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The Best ConvertKit Alternatives and How They Compare

What's the Best Newsletter Service for You?

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ConvertKit made a name for itself as an automated marketing platform with lead generation and monetization functions. However, many of today's marketers are looking for ConvertKit alternatives. They want less expensive plans, a better editor, and easier-to-use tools.

The good news? The best alternatives to ConvertKit deliver this wish list. The better news? Our top option brings even more for people wanting to grow and monetize their publications.

Where should you start when it comes to finding alternatives to ConvertKit? Don’t worry, we’ve done the work for you!

Key Takeaways: Top ConvertKit Alternatives

ConvertKit is a strong email service that offers options for directly monetizing content and email marketing, but some of the alternatives to ConvertKit offer better marketing tools and/or value.

The Best ConvertKit Alternatives and How They Compare

What is ConvertKit?

ConvertKit, launched in 2013, was designed with creators in mind. It offers a suite of tools for email marketing, automation, and monetization. Think of it as a blend of a Substack-like newsletter service and a robust email marketing platform.

With ConvertKit, you can manage your audience, design emails, send promotions, and charge for premium content. It's a powerful tool that has changed the game for many creators. However, like any tool, it does have its limitations.

Why Would You Need an Alternative to ConvertKit?

While ConvertKit has its advantages, there are other areas where it might not live up to your expectations.

Pricing Tiers

ConvertKit's pricing scheme can be a bit steep. The Creator Pro plan starts at $25/month for up to 300 subscribers. If you have a large subscriber base, say 95,000, you could end up paying $673/month (paid annually) for its top plan and fees continue to increase.

But that's not all. Creators selling subscriptions or other digital products should be aware that ConvertKit also takes a small portion of your profits beyond the Stripe processing fee.

Limited Features on the Free Plan

With ConvertKit's free plan, you get what you pay for.

With just 300 free subscribers and limited premium features, it might not be enough for your needs. For instance, you won't have access to automations or third-party integrations.

Be aware that this 300-subscriber cap for both the free plan and the lowest rung of paid plans is unusually limited. All of the free alternatives listed below offer more.

Subpar Builder

The email editor leaves a lot to be desired. ConvertKit reviews note the occasional need to "mess with HTML code." This can be a hassle compared to other platforms like beehiiv which offers a user-friendly drag-and-drop editor.

Automation Issues

While ConvertKit does offer powerful automations, they come with known issues. For example, new subscribers often fail to receive automated emails

Lacks Advanced Tracking and Reporting Features

ConvertKit lacks in-depth tracking, and even a fan of the platform demands better reporting features. If you like to dive deep into analytics, this could be a significant drawback.

Best ConvertKit Alternatives

The best choice for you will depend on your specific marketing needs and budget. These are some of the top options for people looking to leave ConvertKit behind.


The Best ConvertKit Alternatives and How They Compare

What’s better than ConvertKit?

A platform that does the same things (and more) for less money.

beehiiv is a fresh and exciting arrival on the email scene and the best ConvertKit alternative. (We might be biased — that doesn't mean we're wrong.)

The team behind the mega-success The Morning Brew used their experience to build a better newsletter and email marketing platform for creators.


beehiiv comes loaded with best-in-class features to help you gain more subscribers and various options to monetize your newsletter.

Here are some of the key features that make beehiiv stand out:

  • Website builder: Create stunning websites without writing a single line of code and automatically populate them with your newsletter content.

  • Powerful email editor: Take advantage of beehiiv's intuitive and elegant email builder.

  • Email automations: Design personalized experiences with a grid builder. Automate reader journeys with steps, time delays, and conditional branches.

  • AI writing assistant: Just describe your idea, select the tone and length, and let the magic happen.

  • Growth tools: Grow faster than you think possible. beehiiv has a built-in referral program, cross-promotion features, email gating, pop-ups, and customizable subscribe forms.

  • Monetization options: Leverage the largest native ad network in the newsletter industry and a flexible toolkit for paid newsletter subscriptions.

