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10 SendFox Alternatives for Growing Businesses

Start your creator journey with a platform that grows as you do

For many people starting their journey as content creators or email marketers, money is tight, making  affordability a high priority when choosing an email provider. Because of this factor, it’s not uncommon for new creators to go with low-cost or free alternatives like SendFox. 

The reality is that you tend to get what you pay for. These low-cost platforms like SendFox may be kind to your wallet, but they lack important features that can be essential for your growth.

Many creators, upon establishing a strong following, often discover that they’ve outgrown platforms like SendFox and are ready for features like advanced audience segmentation and plug-and-play monetization. 

However, their options are limited with the provider they started with, so they end up having to dig up roots and migrate their list to a new platform. 

If you’re thinking of starting a newsletter in 2024, it’s better to begin with a grow-with-you provider that offers advanced features down the road than it is to start with a provider that you could quickly outgrow. 

Trust us: you may be overwhelmed by the idea of audience segmentation and targeting now, but you’ll wish you had it when you’re trying to sift through a large audience down the road. 

Since we at beehiiv are awesome people who care about your growth, we’ve written a guide to the best SendFox alternatives that will give you a clear roadmap to creating an engaged online community! 

Why listen to me?

I’ve ghost-written newsletters for SaaS and renewable energy CEOs for the last five years, all while growing my own newsletter, The Modern Mythmaker, which has amassed over 2000 subscribers, 49% open rates, and 4% CTRs. You can connect with me on LinkedIn here. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Your perfect alternative to SendFox is the one with the features YOU need

  • If you’re a Solopreneur, you don’t want to choose something built for enterprise teams

  • Look for something that’s going to grow with you

  • Just because you don’t want a feature now (like automation, for example) doesn’t mean you won’t want it in the future) 

  • Every sender worth its salt offers automation tools; look for the one most intuitive and user-friendly for you. 

  • beehiiv offers the best suite of features for newsletter creators and solo operators 

What Features Should I Look For in SendFox Alternatives?

10 SendFox Alternatives for Growing Businesses

It depends on your needs! 

If you’re a startup or content creator looking for a way to grow your newsletter fast and acquire as many emails as possible, look for a platform with a great referral program. There’s no better way to find loyal subscribers than to have your biggest fans recommend their friends.

If you’re just starting out, but you know you’re in it for the long haul, look for features like audience segmentation and automation. You may not know what they mean now, but trust me, once you start getting thousands of subs, you’ll be glad you have them. 

Also, read reviews of your provider’s customer support. Do they seem to care about their creators? Or are you just a number to them?

Overall, you want a platform that’s going to grow with you. Make sure there’s no ceiling to hit where you’re going to be annoyed at the lack of a certain feature once you hit a larger number of subscribers! 

Table of Contents

beehiiv: Complete and for the growth-minded

10 SendFox Alternatives for Growing Businesses

We designed beehiiv to make growing a newsletter easy in the age of hard-to-grab attention. Our platform drives newsletter growth around the clock with a host of tailored features for all types of users, from large businesses to solopreneur content creators. 

We've included powerful editing, publishing, and monetization tools so that you can create, scale, and cashflow your community without coding. Basically, we put everything we couldn't find anywhere else into one platform. 

beehiiv is dedicated to helping you grow, with courses, tutorials, and a dedicated support center all available to you. We offer any creator a robust set of features to make newsletter creation and distribution easy, like: 

  • A best-in-class referral program

  • Customizable templates 

  • Advanced segmentation options 

  • Analytics tools to track engagement and growth beyond open rates, reply rates, and CTRs

  • Various ways to monetize, including:

a. paid subscriptions

b. easy advertising integrations 

c. a plug-and-play affiliate program 


Referral Program

10 SendFox Alternatives for Growing Businesses

We designed Beehiiv's referral program to help users grow their subscriber base by rewarding both the referrer and the referred. Set it and forget it—you choose the incentives you want to give and milestones you want to hit. Drop the referral block wherever you want in any post, and we'll automate the rest!

