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7 Content Ideas to Spice Up Your September Newsletters

Harness the Power of the Changing Seasons

Are you looking for fresh content ideas on subjects that your readers are already thinking about?

Here’s the secret.

Creativity works best when there's a stepping stone. The mind needs something to work with, and one of the best starting points is the calendar.

A September-themed newsletter practically oozes content possibilities. If you're wondering what to put in your September newsletter, just look at what’s happening in terms of seasons and holidays.

What Should I Add to My September Newsletter?

September is a transitional period. It’s still officially summer for most of the month, but people are thinking about the coming fall.

I remember picking the first apples off our tree every September when I was a kid. They tasted sour because they weren’t completely ripe. But their flavor gave me a sense that big changes were about to happen.

The seasonal shift in September allows you to bring up new subjects in many ways. Seasonal content is a popular way to supplement your usual fare.

Here are seven content ideas to spice up your September newsletter.

Idea #1: Health and Fitness

7 Content Ideas to Spice Up Your September Newsletters

September is still summer for most people. Yet the return to work and school means less time for physical activity.

If it fits your newsletter, you could offer fast workouts for busy people, healthy September activities, or tips on staying hydrated and beating the heat.

Idea #2: Food

7 Content Ideas to Spice Up Your September Newsletters

In September, many people are thinking about specific treats and food-related gatherings.

Labor Day in 2023 is Monday, September 4. You could offer Labor Day barbecue ideas, including recipes that use fruits and vegetables that are harvested in September.

If you live in a heavily touristed area, the crowds start to shrink in September. Finally, the locals can enjoy their favorite eateries in peace!

If you publish a local newsletter, you could feature one or more neighborhood restaurant(s).

Idea #3 Fashion

7 Content Ideas to Spice Up Your September Newsletters

With slightly cooler temperatures and a return to school, many people change their outfits in September.

Give your readers some tips on feeling comfortable while looking stylish. Help parents shop for school clothes for their kids. Show the entrepreneur the accessories they must have when they appear on TikTok or hop on a Zoom call.

Idea #4 Prepare for Fall

7 Content Ideas to Spice Up Your September Newsletters

In most places, September is too early to worry about winter. But it’s never too soon to get ready.

You could write about weather stripping and cleaning gutters if your readers are homeowners. You could also give advice on preparing your boat, bike, or car for the changing seasons.

Even a newsletter about business or finance could talk about the psychological impact of fall, and how these changes affect the market.

Why Trust Us? All beehiiv writers are carefully vetted for their knowledge and experience. Jacob Bear once had a job in Rome, Italy teaching business leaders about North American sports, holidays, and customs. He makes frequent contributions to beehiiv, and was recently named a Top Copywriting Voice by LinkedIn.

Idea #5: Sports

7 Content Ideas to Spice Up Your September Newsletters

In September, baseball fans are thinking about the playoffs and the World Series. Football season is coming soon.

NBA players are returning home in September, to begin their training in October.

There’s an exciting sense of anticipation in the air. Capture it in your newsletter.

Idea #6: Bonus Content and Special Requests

The changing season leaves people open to novelty.

This gives you a good reason to ask your readers to do a little extra. It’s a good time to run a “September Survey” or a special offer.

The change also gives you a reason to do a little extra for your readers. This could be a contest, a “bonus” issue, or some unusual content.

Idea #7 Special Holidays

7 Content Ideas to Spice Up Your September Newsletters

On the fun side of things, almost every day in September includes an obscure celebration. Most people won’t know about these holidays.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate a few of them in your newsletter.

Talk Like a Pirate Day on September 19 is a perennial favorite. (What say ye about putting yer stern to the summer with a pirate-themed September newsletter? Aye?)

And don’t stop with pirates. Star Trek, acne, and string cheese are all honored in the wild month of September.

If your newsletter is about parenting, help your readers celebrate National Lazy Mom’s Day on September 1. If you write about tech, Google’s birthday is September 27.

7 Content Ideas to Spice Up Your September Newsletters

The 13th is both International Chocolate Day and National Peanut Day. Remind your readers to enjoy this classic flavor combination.

And while we’re on the subject of eating, if you write for foodies, September gives you an inexhaustible supply of content. There’s a recipe, drink, or ingredient for almost every day of the month.

September also contains many more somber celebrations, such as National Attention Deficit Disorder Awareness Day (9/17), World Lymphoma Awareness Day (9/15), and World Alzheimer’s Day (9/21)

What Should Be Included in a Summer Newsletter?

When people read your September newsletter, summer is winding down and autumn is beginning.

In fact, the Fall Equinox for 2023 is September 23.

However, people will still be enjoying summer activities or trying to beat the heat. This creates additional possibilities for relevant content: Recipes, vacation destinations, waterside activities, and more.

At the same time, readers or their children may be returning to school. Back-to-school themes are always welcome in a September newsletter.

How Can I Spice Up My Newsletter?

To spice up your newsletter, relevance matters. Be sure to include items that fit the culture, nationality, and customs of your readers.

Depending on your readership and the subject of your newsletter, it might be useful to incorporate a discussion of some of these events in your content.

At the same time, find a way to relate the content back to your business and the purpose of the newsletter.

What Content Makes a Good Newsletter?

While we can't write your copy for you, we can take a lot of the technical issues out of the way so you can do more in less time.

For example, a good newsletter should have a responsive design built in so it's easy for readers to view your newsletter on any device. beehiiv handles this for you, and you don’t have to lift a finger.

7 Content Ideas to Spice Up Your September Newsletters

It's also important to make use of email templates to save yourself time and effort. Once you do that, you can edit an individual edition of your newsletter and tailor it to the season.

With a no-code template editor, beehiiv makes it easy to achieve both of these goals and a lot more.

We have tools to boost your list through recommendations, referrals, and magic links. We also offer a fantastic new landing page editor that will help bring new readers to your list.

With all these great features in place, it's easy to create a world-class newsletter without needing much more than good content.

In fact, no matter what month we’re in, it's always a good time to start a beehiiv newsletter.

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