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Launch Your Newsletter with beehiiv’s Creator Accelerator

Unlock Your Newsletter's Potential with beehiiv’s Support

Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Josh Richards.

Robin Arzón.

Apart from being huge impact makers, what do they have in common? 

They all have their newsletters on beehiiv. 

And we could add your name to the list too!

We’re thrilled to announce the all-new beehiiv Creator Accelerator. 

This is an exclusive program reserved for 5 creators where we’ll help you launch a successful newsletter from scratch.

We receive endless inbound from creators and celebrities every day who want to launch a newsletter with us. 

The demand is high. 

This innovative program aims to pinpoint and launch the most promising upcoming newsletter on beehiiv.

This is an opportunity to build a direct relationship with your audience, start controlling your distribution, and monetize consistently with the beehiiv team.

In this blog, we explain exactly what the Creator Accelerator is, who it is for, and how you can apply.

Creator Accelerator Details 

The beehiiv Creator Accelerator is a tailored program to support top creators in launching and growing successful newsletters. 

Here’s what you can expect from this exclusive opportunity:

  • Who it’s for: This program is designed for top-tier creators who are serious about launching and growing a successful newsletter.

  • What the partnership includes:

    • A world-class newsletter design and template 

    • Editorial and writing support

    • 1:1 Consulting services for content, promotion, and more

    • Growth and recommendation pods with other talent

    • Marketing commitment and support

    • Technical support

  • Deadline to apply: June 14th, 2024

  • How to know if you win: You will be notified via email on June 17, 2024. All other applicants will be offered onboarding assistance

Why Trust Me: I've been busy growing blogs and social media accounts for the last 10 years. I've grown a network of accounts from 0 to over 20M followers. Now I use everything I've learned to help creators build world-class newsletters, using the most powerful newsletter platform ever, beehiiv.

Why beehiiv Creator Accelerator 

Building an audience takes years of work. 

For creators, establishing a direct line of communication with their followers is crucial, and newsletters are an ideal way to achieve this.

Why a newsletter on beehiiv?
There are numerous reasons, not to mention the unmatched support and tons of monetization features:

  1. Social media platforms are getting less reliable and more difficult to navigate every day. 

    TikTok was banned in India overnight in 2020, and Instagram made another change last week in how the platform works for creators.

  1. More and more creators want control of their reach and to own their audience instead of renting on social platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

    Relying solely on one platform or method to build a community as a creator isn't the most effective strategy for fostering growth.

  1. Creators have large distributions that they’re not taking advantage of but should be.

    There are many strategic ways you can grow your audience and monetize it while owning it.

  1. beehiiv has seen a ton of success with content creators.

    We have worked with icons  like Arnold, Robin, Colin & Samir, and want to make newsletters even more accessible to creators with our full support.

Here’s what Colin & Samir had to say about their beehiiv newsletter

How beehiiv is Empowering Creators

You might question if the beehiiv Creator Accelerator program is perfect for you.

Take a look at how one of our creators went from 0 to 73k subscribers with an open rate of 70.5% in a span of 2 months:

These are just some of the awesome creators we've worked with in the past:

Josh Richards’ Tea Talk

Josh Richards, known for his dynamic presence on social media, revitalized his connection with fans through "Tea Talk" on beehiiv. Josh is also doing a giveaway for his new subscribers:

Robin Arzón's The Pivot

Robin’s newsletter, The Pivot, was launched on beehiiv in October 2023, and in 2 months, it grew to over 40k subscribers 📈

Corporate Natalie's Working Girl Guide

Natalie, the CEO of WFH Jokes, writes a weekly guide to hacking the corporate world & and sounding smarter than you are

get tips to be smarter, find office outfit inspo, and learn lazy girl life hacks

Kat Norton's Miss Excel

Miss Excel kickstarted her newsletter on beehiiv, and in a year, reached over 330k subscribers!

Unlike the fleeting nature of social media, newsletters offer a space for genuine engagement and sustained growth.

These are just a few examples of how creators, no matter what niche, have built a direct line of communication with their audience which is far more engaged than social media.

Apply Now!

Social media platforms’ algorithms change daily, and seizing control of your audience is the key to growth. 

With beehiiv's Creator Accelerator, you're not just launching a newsletter; you're building an owned audience and a path to consistent monetization. 

Join the ranks of creators like Arnold, Robin, and Kat, who have leveraged the power of newsletters to build thriving communities and lucrative brands. 

The deadline to apply is fast approaching—June 14, 2024. 

Apply now and be a part of the hiiv!

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