  • Reports/analytics: Use 3D detailed analytics, 1-click polls, and survey forms to gather data and enhance audience engagement.

Pricing Tiers

beehiiv pricing is simple with three plans. The best part? beehiiv doesn't penalize growth. We want you to build your subscriber list for your benefit, not ours. You won't find your prices creep up as your audience expands.

The plans:

  • Launch ($0/month): The best free ConvertKit alternative. Includes up to 2,500 subscribers and unlimited sends. You'll also get web hosting, access to the recommendation network, and powerful campaign analytics.

  • Grow ($42/month:) Increases your subscriber limit to 10,000 and allows for custom domains, premium (paid) subscriptions, and audience polls/surveys. You can also have multiple team members.

  • Scale ($84/month): Increases your subscriber limit to 100,000 subscribers and adds an advanced web builder, ad network, built-in referral program, and advanced automations. You'll also get A/B testing to optimize every send.

There are also enterprise plans available.

Why beehiiv Is the Best Alternative to ConvertKit

In a nutshell, beehiiv is wallet-friendly, offering affordable plans even as you grow. Plus, it supports that growth with an incredible set of tools, including analytics and reporting that easily outperform ConvertKit.

In addition to its price tag, third-party reviewers comparing beehiiv to ConvertKit also praise beehiiv for its ease of use, attractive design, and ability to drive traffic to your website with integrated posts.


beehiiv offers best-in-class growth and monetization tools at an incredibly low price. Plus, you get incredible analytics and a free platform to post your content.

In addition to its affordability, third-party reviewers comparing the platforms also praise beehiiv for its ease of use, attractive design, and ability to drive traffic to your website with integrated posts.

Overall, beehiiv is a great option for individuals and businesses looking to grow their subscriber list and generate revenue through email marketing. We're a great partner for newsletter newbies and digital-savvy marketing mavens alike.


Nobody's perfect, and we're not the best option for everyone.

There's no mobile app (which could be a problem for those who prefer to work on their phone). Also, some integrations require third-party tools like Integrate.ly or Zapier.


The Best ConvertKit Alternatives and How They Compare

Mailchimp is one of the best-known ConvertKit alternatives, used by thousands of marketers all over the world. If you want a simple email editor that integrates with a wide range of CRM and SEO tools, it's a solid selection.

Unfortunately, like most of the services on this list, Mailchimp increases its fee with your subscriber count. Remember: when choosing your email service, investigate the pricing tiers for the audience you want as well as the one you have. Even if it's affordable today, will it be tomorrow? 


MailChimp is a feature-rich platform with tools for multiple marketing channels:

  • Email marketing tools: Mailchimp offers advanced tools such as A/B testing and segmentation, allowing you to fine-tune your campaigns and reach the right subscribers at the right time.

  • Landing pages: This platform includes a landing page builder, enabling you to create tailored landing pages for your campaigns without any coding or design expertise.

  • Social media management: With Mailchimp, you can manage your social media presence all in one place. You can create, schedule, and track posts, and even run ads, directly from the platform.

  • SMS marketing: Mailchimp also offers SMS marketing features, allowing you to reach your subscribers through text messages and further expand your communication channels.


Mailchimp integrates with over 200 popular tools such as Salesforce, Shopify, WordPress, and Canva.

Interested in combining the powers of social media and email? Learn how to leverage different platforms to grow your publication with dedicated guides for:

The Best ConvertKit Alternatives and How They Compare

Pricing Tiers

Mailchimp offers a limited free plan that only includes up to 500 contacts and 1,000 sends per month.

The Standard plan begins at $20/month for up to 500 contacts, with costs increasing as your subscriber list grows. For example, if you have 100,000 subscribers, you'll be looking at $800/ month.


Mailchimp comes with an extensive list of integrations. It plays well with a host of e-commerce platforms, CRMs, and other software, making it a strong choice for businesses with a deep stack of marketing tools.

Its analytics also include demographic data and (when integrated with your store) purchase behavior insights. Get to know your subscribers better and tailor your campaigns accordingly.


