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The 11 AI Newsletters You Should be Reading

The AI (newsletter) tsunami that’s taking over inboxes everywhere.

Are you ready to stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly transforming world of Artificial Intelligence (AI)? 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly transforming the way we live and work. From intelligent virtual assistants to self-driving cars, AI is becoming increasingly integrated into our daily lives. 

With the ability to analyze vast amounts of data, identify patterns, and make predictions, AI has the potential to revolutionize many industries, improve decision-making processes, and ultimately lead to a more efficient and prosperous society.

Everything you just read was actually written by AI (I was struggling to come up with a good intro).

And given how easy, cost effective (and potentially profitable) it is to launch and scale a newsletter—it’s no surprise that writers, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts have flooded to beehiiv to build their own AI media powerhouse. 

beehiiv powers the world’s top AI newsletters and I’ve been fortunate enough to have a front row seat to their meteoric success. I’m so excited to share with you some of the best emails to hit your inboxes.

In no particular order…

1. Mindstream

The 11 AI Newsletters You Should be Reading

Description: Mindstream is a premier AI news platform offering the latest updates, opinions, and interactive polls for AI enthusiasts and professionals.

Who’s behind it: Adam Biddlecombe

Why We Love It:

  • Diverse Coverage: Extensive range of AI news and analyses.

  • Engaged Community: Interactive features fostering a dynamic AI community.

  • Regular Updates: Frequent, timely posts keeping readers informed on AI advancements.

2. Big Brain

The 11 AI Newsletters You Should be Reading

Description: Big Brain is a daily newsletter that delivers concise and informative content about artificial intelligence in just 3 minutes. With a readership of over 100,000 from companies like Google, a16z, and Microsoft, Big Brain has established itself as a go-to source for quick and relevant AI news.

Who’s behind it: Alex Valaitis, Jason Goodison, and Parth Detroja 

Why we love it: They concisely summarize the top 3 AI related stories every day, and link out to the full articles for those who want to dive deeper. They also typically include 2 fun sections to wrap up the newsletter: AI Art Piece and ChatGPT Prompt of the Day.

Aside: Big Brain also has a tremendous welcome email and leverages the beehiiv Referral Program like pros…one of the many reasons they’re one of the largest (if not the largest) AI newsletter in the world. 

3. Ben’s Bites

The 11 AI Newsletters You Should be Reading

Description: Ben Tossell's "Ben's Bites" is a daily newsletter that keeps you up to date with the latest news and developments in the AI world. In just five minutes or less, you'll get a dose of humor and a comprehensive summary of what's happening in the industry. Over 50,000 people, including those from Google, a16z, Sequoia, Amazon, and Meta, rely on Ben's Bites for their daily AI fix.

Who’s behind it: Ben Tossell

Why we love it: Ben is constantly iterating and improving the newsletter. The aesthetic of the template is top notch, he routinely drops a huge list of AI tools and demos, includes learning resources, and even a healthy dosage of memes. 

Aside: A really brilliant move was to create a database tracking all of the projects and resources he’s ever mentioned in the newsletter…and leverage the beehiiv Referral Program to incentivize readers to share to gain access. Ben also leverages the beehiiv Polls feature daily to collect feedback, which I’m assuming has led to a lot of the aforementioned iterations and improvements to the newsletter. 

4. Superhuman

The 11 AI Newsletters You Should be Reading

Description: If you're looking to boost your productivity and accelerate your career with the help of AI, the Superhuman newsletter is the perfect place to start. Join over 45,000 readers who work at companies like Apple, Amazon, Google, Meta, Microsoft, and more and learn how to leverage AI for maximum impact.

Who’s behind it: Zain Kahn

Why we love it: I love newsletters that deliver content in a very formulated and value-driven manner. Zain breaks down his newsletter into three primary sections:

⚡ AI tools to supercharge your productivity

💪 AI tutorials to level up your skills

🤖 Must-know things that happened in AI 

Not to mention, the whole premise of the newsletter is to deliver value to you (the reader) by teaching you how to be more productive by leveraging AI.

5. The Neuron

The 11 AI Newsletters You Should be Reading

Description: Stay ahead of the game with the latest insights and trends in AI. The Neuron Daily delivers a daily dose of AI news, innovation, and tips to help you succeed in your career. Join 28,000+ professionals and get ahead of the AI revolution.

Who’s behind it: Pete Huang 

Why we love it: It covers a broad range of topics in surprisingly very few words. The stories are very concise and aided by images, memes, and gifs to deliver you what you need to know without needing to spend a ton of time. Also the Leo the cat, the colors, and aesthetic of the newsletter is just *chefs kiss*. 

Aside: In addition to leveraging beehiiv Polls to collect feedback on the newsletter, they routinely leverage it to collect other insights and fun prompts from their readers.

The 11 AI Newsletters You Should be Reading
The 11 AI Newsletters You Should be Reading

6. Not A Bot

The 11 AI Newsletters You Should be Reading

Description: Not a Bot is a free, human-curated newsletter that delivers the most relevant AI news to your inbox every day. Join a community of over 50,000 subscribers, including Mark Cuban, Fortune 50 CEOs, and other industry leaders.

