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The 23 Top Software Choices for Email Marketers

Elevate Your Strategy with These 23 Software Picks

Good Newsletters vs. Great Newsletters

The 23 Top Software Choices for Email Marketers

In his extensive research, Jim Collins delved into the unique approach of good-to-great leaders toward technology. Collins found that technology plays a significant role in setting them apart from their counterparts in companies that failed to transition from good to great successfully.

In the email marketing industry, it is not an exception. Newsletters like Morning Brew, The Hustler, and The Milk Road have been using technology to separate themselves from the hundreds of thousands of newsletters out there. 

"Remarkable companies didn't adopt the latest technology trends merely for the sake of being in vogue or due to the buzz in the market," said Collins. The technologies they embraced were carefully selected with a distinct purpose in mind – one that aligned seamlessly with the overarching objective of the business.

These great businesses and companies viewed technology as just one component of the solution to their challenges, intended to work harmoniously with other strategies to yield success. 

Today, we tend to appreciate and comprehend technology as a means to an end – a tool that enhances our lives, facilitates outcomes and simplifies tasks. That is a real advantage.

Great companies strive for excellence intrinsically, driven by an innate desire to be outstanding. With the right tools, you can also make your email newsletter stand out from the competition.

This blog post will discuss the suitable software you should use to create, grow, measure, and optimize your email newsletter.

Why Email Marketers Should Use Software Tools:

The 23 Top Software Choices for Email Marketers
  1. Streamlined Workflow: Email marketing software tools make your life easier. Software can streamline the entire campaign process. From designing visually appealing emails to scheduling delivery times, workflows and segmenting your audience, these tools make the entire workflow more efficient.

  2. Personalization at Scale: Every email newsletter is different. Personalized emails have higher engagement rates than generic ones. Software tools allow you to segment your audience based on various criteria and deliver tailored content, resulting in better relationships with subscribers and readers.

  3. Analytics and Insights: Analytics is what separate the pros from amateurs in email marketing. Effective email marketing isn't just about sending messages; it's also about understanding how recipients interact with your content. Software tools provide in-depth analytics, helping you track open rates, click-through rates, and conversion metrics to refine your strategies.

  4. A/B Testing Made Easy: Experimentation is key to improvement. If you aren’t experimenting frequently you will get behind. Email marketing software often includes A/B testing features, enabling you to test different subject lines, content, and designs to identify what resonates best with your audience.

  5. Automation and Drip Campaigns: Automation frees up your time by allowing you to set up triggers that send specific emails based on user actions. Drip campaigns, for example, can nurture leads over time, and guide them through the sales funnel automatically at their own time.

  6. Referral Programs: We are in the human industry where word of mouth has proven to be the most effect way of growth. Email newsletters can effectively expand their readership by implementing referral programs. Such programs encourage current subscribers to invite others, fostering organic growth while rewarding loyal readers for their advocacy. 

  7. AI: Email newsletter marketers can enhance their efforts by integrating AI technology. You can save hundreds of hours by using AI in your email newsletter. You can create content with personalization of unique pictures and writing, optimize send times, and predict subscriber preferences, leading to increased engagement and conversions with few prompts.

What Email Marketers Should Avoid When Picking Software Tools:

  1. Overwhelming Complexity: While feature-rich tools can be enticing, overly complex software can hinder your progress. Opt for tools that align with your team's skill level and immediate needs. A steep learning curve can lead to frustration and underutilization of the tool's potential. Each newsletter company is different, so we should choose the right software for the company's needs.

  1. Lack of Integration: Your email marketing software doesn't exist in a vacuum. It should seamlessly integrate with your existing CRM, e-commerce platform, and other relevant tools. Lack of integration can lead to data silos and inefficiencies.

  1. Poor Deliverability Track Record: The effectiveness of your email marketing hinges on emails actually reaching the recipients' inboxes. Research the software's deliverability track record and ensure it follows best practices to avoid your messages ending up in spam folders.

  1. Limited Customization Options: Branding is crucial for email marketing and newsletters. Generic-looking emails won't allow your brand to stand out. Choose a tool that offers customization options for email templates so your messages align with your brand's identity.