Custom Newsletters

Users can create custom newsletters on beehiiv using various flexible and easy-to-personalize templates. You can design any newsletter to best fit your brand; no coding required. Simply enter the beehiiv Design Lab in your best mad scientist outfit and start creating in the way that best suits you.

Custom Domain

All beehiiv accounts come with a custom beehiiv subdomain where searchers can easily find your newsletter online. But when you're ready to enhance your credibility and take things one step further, we've laid out all the steps to guide you through setting up a custom domain so that your emails come from a trusted source.


beehiiv includes extensive customization options. Users can design bespoke:

  • Newsletter templates

  • Publication bylines

  • Custom homepages

  • Custom pages

  • Landing pages

  • Posts

If you can imagine it, you can build it on beehiiv. If you find a hole in that statement, contact us, and we'll do everything we can to build you what you need on the back end.

Premium Subscriptions

As we mentioned above, beehiiv enables users to create premium subscription models, so you can lock some of your content behind a subscriber-only paywall if you choose to. We take $0 of your subscriber revenue. Coming up with a unique offering and selling your audience on it is hard enough without your hosting partner taking a cut of your hard-earned revenue every month.


Great SEO is vital when growing a newsletter, and unfortunately falls by the wayside in most newsletter subdomain sites. beehiiv allows creators to customize post URLs, meta tags, and description attributes for OpenGraph (Facebook) and Twitter (meaning you can change the appearance of social posts). 

Your beehiiv site has lightning-fast page speed and a best-in-class sitemap, so search engines can easily crawl and index your site.

Audience Polls

10 SendFox Alternatives for Growing Businesses

Polls are easy to integrate into any beehiiv post to help you engage subscribers and collect valuable feedback. Asking people for their opinion makes them feel like they're part of a community and will help you build a loyal, ever-growing audience. 

We've built this feature to make sure that you collect the best data possible on your subscriber base, so you can make informed decisions about your content.

Custom HTML

If the design lab doesn't have everything you want, don't worry! You can drop custom HTML blocks into your post if you're code-savvy. We take some safety measures with your HTML blocks: 

  • Most basic HTML elements are supported, but style and script elements will not be saved.

  • Any invalid HTML elements will not be saved.

  • beehiiv will attempt to autocomplete incomplete HTML elements for you.

Email Automation and Segmentation

We've added advanced email segmentation to beehiiv's suite of features, enabling users to send targeted emails based on different subscriber behaviors and demographics. 

beehiiv allows: 

  • Dynamic Segments: Dynamic segments automatically update based on subscriber behaviors, ensuring you're not constantly re-targeting emails to the most relevant audience.

  • Custom Conditions: Users can set custom conditions for segmentation based on a wide range of criteria, such as subscriber actions, demographic data, and engagement levels.

  • Manual and Static Segmentation: In addition to dynamic segments, users can upload specific lists and static segments that don’t change unless manually updated, allowing for precise targeting based on particular campaigns or tests.

  • Easy Segmentation Interface: We've built a straightforward interface where users can easily create and manage segments, allowing marketers and content creators to quickly implement targeted campaigns without extensive technical knowledge.

  • Integration with Analytics: Each segment can be directly linked with its own analytics to measure the effectiveness of different segmentation experiments and strategies.

Optimized Deliverability

You work hard on your content, and we work hard to ensure that the people who signed up to receive it actually see it. To optimize deliverability, beehiiv uses: 

  • A top-tier support team dedicated only to deliverability

  • Custom IP infrastructure for premier IP reputation

  • Built-in alerts for Gmail clipping

  • Custom sending domains to enhance your domain reputation

  • Use of integrated third-party email validation for maintaining a legitimate email roster

  • Rigorous onboarding processes to verify high-quality senders

  • Custom mechanisms to detect, prevent, and eliminate low-quality senders

  • Cross-referenced suppression lists to prevent suboptimal sending practices

Subscriber Attribution

If you're going to grow as a creator, you need to know how people find your content and why they're joining your newsletter. beehiiv provides best-in-class tools for subscriber attribution, allowing users to make data-driven decisions about promoting their newsletters.