Who’s behind it: Haroon Choudery

Why we love it: Not a Bot features a sleek design and well-rounded updates, making it easy to stay informed about the AI world in byte-sized chunks. What sets it apart is the expert Q&A series, where Haroon interviews notable figures like Mark Cuban and May Habib, offering readers unique insights and perspectives.

Aside: Not a Bot fosters a strong sense of community among its subscribers, who are encouraged to engage with the content, share their opinions, and contribute to the ongoing AI conversation.

7. AI Valley

The 11 AI Newsletters You Should be Reading

Description: Looking for a comprehensive source of daily AI updates and resources? Join over 30,000 professionals in the industry who trust Barsee's AI newsletter. From DJI to Google, Ubisoft to Apple, this newsletter is read by professionals across the tech spectrum.

Who’s behind it: Barsee

Why we love it: Barsee covers a lot of ground in each issue—typically a few top stories, a list of trending tools, a list of resources, and a “mishmash” of everything else…with memes littered throughout. And while I do love the predictability of a “you know what you’re going to get” type of newsletter, I appreciate his willingness to just let it rip and deliver whatever he thinks is the most relevant. Plus the dog mascot is a great touch. 

8. The Rundown

The 11 AI Newsletters You Should be Reading

Description: Stay ahead of the game and get the latest developments in AI with The Rundown. Be one of the 50,000+ readers daily from Microsoft, Tesla, Nasa, Meta, and more to receive valuable insights before anyone else.

Who’s behind it: Rowan Cheung

Why we love it: As far as format goes, it’s pretty similar to what we did at Morning Brew (which ended up working out pretty well). Three to four short stories, occasional link outs to a longer version, a Trending section that rounds up the other good stuff happening in AI, and some fun at the bottom like Rowan’s Tweet of the Day. The format is super clean and he even leverages beehiiv’s new comment feature.

9. Prompts Daily

The 11 AI Newsletters You Should be Reading

Description: Sharing how to leverage AI prompts and tools to become a marketing and productivity machine at work. With Neat Prompts, you'll learn how to supercharge your creativity, automate mundane tasks, and discover new ways to apply AI in your daily life.

Who’s behind it: Aadit Sheth

Why we love it: The CTA to signup is literally “Make me superhuman” and that’s the whole purpose of the newsletter. Each issue is dedicated to specific prompts that can help you enhance your life or work by utilizing C

hat-GPT better. Ranging from AI generated interview prompts to generating YouTube scripts, Aadit covers a ton of ground in showcasing how AI can benefit your life with just a few simple prompts. 

10. WhatAi

The 11 AI Newsletters You Should be Reading

Description: Are you ready to level up your AI knowledge in just 5 minutes a week? Then WhatAi is the newsletter for you! With over 1,000 readers from Google, a16z, Microsoft, and more, you'll be in good company.

Who’s behind it: Hajo Smith

Why we love it: Whereas some of the aforementioned newsletters predominantly focus on just a few topic areas related to AI (some combination of news stories, useful ChatGPT prompts, new tools, etc.)... WhatAi attempts to touch ‘em all. Delivered weekly the newsletter is all-encompassing and covers…

  • What’s the News: The top stories in AI

  • What’s Interesting: Other interesting tidbits

  • What Tools: New AI tools

  • What to Learn: Get Smarter on AI

  • What Prompts: ChatGPT prompts with an attitude

  • What’s Up: A Meme a day, keeps the doctor away

11. Futurepedia

The 11 AI Newsletters You Should be Reading

Description: Join 180,000 proactive professionals in discovering and adopting the best AI tools.

Who’s behind it: Kevin Hutson

Why we love it: Futurepedia is all about preparing you for the future of work, helping you upskill or reskill with the latest AI tools Each edition has segments on the latest weekly news, hot tools, and recaps, along with community polls that take their engagement game to another level.

Futurepedia also has a curated library of AI tools you can leverage; check out here.

My biggest takeaways: 

  1. AI is becoming increasingly integrated into our daily lives, and staying informed about the latest trends and developments in AI is crucial for individuals and businesses alike.

  2. These eight top AI newsletters provide a wealth of valuable insights and information, delivered in a concise and accessible format.

  3. The newsletters are easily accessible and free to subscribe to, and cover a broad range of AI-related topics, from daily news roundups to curated insights and productivity tips.

  4. The newsletters are run by experts and professionals in the industry, with a readership that includes people from Google, Meta, Tesla, Apple, Microsoft, a16z, and more.

  5. beehiiv is becoming the HQ of the top AI newsletters in the world, and it provides a powerful platform for writers, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts to launch and scale their own AI media powerhouses.

And if you're interested in starting your own AI newsletter, you can get started for free on beehiiv. Our platform makes it easy and cost-effective to launch and scale your own newsletter, with powerful features like referral programs, polls, comments, and more. 

ps. What’s your favorite AI newsletter and who did I forget? Leave a comment below 👇

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