Mailchimp has a few potential drawbacks:

  • Cost: The price ramps up quickly as your subscriber list grows.

  • Feature overload: With such a wide array of features across channels, beginners may find the platform overwhelming at first.

  • Limited sends: One Forbes review complains that, even with pricier plans, there's a cap on email sends.

Want a more detailed comparison between Mailchimp and other services? Check out this blog article on Mailchimp, Wix, and beehiiv.

Constant Contact

The Best ConvertKit Alternatives and How They Compare

Constant Contact is perfect for local businesses that need to manage events along with their email marketing. It's one of the few ConvertKit alternatives that provides tools for promoting upcoming events, accepting (paid or unpaid) registrations, and managing attendees.

Feature Highlights

Constant Contact is a marketing service designed for small businesses with:

  • Email marketing tools: Craft attractive emails with a solid suite of email marketing tools, including industry-specific templates that cater to small businesses.

  • Event marketing features: Promote events, manage registrations (both paid and unpaid), and keep track of attendees all in one place.

  • Social media management: Schedule your social media posts and manage ad campaigns right from the platform.

  • SMS marketing: Reach out to your customers directly on their phones with SMS marketing. (There is a related upcharge.)

  • CRM/e-commerce suite: Enhance your marketing efforts with a comprehensive CRM and e-commerce suite. (This is a separate — but integrated — service with its own fee.)

Pricing Tiers

Unlike some platforms, Constant Contact doesn't offer a free plan.

The Standard plan starts at $35/month, with costs increasing as your subscriber count grows. For 50,000 subscribers, you're looking at $460/month. Beyond that, you'll need to discuss enterprise pricing. The Premium plan starts at $80/month.


Tailored to meet the needs of small businesses, Constant Contact provides targeted solutions that cater specifically to the requirements of smaller enterprises.

It offers a wide array of over 300 integrations, ensuring seamless compatibility with your preferred tools. This adaptability enhances user experience and workflow efficiency.

The distinctive event marketing tools also distinguish it from competitors in the email marketing sphere.


A few potential drawbacks to consider:

  • Cost: Just like Mailchimp, the cost of Constant Contact increases as your email list grows.

  • Premium features: Some features, including custom segmentation, are only available on the premium plan.

  • Limited social media functionality: The social media scheduler and ad campaign manager are only available at higher-level plans and offer limited functionality compared to dedicated social media tools.

  • Rigid templates: The templates, while numerous, lack flexibility, making it difficult to customize your brand's communications.

Brevo (Formerly Sendinblue)

The Best ConvertKit Alternatives and How They Compare

Brevo is one of the most affordable services (but still more expensive than beehiiv). It's also a centralized hub for both email marketing and transactional email, letting you send messages such as order confirmations on the platform.


Brevo delivers a strong combination of sales and marketing features:

  • Email marketing: Brevo provides robust tools for crafting and sending out top-notch email campaigns, helping you connect with your audience effectively.

  • One-on-one chat tools: With Brevo, you can engage your customers in real-time using one-on-one chat tools, making customer interaction more personal and efficient.

  • Sales platform: Brevo boasts a sales platform complete with handy features such as a meeting scheduler and sales reports, helping you streamline your sales process.

  • Multi-channel marketing tools: You can reach your customers wherever they are with Brevo's tools for SMS marketing, Facebook Ads, and WhatsApp campaigns.

Pricing Tiers

Brevo offers a stronger free plan than most, allowing unlimited contacts and up to 300 messages per day.

The Starter plan begins at $25/month with a limit of 20,000 sends each month. The Business plan starts at $65/month. Prices increase by number of emails sent rather than number of contacts. For example, if you need to send up to 500,000 emails per month, the price is $399/month.


Brevo combines sales and marketing tools, providing you with a comprehensive solution for your business needs that includes powerful automations.

Even on the free plan, Brevo allows you to send transactional emails, a rare perk among email marketing services.


However, there are a few areas where Brevo could improve:

  • Email deliverability: Brevo scores poorly on third-party email deliverability tests, which could affect the power of your campaigns.