  1. Unpredictable Costs: While cost shouldn't be the sole factor, it's essential to understand the pricing structure. Some tools charge based on subscriber count or the number of emails sent. Meaning you can get more subscribers but not necessarily more income. Choose a tool with transparent pricing to avoid unexpected expenses.

  1. Inadequate Customer Support: Software and updates will always bring problems. Technical glitches or questions are bound to arise. A lack of responsive customer support can lead to downtime and missed opportunities. Prioritize tools with reliable customer support channels.

  1. Security Concerns: Email marketing involves handling sensitive customer data. Ensuring the software provider follows robust security practices and including data encryption and compliance with relevant regulations, is crucial.

23 Best Marketing Software Tools for Email Marketers

1.· beehiiv

The 23 Top Software Choices for Email Marketers

beehiiv helps marketers create highly targeted email campaigns through data analysis, personalization, and optimization.

beehiiv provides insights on subject line optimization, send time optimization, and A/B testing. 

With predictive analytics and automation, beehiiv enables marketers to forecast customer behavior, streamline workflows, and automate personalized follow-ups. 

Additionally, beehiiv enhances email deliverability by leveraging AI to optimize content and sender reputation. 

beehiiv has introduced a game-changing suite of integrations for newsletters, encompassing an array of powerful tools designed to enhance content creation and engagement. 

The improved writing tool assists writers in crafting compelling and error-free content. 

With grammar and style suggestions, contextual recommendations, and language optimization, the writing tool ensures that each newsletter is polished and coherent, ultimately captivating readers and bolstering the brand's credibility

beehiiv has been the favorite, most well-rounded email software for email marketers.

The 23 Top Software Choices for Email Marketers

HubSpot offers a comprehensive marketing platform with CRM integration. They provide streamlined workflows, personalization, A/B testing, and automation for email campaigns. HubSpot is ideal for inbound marketing strategies. It is a well-rounded software for email marketers.

One of their downfalls is that it is costly for small businesses. They also have a learning curve for complex features. Though HubSpot is one of the best email software, it does not suit well for small businesses or businesses focused solely on email marketing.

The 23 Top Software Choices for Email Marketers

They have a user-friendly interface suitable for beginners. Mailchimp offers personalization, A/B testing, and automation features for email campaigns as part of their paid programs. Also, it integrates well with other tools. 

Mailchimp Limited doesn't have advanced automation compared to more specialized platforms. They also lack growth tools. Mailchimp may be best suited for beginners.

The 23 Top Software Choices for Email Marketers

Hootsuite efficiently manages social media across social media platforms. With Hootsuite, you can schedule and manage social media posts. 

Although Hootsuite is great for social media control and processes, it is primarily a social media tool. It lacks in-depth email marketing features such as email delivery, analytics, templates, and workflows. 

It could complement your social media campaigns across platforms but not as email marketing software. 

The 23 Top Software Choices for Email Marketers

Ahrefs is powerful for SEO and content strategies. It provides insights into competitor backlinks and content analysis. With Ahrefs, you can check which blog posts are trending, which keywords are better suited for your articles, and which competitors are getting the most exposure.

The 23 Top Software Choices for Email Marketers

Canva could be your best friend if you need to create beautiful designs in minutes.

Canva simplifies graphic design for email campaigns such as banners, promo codes, and social media campaigns. It offers various templates for visually appealing emails. 

The 23 Top Software Choices for Email Marketers

Providing in-depth insights into campaign performance, Google Analytics helps optimize strategies. Tracking metrics like open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates aids in refining content and targeting, which is crucial for email marketers who want to improve their game. 

Also, they provide easy integration with other Google tools to enhance cross-platform analysis. As people used to say, "Google knows everything." With precise data, you can track the most important metrics for email marketers.

However, Google Analytics has its drawbacks. It might not provide granular data on subscriber behavior within emails if you want to segment your audience to a deeper level. Also, the learning curve can be steep for novice users.