3D Analytics

Forget basic metrics! Frustrated by email marketing platforms that only show open and click-through rates? beehiiv offers that and much more, with detailed 3D analytics that provide insights into subscriber engagement, growth trends, and revenue generation. You have a limited budget, and we're here to ensure you get the best ROI! 

beehiiv offers: 

  • Strategic insights from years of experience in the newsletter world

  • Simplified processes (your grandma could use it)

  • Visual dashboards

  • Performance tracking

  • Detailed reports

API Access

beehiiv provides API access to allow developers to integrate the platform with other services and customize their workflows as they see fit. You can utilize this feature to: 

  • Update Reader Status: Change any reader's subscription status.

  • Extract Campaign Metrics: Pull data and metrics from any of your posts.

  • Showcase Posts Anywhere: Display your posts in your preferred locations.

  • Add Subscribers: Include new subscribers with custom fields.

  • Display Referral Data: Retrieve and show referral program data.

  • Retrieve Segment Data: Access data on audience segments or emails.


We've made it easy for beehiiv users to create custom forms and embed them in their newsletters or websites. Whatever data you need from your subscriber base, we'll help you get it.


beehiiv's software supports a variety of integrations with popular tools and platforms, including: 

  • WordPress

  • Webflow

  • Shopify

  • Squarespace

  • Wix

  • Zapier

  • Privy


There are as many ways to creatively monetize a newsletter as there are writers of great newsletters! You can sell consulting services, ask for donations to keep your content free, or even sell merch! Here are the five main ways that people generally monetize on beehiiv: 

  • Subscription Models: Charge readers for premium content.

  • Sponsored Content: Partner with brands to feature their products or services.

  • Affiliate Marketing: Earn commissions by promoting other companies' products.

  • Product Sales: Sell your products or services directly through the newsletter.

  • Boosts: Recommend other creators' newsletters in exchange for a commission every time someone signs up.

Newsletter Recommendations (Boosts)

Creators on beehiiv can actively recommend each other's newsletters and even get paid when someone signs up for a newsletter that you recommended!


10 SendFox Alternatives for Growing Businesses

beehiiv offers three pricing tiers: 


$0/until you hit 2500 subscribers


$49 /mo


$99 /mo

How to get started with beehiiv

10 SendFox Alternatives for Growing Businesses
  • That’ll kick you into our registration flow. Fill out the form to start your sign-up.

10 SendFox Alternatives for Growing Businesses
  • After registering, you’ll slide into our onboarding flow.

10 SendFox Alternatives for Growing Businesses
  • And finally, you'll be dropped into your brand-new newsletter dashboard (more on navigating your dashboard later).

That’s it! You’re now on your way to creating your own award-winning, world-changing newsletter… 

10 SendFox Alternatives for Growing Businesses

Moosend is a decently robust email marketing platform designed for businesses of all sizes. Its features include:

  • Advanced email automation

  • An easy-to-use newsletter editor 

  • Dynamic segmentation

Moosend allows users to create highly personalized and effective email campaigns. The platform also offers detailed analytics and custom reports to give insights into campaign performance and subscriber behavior. Moosend supports a variety of integrations, making it easy to connect with other tools and automate marketing workflows.

They offer a suite of features, including customizable email automation, detailed reporting, A/B testing, landing page creation, website tracking, and integration capabilities. Its newsletter editor allows for the easy creation and design of engaging emails.



Moosend automates certain marketing tasks by sending emails at optimal times using triggers you set to fire when users do certain things. You can set triggers for:

  • Email engagement

  • List engagement

  • Profile management

  • Scheduling

  • Website engagement 

  • Lead engagement

Custom Reports

Users can generate custom reports to analyze how effectively their campaigns are performing. Reports can be made to look pretty with Moosend's customizable widgets; you can incorporate your brand's preferred palette into every presentation. 

A/B Testing

Moosend supports A/B testing to help marketers optimize email campaigns. Users can test different versions of their emails to determine which one performs better in terms of open rates, replies, CTRs, and conversions. 

Landing Pages

Moosend includes a landing page builder that allows users to create aesthetically pleasing, high-converting landing pages. 

