Writing A Newsletter Email: 5 Top Tips

Increase your open rates with these top tips

Newsletter emails are a great way of keeping your subscriber base in the loop with your latest company updates. You can promote new product launches and provide your community with a peek behind the scenes of your latest ideas. As well, share the journey - and your favorite strategies - with your subscribers.

But are you wondering how to write a newsletter email that your followers will genuinely want to read?

Many company newsletters are full of fluff, jargon, and other content that is all about “me.” No one wants to open these newsletters, and they end up destined for the dreaded spam folder or simply deleted.

Thankfully, there’s no need to despair - beehiiv is here to talk you through the best ways to write an engaging newsletter email and keep those open rates and click-throughs high while bringing tons of value to your subscribers. Keep reading to learn how to write a newsletter email that will stand out in your subscribers’ inboxes and ensure they look forward to receiving your latest updates.

 Writing A Newsletter Email: 5 Top Tips

How To Write A Newsletter Email (5 Key Components)

Let’s dive straight into our five recommendations for writing great newsletter emails.

1. Create a Punchy Subject Line

 Writing A Newsletter Email: 5 Top Tips

First thing first when writing a great newsletter - you need a punchy subject line to ensure your email stands out from the crowd. A staggering 69% of emails are marked as spam after users read the subject line, so creating an engaging subject line is the first step when writing a great newsletter email.

A short, concise subject line is best, and a friendly tone of voice will increase the chance of your subscribers opening your newsletter. You could try using emojis to make your subject line stand out and avoid spam words such as ‘promo’ or ‘prize,’ as this could land your newsletter straight in the spam folder.

You could even set up an A/B test to achieve the best subject line - you can read about this over on our blog.

2. Balance Promotional/Informative Content

 Writing A Newsletter Email: 5 Top Tips

When deciding how to write your email newsletter, it’s important to ensure you have a healthy balance between informative content and promotional calls to action.

If you have too many promotional links in your email newsletters, subscribers are likely to be turned off, as it may seem you’re only interested in connecting with your community when you want to encourage them to purchase from you.

Stick to a 90% informative content/10% promotional content ratio in your newsletter emails to keep your subscribers interested and engaged.

3. Bring Personality To Your Newsletters

 Writing A Newsletter Email: 5 Top Tips

One of the best pieces of advice we can give for writing a newsletter email is to bring personality. Many newsletters are full of fluff and jargon, making them boring and not the type of content your audience will look forward to reading.

Injecting your personality into your newsletters will make them stand out, and will remind your followers that you’re a team of actual human beings rather than a faceless company.

Ideas such as company updates, recognizing staff achievements, or shouting out to charities you work with are all great ways of bringing extra personality to your newsletter. Your subscribers will feel more connected to you and will look forward to hearing about your latest news.

4. Have Clear Calls To Action (CTA)

 Writing A Newsletter Email: 5 Top Tips

While you don’t want to fill your newsletters with too much promotion, you should always include a few short, strong calls to action that you’d like your followers to use.

These need to be clear and concise, with one primary course of action that you’d like your audience to take, e.g. starting a free trial or leaving their details.

We recommend using inline calls to action in your email newsletters, which is a CTA that appears within the content and is naturally embedded rather than added to the header/footer of a newsletter. This is a natural way of placing a CTA in an email and will ensure your email flows seamlessly with a congruent call to action.

5. Acknowledge Your Subscribers

 Writing A Newsletter Email: 5 Top Tips

It’s important to regularly acknowledge your subscribers in your newsletters in order to keep them engaged and motivated to read your content.

If your followers feel like they’re one of thousands, they’re not going to feel connected to your company and may be more likely to leave your newsletter unopened or even unsubscribe completely.

Acknowledging your subscribers is an easy and effective element that can be added as a regular feature of your newsletters. This could be in the form of shout-outs to new followers or saying thank you to your long-term subscribers by providing them with a discount code, for example.

Start A Newsletter Email With beehiiv

Now that you know how to write an engaging email newsletter, you can go ahead and start creating your own with beehiiv.

Start a newsletter with beehiiv today to get your first email newsletter set up. You can join for free, or use our paid plans to gain additional benefits such as custom HTML, A/B Testing for subject lines, and 3D analytics.

We look forward to hearing about what you’ve come up with!

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