  • Limited analytics: Unless you're on the Business plan, the analytics provided by Brevo are limited.

  • Additional costs for user seats: Adding additional users to your account incurs extra costs across all plans.

  • Send limits: Even at higher-level plans, there are limits on email sends, making Brevo best suited for businesses that only send emails to their full list once or twice a month.

More ConvertKit Competitors

If none of the above services work for your needs, there are other high-quality platforms for your email marketing needs. Check out these services.


The Best ConvertKit Alternatives and How They Compare

Moosend won one reviewer's head-to-head battle, beating out ConvertKit in:

  • Landing page design and functionality

  • Website tracking and email analytics

  • Versatility across different user needs

Other benefits include a good selection of pre-made template designs, list segmentation, and automated workflows.


The Best ConvertKit Alternatives and How They Compare

Take a look at ActiveCampaign if you run an eCommerce website. ActiveCampaign specializes in helping users automate their marketing, with customer relationship management (CRM) functionality included to help companies with lead management.

After acquiring Postmark, ActiveCampaign now offers transactional email services as well. The add-on lets users send personalized messages such as order confirmations and delivery updates.

ActiveCampaign is a strong choice for people who need fully integrated email marketing and a CRM, but you should be aware that you'll pay to bundle its products.

ActiveCampaign is great for those who need a premium all-in-one tool, but it doesn't come cheap.  It's one of the few services on this list that is more expensive than ConvertKit.

Campaign Monitor

The Best ConvertKit Alternatives and How They Compare

Campaign Monitor users create pretty emails. The platform is known for its wide range of attractive templates and brand-consistency features.

If you send regular emails that include the same elements, Campaign Monitor may be for you. With their handy template management feature, you can keep certain elements of your newsletter locked in place, saving you time when creating future newsletters.

There’s also a link review tool that prevents broken links in your newsletters, which is a nifty bonus.


The Best ConvertKit Alternatives and How They Compare

GetResponse is a useful alternative to ConvertKit if you require help with spam. You may be finding that your emails have a high spam score, which means they’re likely to hit your subscribers’ spam folders instead of their inboxes. 

GetResponse has a variety of spam testing options to improve the chance of your email being delivered to subscriber inboxes. Plus, you can use their audience segmentation facility to send your subscribers more targeted emails.

Learn more about email deliverability and how to ensure your messages reach the inbox.


The Best ConvertKit Alternatives and How They Compare

MailerLite offers some unique features when it comes to email marketing reporting. Along with standard analytic measures, you can analyze email open rates based on location. This is perfect if you’re targeting specific areas and want to know how different users behave.

Other features include A/B testing, a good range of newsletter templates, and an unsubscribe page that you can customize.


The Best ConvertKit Alternatives and How They Compare

A relatively new ConvertKit alternative, SendX is a company that offers unlimited sending, A/B testing, and over 25 pre-built automation options. 

SendX is substantially more affordable than ConvertKit, but one comparison of the two admits that the array of features requires a steeper learning curve.


The Best ConvertKit Alternatives and How They Compare

The last alternative to ConvertKit we have for you is SendPulse. This service has a good free plan, offering 15,000 free emails with up to 2,500 subscribers each month.

SendPulse excels in the blend of email marketing and SMS functionality, giving you an extra way of keeping in touch with your audience. The platform is quick and easy to use and has a regularly monitored Live Chat service in case you have any questions.

Closing Thoughts - Best ConvertKit Alternative

The Best ConvertKit Alternatives and How They Compare

Still wondering: Should I use ConvertKit?

If you want to monetize your content directly, ConvertKit may be the number two pick. Most of these services don't provide for that.

Our top choice does, and recent improvements to automations have made beehiiv an even better marketing tool. We've provided everything you need to jumpstart your newsletter with the perfect launch.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for a free beehiiv account or start your free trial of premium features. Test out the system first and check it’s right for you. 

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As the hottest new player on the scene, beehiiv knows all about email marketing platforms and newsletter services, and its writers regularly publish material on the different options for digital marketing.

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