Website Tracking

Moosend uses cookie-based tracking to monitor visitor behavior, offering insights on: 

  • Page visits

  • Product views

  • User cart

  • Purchase information


Moosend integrates with a wide range of platforms, helping the average user create flows and automations that make the user journey easier to navigate. 


Moosend's segmentation tools help marketers divide their audience into distinct groups based on demographics, behavior, and other criteria. This data can be leveraged to create more targeted and effective email campaigns.


10 SendFox Alternatives for Growing Businesses

Free Trial

30 days


All features for one low price

Starting with 0 – 500 Subscribers 


10 SendFox Alternatives for Growing Businesses

MailerLite is geared more toward businesses than solopreneurs, but it's still usable if you're a lone operator! The platform offers email automation, customization, and analysis for businesses looking to grow their audience and enhance engagement. They offer a user-friendly drag-and-drop email editor, advanced automation capabilities, and detailed analytics to monitor campaign performance. 

With unlimited emails (on their $18/month 'advanced' plan), 24/7 support, and a flexible pricing structure, MailerLite was designed to support growing businesses and established enterprises. It's another "grow with you" service! MailerLite supports promotional pop-ups, Facebook audience insights, and custom HTML integrations to help users reach their audience without restrictions. 

They provide 24/7 live chat and email support, so assistance is always available.


Unlimited Monthly Emails

Again, if you're a solopreneur who sends out a daily newsletter, this probably won't matter to you. But if you're a growing company that does a lot of email lead generation and is worried about CAN-SPAM compliance, someone like MailerLite who knows the territory might be worth considering! 

Unlimited Users

MailerLite permits unlimited users to manage and send from the account on their $18/month advanced plan, so it's useful for teams. 

24/7 Live Chat & Email Support

Around-the-clock support ensures users can get help whenever they need. According to reviews on their site, their customer support is responsive and meets customer needs quickly. 

Enhanced Automations

Mailerlite makes it relatively easy to create automations with their drag-and-drop automation builder. 

Custom HTML Newsletter Editor

The custom HTML newsletter editor allows users to design unique emails that stand out in subscribers' inboxes by integrating custom code into any email. 

Promotional Pop-Ups

Users can integrate promotional pop-ups into campaigns to effectively increase conversions and subscriber engagement. 

Some ways to use promotional pop-ups:

  • Product Promotion: Use pop-ups to promote discounts on best-selling products

  • Social Engagement: Encourage visitors to engage with your brand on social media 

  • Urgency Creation: Set countdowns for promo codes with expiration dates and visual reminders

  • Feedback Collection: Deploy survey pop-ups post-purchase or during blog interactions 

  • App Promotion: Increase downloads of mobile apps with specialized pop-ups

Pop-ups can be custom-designed with a drag-and-drop builder and slide boxes and bars. Users can track conversions, run A/B tests, and analyze pop-up effectiveness with a comprehensive dashboard, where they can change pop-up timing, frequency, and visibility with detailed behavior settings.

Facebook Audiences Integration

MailerLite integrates directly with Facebook Audiences, allowing users to: 

  • Target Potential Customers: Create Lookalike Audiences to run targeted campaigns for potential customers who resemble your existing subscriber base.

  • Focus Advertising: Display ads specifically to selected segments, such as new leads or subscribers who have completed an automation sequence.

  • Refine Targeting: Omit certain subscribers from campaign targeting to enhance the efficiency and relevance of your advertising efforts.


10 SendFox Alternatives for Growing Businesses

12,000 emails, 1 user 

$9 /mo
Unlimited emails, 3 users


Unlimited emails, unlimited users

10 SendFox Alternatives for Growing Businesses

ActiveCampaign is a leading choice for businesses looking for comprehensive marketing automation. They market their $29/mo 'lite' plan with the slogan "for solopreneurs who need their marketing to run effortlessly."

Their platform integrates with more than 870 various systems and offers tools like advanced lead scoring, detailed site tracking, and multi-channel communication to suit diverse business needs. 