The 23 Top Software Choices for Email Marketers

SEMrush is a competitive research tool that analyzes rival email campaigns, aiding in crafting more compelling content. As best-selling author Anthony Iannarino says, it is like "eating a competitor's lunch."

The keyword tracking feature assists in optimizing email subject lines and content for improved search visibility. SEMrush's domain analysis helps identify potential outreach targets. 

However, it has limitations. The platform's email-specific functionalities might not be as comprehensive as specialized tools. Costs could escalate with additional features to get better insights into customer search behaviors. 

Learning to navigate the extensive interface might take time and effort. Despite these drawbacks, SEMrush can elevate email marketing strategies through enhanced insights and competitive analysis.

The 23 Top Software Choices for Email Marketers

Buffer is one of the favorite tools of solo-entrepreneur Matt Welsh

It offers email marketers notable advantages in managing their campaigns on social media. Its intuitive interface streamlines scheduling and automating email content, saving time and ensuring consistent delivery.

The platform's analytics tools provide valuable insights into engagement metrics, aiding in refining strategies. Additionally, Buffer's collaborative features facilitate team coordination. 

However, Buffer primarily focuses on social media management, lacking the advanced email-specific features that dedicated email marketing platforms provide. Also, pricing tiers could become costly as needs grow. 

10. Marketo:  

The 23 Top Software Choices for Email Marketers

Its robust automation capabilities streamline personalized email campaigns, enhancing customer engagement. It also provides advanced lead management and segmentation tools for targeted content delivery, improving conversion rates. 

Integration with Adobe's suite offers a holistic marketing approach. 

Nevertheless, Marketo's complexity can be overwhelming for newcomers, necessitating training. Its pricing might be prohibitive for smaller businesses. 

Some users find its reporting features less intuitive compared to competitors.

Despite these drawbacks, Adobe Marketo empowers email marketers with sophisticated automation and customization options, making it a powerful choice for comprehensive marketing campaigns.

The 23 Top Software Choices for Email Marketers

Adobe's marketing tools offer a versatile platform for email marketers. With advanced automation and customization features, campaigns can be tailored to individual users, enhancing engagement. 

Integration with other Adobe products provides a seamless workflow.

However, the complexity of these tools might pose a learning curve, and the pricing could be steep for smaller businesses. While offering powerful capabilities, Adobe's suite requires careful consideration of its suitability for specific needs and budgets.

The 23 Top Software Choices for Email Marketers

Salesforce provides email marketers with robust advantages. Its automation and CRM integration streamline campaign management, aiding in personalized customer interactions. It create amazing workflows to have all process in check. 

Detailed analytics enhance tracking and optimization. However, Salesforce's complexity might necessitate training, and its pricing could be high for smaller businesses. 

Customization might require technical expertise. While offering powerful tools, assessing the fit of Salesforce's capabilities, user-friendliness, and cost structure is essential for email marketers seeking an efficient and tailored solution.

13. Moz

The 23 Top Software Choices for Email Marketers

Moz benefits email marketers with its SEO insights, aiding in crafting more effective email content. Keyword tracking enhances subject lines, a significant part of email marketing.

However, Moz's primary focus is SEO, lacking comprehensive email-specific features. Its learning curve and cost could be concerns. For holistic email strategies, evaluating its alignment with needs is crucial.

14. Pardot

Pardot was acquired by Salesforce recently. It gives it a boost in some tools they used to lack, such as CRM integrations and management.

It offers email marketers automation tools for personalized campaigns, enhancing engagement. 

However, Pardot's complexity might pose challenges for newcomers, and its pricing could be prohibitive for smaller businesses. Evaluating its capabilities against needs is vital for effective email marketing strategies.

The 23 Top Software Choices for Email Marketers

ActiveCampaign benefits email marketers through its robust automation, aiding in targeted campaigns and lead nurturing. 

Its CRM integration enhances customer insights and some behaviors that may be useful for targeting your audience, allowing you to send customized newsletters to individuals depending on where they are in the funnel.

However, the platform's extensive features might require time to master, and its pricing tiers could be costly as needs grow. Careful consideration of fit and budget is essential.

