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How AdQuick Drove Positive ROI via the beehiiv Ad Network

How AdQuick's B2B Marketing Success With beehiiv Led To Advertising Mastery

How AdQuick Drove Positive ROI via the beehiiv Ad Network

In 2024, the fierce competition for attention in B2B marketing persists. In this saturated environment, simply having a great product or service is no longer sufficient.

You need the right marketing strategy and business channels to connect with your target audience. 

AdQuick, a prominent MarTech platform, has found the beehiiv Ad Network to be a game changer. beehiiv has driven positive ROI, effectively allowing AdQuick to expand its newsletter advertising efforts.

This case study will showcase how AdQuick streamlined its sponsorship process and increased MQLs by utilizing beehiiv’s Ad Network, thus saving time, enhancing credibility, and raising awareness.

Let’s explore how they did it!

The Power of Newsletter Advertising

How AdQuick Drove Positive ROI via the beehiiv Ad Network

Adam Singer, Head of Marketing at AdQuick, understands the importance of a diversified marketing strategy that covers the entire funnel.

Singer mentioned, “We market in a mix of online and offline channels, covering the full funnel of where advertisers and marketing professionals spend time.” 

He added, “This includes search, Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising, and of course, email marketing through beehiiv, our largest email channel.”

Email marketing, in particular, is crucial for AdQuick, serving as both a brand and performance marketing channel.

“Email is both a brand channel and performance marketing channel for us. Being in emails helps establish our credibility, create awareness that we exist, and remind users who have seen us before to check us out,” he continued.

Singer added, “It also generates direct leads and MQLs, which is great, although, for B2B buyers, it’s typically a decently long sales cycle—we’re not selling funny t-shirts that convert right away. But email works for all these things.”

Scaling Newsletter Advertising With beehiiv

How AdQuick Drove Positive ROI via the beehiiv Ad Network

Historically, scaling newsletter advertising has been a significant challenge for many businesses.

AdQuick faced a similar hurdle: hundreds of media brands approached them for sponsorships, making it impossible to sponsor them all individually. This is where the beehiiv Ad Network shines.

Singer commented, “beehiiv is special, a one-stop shop to get in front of millions of readers—email historically has been a tough channel to do at scale.” 

“We get approached by many media brands (100s), and it’s impossible to sponsor them all as much as we’d like to. beehiiv means we don’t have to choose and can have the heavy lifting done by tech,” he added.

“It’s the only good way to go about this.”

beehiiv’s Sponsorship Approach

The beehiiv Ad Network is in a league of its own.

This advertising channel enables brands to sponsor hundreds of premium newsletters, generate guaranteed clicks, and deliver native content.

How AdQuick Drove Positive ROI via the beehiiv Ad Network

By using beehiiv’s Ad Network, advertisers can put their brand in front of:

  • 20,000+ Top publications in the world

  • 1 Billion monthly impressions

  • 85 Million unique readers

  • Average open rate of 39%

  • Average CTR of 4.3%

Why Trust Me

Linda Hwang has extensive experience in B2B marketing and previously worked at a renowned international facilities management company. She played a crucial role in creating effective content and social media marketing plans there. Now, Linda is a marketing consultant who helps small businesses create compelling brand stories.

Driving Positive ROI and Valuable Leads

How AdQuick Drove Positive ROI via the beehiiv Ad Network

AdQuick’s partnership with the beehiiv Ad Network has yielded impressive results, driving a positive ROI and a steady stream of valuable leads.

Singer confirms, “beehiiv drives us constant MQLs; we are pleased with the results here and plan to continue spending. We don’t release specific numbers, but the ROI and the experience are positive.”

A Secret Weapon for B2B Brands

How AdQuick Drove Positive ROI via the beehiiv Ad Network

Singer is a firm believer in the power of the beehiiv Ad Network, describing it as a “secret weapon for B2B brands.” 

“beehiiv is honestly a secret weapon for B2B brands, with way better economics and return than social media ads, for example, which are glossed over and ignored,” said Singer. 

He continued, “You want digital ad placement in high-quality media brands above the fold without distraction. You won’t find ad quality like this in many places any longer.”

Influence of the beehiiv Ad Network

AdQuick’s success with the beehiiv Ad Network is a testament to the effectiveness of newsletter advertising for B2B brands.

By leveraging the power of the beehiiv Ad Network, AdQuick has been able to scale its newsletter advertising efforts, drive positive ROI, and generate valuable leads, solidifying its position as a leading MarTech platform.

For businesses seeking to amplify their reach and connect with their target audience, the beehiiv Ad Network presents an unparalleled opportunity to achieve remarkable results.

Are you ready to take your advertising game to the next level?

beehiiv is trusted by 20,000+ newsletters worldwide. Start growing your business today using beehiiv’s ad network!

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