Marketing Automation

ActiveCampaign allows users to automate their marketing processes, making it easy to engage customers at the right time in the buying cycle. Their automation tools allow users to build complex workflows that trigger actions based on customer behaviors and data insights.

Site Tracking

Their platform provides site tracking to monitor visitor behavior on your website, enabling more targeted and effective marketing strategies based on user interactions.

Conditional Content

ActiveCampaign supports creating and sending hyper-personalized emails. Conditional content features enable you to customize messages based on specific subscriber data at scale, meaning your subscribers receive highly personalized and relevant email content.

Lead Scoring

Their lead scoring system helps prioritize leads based on their engagement and likelihood of conversion, allowing you to invest your limited time and energy in the leads most likely to pay out.

Communication Channels

The platform supports various channels, including email, SMS, and social media, allowing you to contact customers across several different mediums. 

Contact Migration

ActiveCampaign makes it easy to migrate your content from other platforms from other platforms, giving you peace of mind that making the switch won't destroy the data you've worked so hard for.


10 SendFox Alternatives for Growing Businesses

Starts at $29/mo

Starts at $49/mo

Starts at $149/mo

10 SendFox Alternatives for Growing Businesses

Brevo is another tool that probably has WAY too many features for individual newsletter writers and content creators. Still, if you're running dynamic marketing campaigns targeted at certain user groups, Brevo is a great choice! 

Their platform is designed to engage customers across multiple channels, including: 

  • Email

  • SMS

  • WhatsApp

  • Integrated live chat 

Brevo is set up to connect with customers across multiple channels in real-time. In one dashboard, you can track the success of all calls, emails, WhatsApp campaigns, and chats. They include lead scoring to help you engage the most likely to convert prospects.


Email Marketing 

Brevo helps users set up personalized email campaign automations with a drag-and-drop editor. They designed their Email Marketing Suite to make email campaigns easy to design and maximize deliverability with high-performance servers. 

Users can grow their email list using customized landing pages and signup forms without worrying about contact storage limits (their plans are based on email volume, not contact quantity). 

SMS Marketing

Users can send targeted SMS messages in addition to calls and emails, spreading contact across three channels to increase the chances of reaching prospects.

WhatsApp Campaigns

Brevo supports WhatsApp marketing campaigns, enabling businesses to communicate with customers on the world's most used messaging platform. This could be crucial if you're running campaigns across international borders! Their site claims that people using this feature average a 98% open rate, which makes sense, since everyone opens their WhatsApp messages! 

Live Chat

They offer a live chatbot that integrates directly into your site, so you can engage users as soon as they land and direct them to the desired destination in your funnel. Brevo includes chatbot technology to automate customer interactions and improve response times.


Brevo's cloud-based phone services enable seamless call management within their CRM. 

Upon signup, users receive a free phone number and access to a dashboard for easy management of contacts, call history, and recordings. The platform supports making and receiving calls globally via a web interface or mobile app. Businesses can create or port business numbers and easily expand their reach from local to global.


10 SendFox Alternatives for Growing Businesses

$0/month: 300 emails/day to unlimited contacts

$25/month: 20k emails/month (666.6/day) to unlimited contacts

$65/month: 20k emails/month+marketing automation

10 SendFox Alternatives for Growing Businesses

A new kid on the block—Smoove offers a comprehensive marketing platform that combines email marketing, automation, lead generation, and SMS campaigns to engage customers. 

They build:

  • Personalized email templates

  • Intelligent landing pages

  • Targeted text message campaigns

Smoove helps businesses connect with leads more effectively and tracks data to help owners optimize conversion rates. Their platform is designed to manage all marketing activities in one place. 

It's not as robust as many of the other solutions on this list, but if you're starting out, it might be a user-friendly place to base your marketing funnel if you don't want to be overwhelmed with features. 


Email Marketing

Smoove allows users to build strong customer relationships by developing and sending personalized email templates with custom fields.

Marketing Automation

The platform uses customer data and behavior to trigger personalized engagements that users facilitate in an easy drag-and-drop interface.

Landing Page Builder

Smoove helps businesses grow by creating landing pages and personalized forms to attract customers and collect essential data.