16. Trello

The 23 Top Software Choices for Email Marketers

Trello offers email marketers a simple yet effective project management tool. Its visual boards aid in planning campaigns and tracking tasks. Collaborative features enhance team coordination. 

However, Trello's simplicity might need more advanced functionalities for complex campaigns. Integration with email-specific tools might be limited. Balancing its ease of use with campaign complexity is vital for optimal email marketing management.

The 23 Top Software Choices for Email Marketers

Sprout Social provides email marketers with valuable social media management capabilities. 

Its scheduling and publishing features enable cross-channel content coordination. Their robust analytics offer insights for refining existing campaign strategies so you can improve them in real-time. 

The 23 Top Software Choices for Email Marketers

BuzzSumo offers email marketers insights into content trends, aiding in crafting relevant and shareable email content. 

Its social media performance analysis can inform strategy adjustments to improve results without burning too much money. However, BuzzSumo primarily focuses on content research and social media.

While enhancing content strategies, its suitability for comprehensive email campaigns should be carefully considered, assessing the balance between its strengths and email marketing needs.

The 23 Top Software Choices for Email Marketers

Crazy Egg's social media tools offer email marketers valuable insights into user behavior on websites, aiding in optimizing email click-through paths, which in my opion, is one of the most essential aspect of email marketing success. 

Heatmaps and user recordings can inform content adjustments to get better open rates, website optimization, and sign ups for new subscribers.

The 23 Top Software Choices for Email Marketers

Unbounce is one of the most valuable tools for email marketers since it covers aspects almost every other software mentioned here, except for beehiiv, doesn't have that are super important when getting new subscribers. 

It provides email marketers with landing page creation tools to enhance email campaign conversions.  

Its A/B testing and customization options allow for optimizing landing pages. 

The 23 Top Software Choices for Email Marketers

ClickFunnels offers email marketers a platform for creating sales funnels, potentially boosting email campaign conversions. 

Its pre-designed templates simplify funnel creation and allow customization for each funnel stage. With ClickFunnels, you can set up your website and email newsletter in a few hours.

However, ClickFunnels' primary focus is on sales funnels, and its email marketing features might not be as comprehensive as specialized tools. If you want to sell products, this may be a good fit.

Integrating ClickFunnels with email platforms might require additional steps, and they don't have integration with other essential tools that you may need, such as a well-rounded analytic tool.

The 23 Top Software Choices for Email Marketers

Leadpages allows email marketers to create effective landing pages, potentially boosting campaign conversions. 

Its user-friendly interface and templates simplify the design process, helping you to create a well-personal branded website. You can create the website for your newsletter in minutes.

The 23 Top Software Choices for Email Marketers

Google Ads offers email marketers a powerful platform for reaching a broad audience through paid search and display ads. 

Its extensive targeting options enhance audience segmentation. This is a fantastic tool if you want to grow your newsletter faster.

They offer a fantastic analytic tool to help you determine what kind of people resonate more with your message. With that information, you can keep improving your ads and campaigns. 

However, Google Ads primarily focuses on paid search and display advertising, lacking email-specific functionalities. Costs can escalate rapidly, especially in competitive industries. 

Managing campaigns and optimizing keywords demand time and expertise. While it amplifies online visibility, it is imortant to note that it will stop as soon as you stop paying for it.


In conclusion, email marketing software tools are indispensable assets for modern marketers.  

As we draw the curtain on this exploration, it becomes evident that the best software platform is not a universal formula but a bespoke solution aligned with specific needs and goals. 

However, caution is advised when selecting these tools. Avoid overwhelming complexity, prioritize integration, and ensure a track record of good deliverability. 

Look for customization options, transparent pricing, and responsive customer support while considering security measures. 

By making informed choices, you can harness the power of these tools to create impactful email campaigns that resonate with your audience and drive business growth.

The key lies in balancing functionality, scalability, user-friendliness, and adaptability. After analyzing 23 different software for email marketers, we can say beehiiv is the best well-rounded software.

beehiiv software streamlines workflows, enables personalization at scale, offers valuable analytics, and empowers automation.

This is software is perfect for email marketers at any level. Join today for free!

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