it yourself. Your welcome series is where you will hand over any incentives you promised in your ad, such as a free download or discount.

You should use these automated emails to tell your subscribers exactly what they can expect out of being on your list. Remind them of the benefits of your newsletter, how frequently you’ll send one out, and why they should stick around. It’s important to provide your subscribers with value as soon as they subscribe so you stay fresh in their minds and get your relationship with them off to the right start.

7. Optimize

How Facebook Ads Can Get You More Newsletter Subscribers (7 Simple Steps)

Now that you’ve got your Facebook ad set up, and your email newsletter list is growing steadily, your work’s done, right? Not yet! Now, it’s time to pay attention to the results of your ad (and your welcome series). You should check your Facebook analytics and see how your ad is performing. Then, it’s time to test.

Facebook lets you perform A/B tests so you can improve your ads. This could be testing your creativity like a new headline, image, or copy, or you could adjust your audience. You’ll also want to test out your welcome series in your newsletter software. Software like beehiiiv lets you perform A/B tests on your emails to improve your newsletter and keep increasing subscriber engagement.

Keep in mind that optimization is an ongoing process. The more you test your ads and your emails, the more you’ll learn about your audience and what they’ll respond to so you can serve them better and improve your business.

How Do I Promote My Newsletter on Facebook? (Top Questions)

How Facebook Ads Can Get You More Newsletter Subscribers (7 Simple Steps)

So, how do you go from zero subscribers to thousands with an email newsletter?

Acquisition is the name of the game. For many, they choose to grow their list through their social channels or through a referral program. For others, they use paid advertising like Facebook ads to acquire newsletter subscribers.

Facebook ads can be a decent option if you’re willing to invest a bit of cash to reel in new readers quickly.

Here are some of the most common questions about scaling your newsletter subscriber list:

How Do You Get Subscribers With Facebook Ads?

How Facebook Ads Can Get You More Newsletter Subscribers (7 Simple Steps)

Here are two main ways you can use Facebook Ads to gain new subscribers:

1) Running Facebook ads with the “Send people to your website” marketing objective, or

2) Run Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook Ad #1: “Send people to your website”

The first campaign objective is all about getting people to your site. With this method, it’s assumed that your site is completely optimized to grow your email list. You have email sign-up forms in the right places on the right pages that the ad sends people to. The major downside is that it requires more steps for people on Facebook since they have to go outside Facebook to get on your list. The more steps, the lower the conversion typically is.

Facebook Ad #2: Run Facebook Lead Ads

With the second option, Facebook Lead Ads, you create campaigns targeting people who are likely to be interested in signing up for your newsletter. Facebook shows them a lead form directly on Facebook and they can sign up for your newsletter. Then, Facebook automatically passes along the information to your email software.

How Do I Get My First 100 Newsletter Subscribers?

How Facebook Ads Can Get You More Newsletter Subscribers (7 Simple Steps)

Your first 100 newsletter subscribers are the hardest to capture.

The reason being? You’re just getting started. Everything is new and unknown. You aren’t really sure how to make it work or if it will even work. However, there are a number of proven methods to get you your first 100 newsletter subscribers. Here are a few ways you can reach the century mark with your list:

  • Create an email pop-up form on your website.

  • Offer exclusive freebies like a free checklist, ebook, service trial, or mini course.

  • Offer content upgrades (i.e. a premium or expanded version of a blog post on your site).

  • Offer a discount on a product or service you sell.

The main thing you need to do to reach 100 subscribers is to simply ask for your site visitors’ emails. There are several ways to do this, but just keep asking, whether it’s in a static form on your footer, a pop-up form, or inserting a call to action at the end of a blog post.

How Do I Get 1,000 Newsletter Subscribers?

How Facebook Ads Can Get You More Newsletter Subscribers (7 Simple Steps)

So, how do you increase the number of subscribers to a newsletter?

The rules for growing from 0-100 and 100-1,000 are essentially the same: offer a variety of options to get people to subscribe. However, the main thing you’ll want to work on to get to 1,000 subscribers is A/B testing.

You need to start testing different types of offers and lead-capturing tactics to see what works best.

Here are a few ways you can grow your list to 1,000 newsletter subscribers:

  • Give away products for free in exchange for emails.

  • Give away a free trial or demo of your service in exchange for emails.

  • Invest in a variety of paid ads (i.e. Facebook, Google, Pinterest).

  • Sell a product. When someone completes checkout, ask for their email address.

  • Start guest blogging. This is a great way to link back to your site and drive traffic.

Remember, you don’t need to work on all of these ideas. Just start with one or two and see how well it performs. As long as you keep iterating, providing value to your audience, and giving them multiple chances to sign up to your newsletter, you’ll eventually hit 1,000 subscribers.

Take Charge of your Subscriber Growth with beehiiv

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beehiiv offers a robust email list-building service that lets you easily collect leads, automate campaigns, design beautiful emails, and segment your subscribers. Plus, the platform is the best choice for monetizing your passion, so you can earn a real income without the stress of complicated software.

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