Text Messages

Smoove enables sending targeted and personalized text messages to engage customers and supports subscriptions via SMS through intelligent mobile campaigns.


10 SendFox Alternatives for Growing Businesses

Up to 100 contacts and 1000 emails/month.

Starting $13 /mo and grows as your contacts/sending needs grow.

10 SendFox Alternatives for Growing Businesses

For years, ConvertKit has marketed itself as the platform for solopreneurs and individual creators. 

ConvertKit is a great marketing platform for creators seeking to grow their audience and monetize their content. They offer user-friendly, intuitive tools that enable you to create high-converting landing pages, engage your audience through targeted email campaigns, and set up automated workflows. 

The platform allows creators to sell digital products and manage subscriptions directly. It's an excellent solution for creators looking to turn their passion into a profitable business!


Free Migration

ConvertKit will migrate all of your data and automations over to their platform for free if you're on a Creator or Creator Pro plan. 

Landing Pages

ConvertKit designed their landing page builder with customizable designs that easily match any brand's aesthetics. They've made it easy to embed forms and use these pages to promote products, services, or content.


ConvertKit easily integrates with third-party applications, including eCommerce platforms, membership sites, and web services. Their integrations page has 78 articles on the topic, each a step-by-step guide to integrating a different platform. 

Visual Automations

ConvertKit's automation builder simplifies creating complex subscriber workflows by offering a drag-and-drop builder that clearly lays out any automation you built on an easy-to-understand blank canvas. 


ConvertKit allows you to segment subscribers based on their behavior, preferences, or demographics. You can then target subscribers with forms that will sort them into your pre-defined categories. 

ConvertKit Forms

Anyone can easily customize ConvertKit forms to fit the design of their website. 

Email Builder

The ConvertKit email builder features a user-friendly interface that helps anyone create professional-looking emails. It offers a range of customization options, from a drag-and-drop layout builder to color schemes and basic graphic design.


ConvertKit's customizable forms allow you to adjust fields, colors, and layouts to match your branding. They're designed to fit seamlessly into your website's design. 


10 SendFox Alternatives for Growing Businesses

ConvertKit’s monthly fees increase based on the number of subscribers you have. The slider on their pricing page will tell you more about how much you can expect to pay, but here’s the base-level pricing:  



Creator Pro

10 SendFox Alternatives for Growing Businesses

The granddaddy of em' all, Mailchimp, is 23 years old. Due to their longevity, they hold one of the largest market shares on this list! 

They offer advanced email marketing capabilities focusing on automation and personalization. Their packages also include SMS marketing to broaden reach. Mailchimp also provides AI marketing tools and detailed analytics to track and enhance performance. Its approachable tools are suitable for all types of businesses.

Mailchimp offers a wide range of marketing tools, including email automation, targeting and segmentation tools, and options to create ads and landing pages directly from the platform.


A/B Testing

Mailchimp supports easy A/B testing, allowing users to test different variations of their marketing materials to see which performs best. After the test is complete, the software will automatically send the best-performing email to the rest of your list.  

Campaign Manager

The Mailchimp Campaign Manager provides a centralized platform for content creation, scheduling, and performance tracking. In one campaign, you can connect hundreds of touchpoints end-to-end

Customer Journey Builder

Mailchimp's Customer Journey Builder offers an easily visualized way to create and automate targeted customer journeys based on specific actions and behaviors. 

Email Builder

Mailchimp’s Email Builder features an intuitive drag-and-drop interface for easy email design. It also includes a variety of templates and customization options.

Email Marketing

Mailchimp’s email marketing tools are robust, offering advanced features like segmentation, personalization, and automation to help users send the right message to the right people at the right time.

Landing Pages

Mailchimp provides the tools to create attractive landing pages that can help capture leads and drive sales. 


Mailchimp also offers an intuitive website builder that lets users without coding experience create and publish websites. This feature includes customizable templates and integration with Mailchimp’s marketing tools. If you're not the most tech-savvy and don't want to deal with a million integrations, this could be clutch! 


10 SendFox Alternatives for Growing Businesses

$0 /mo

Starts at $13 /mo

Starts at $20 /mo

Starts at $350 /mo

10 SendFox Alternatives for Growing Businesses

Ahhhh Hubspot. If you're any kind of marketer, you've likely spent a few bleary-eyed nights reading their blog as you try to flash-learn something you've never done before. 

Hubspot offers one of the most robust CRMs on the planet, and oh, do you pay for the privilege. If you're a solopreneur who knows that one day you'll be running an enterprise company, this may be your ideal CRM. 

HubSpot CRM is an all-in-one platform designed to connect everything. It allows you to communicate across departments, linking marketing, sales, and customer service. Its gigantic list of features includes:

  • Contact management

  • Email tracking

  • Deal and pipeline management

  • Automated data capture

  • Lead scoring 

  • Marketing automation

  • Reporting dashboards

  • A unified communications inbox 


Marketing Analytics & Dashboard Software

HubSpot's Marketing Analytics & Dashboard Software provides comprehensive analytics tools to help you track and analyze your marketing performance. It offers customizable dashboards to view key metrics across all campaigns and generate detailed reports so that your team knows what's working. 

Free Online Form Builder

HubSpot’s Free Online Form Builder allows you to create custom forms and integrate them into your landing pages and websites to collect essential data to help you generate and manage more leads.

Free Landing Page Builder

HubSpot offers a free landing page builder as a top-of-funnel to create optimized landing pages that convert visitors into leads, even if you don't use their platform. 

Free Email Marketing Tools

HubSpot's plans include free email hosting, giving you a reliable platform for managing your business communications that major email providers trust. 

They include various free email marketing tools like segmentation, personalization, and best-in-class analytics. 

Drag and Drop Email and Newsletter Builder

HubSpot's drag-and-drop Email Builder makes creating beautiful, professional-looking emails easy. Their Newsletter Builder simplifies the creation of engaging newsletters by offering endless customization options and a well-designed text editor. 


Hubspot is not the budget option. They have two pricing tiers, one for organizations: 

10 SendFox Alternatives for Growing Businesses

Starts at $800/mo

Starts at $3,600/mo

And one for small teams and solopreneurs:

10 SendFox Alternatives for Growing Businesses

Free Tools 


Marketing Hub Starter


10 SendFox Alternatives for Growing Businesses

Zoho CRM is renowned for its user-friendly interface, which allows even those new to CRM systems to navigate and utilize it. With features like advanced customer segmentation, integration with Google Ads, comprehensive event management, and customizable components across templates, Zoho CRM is a great choice for streamlining your sales, marketing, and customer support processes. 

Zoho CRM is an excellent choice if you're interested in creating long-term relationships with clients. 


Customer Segmentation 

Zoho CRM allows you to categorize customers based on specific criteria such as demographics, purchase history, and interaction with your business.​ 

Lead Nurturing

The platform helps you capture leads from multiple channels, nurture them with personalized interactions, and efficiently convert them into opportunities. Zoho's integration with Google Ads helps capture leads directly from marketing campaigns​. 

Integration with Google Ads 

Zoho CRM integrates with Google Ads to capture leads directly and increase sales conversions. 

Event Management

Zoho CRM's event management capabilities help you plan, track, and analyze corporate events directly within the platform. 

Custom Components and Layouts

Using their custom components, you can tailor Zoho CRM to meet your specific business needs. 

Zoho CRM offers customizable layouts across emails, websites, landing pages, and in-house presentations. These features help organize and present customer data in a way that best suits your business processes. 


10 SendFox Alternatives for Growing Businesses





Final Thoughts

There’s something out there for every creator, at any level. If you’re starting a company and a newsletter is just a marketing strategy, Hubspot or Moosend might be for you. If you’re planning to do everything yourself, ConvertKit might be more your speed. 

The perfect platform for you is out there. You just have to do your homework. 

While exploring SendFox alternatives, we recommend giving beehiiv a try. Its comprehensive features, affordable pricing, and user-friendly interface make it a standout option for growing your audience in 2024. 

Happy creating!

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