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A deep review of 200+ beehiiv Video & Text Testimonials

Below is a deep analysis on over 200+ video/text testimonials customers have left for beehiiv over the past year.

You can find our wall of love page here:

My goal is to help analyze and breakdown patterns that can help you sell more as a beehiiv partner!

Let’s dive in! 👇️ 

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Summary of Findings

The testimonials consistently highlight beehiiv's ease of use, impactful features (notably analytics and editor), community support, and its effectiveness in enhancing newsletter engagement (increased open rates, click rates, and audience engagement).

Users appreciate the platform for its intuitive design, cost-effectiveness, and the rapid development of new features.

beehiiv has significantly outperformed competitors, with users frequently mentioning improvements in their newsletter's performance shortly after transitioning to beehiiv. 💪 

Top 20 "Hot Keywords"

These were the most commonly used keywords mentioned by customers within their testimonials.

  1. Easy/Ease of Use

  2. Newsletter

  3. Community

  4. Support

  5. Features

  6. Engagement

  7. Analytics

  8. Design

  9. Monetization

  10. Growth

  11. Platform

  12. Editor

  13. Content

  14. Open Rate

  15. Click Rate

  16. Customization

  17. User-Friendly

  18. Integration

  19. Referral

  20. Templates

Top 20 Pain Points beehiiv Solves

According to customers here are the top pain points beehiiv solves for.

  1. Complexity in newsletter management

  2. Lack of intuitive design tools

  3. Poor customer support from other platforms

  4. Difficulty in engaging and growing audience

  5. Inadequate analytics and insights

  6. High costs of competing services

  7. Limited monetization options

  8. Difficulty in creating visually appealing newsletters

  9. Lack of community support and networking

  10. Overwhelming platform interfaces

  11. Inefficient content management

  12. Poor email deliverability

  13. Lack of integration options

  14. Slow feature development in other services

  15. Difficulty in managing subscriber lists

  16. Limited referral program options

  17. Inadequate template customization

  18. Lack of detailed performance tracking

  19. Complicated setup processes

  20. Restrictive content formatting options

Top Emotional Keywords

Our goal here was to narrow down and look at the most commonly used “emotional” words.

  1. Grateful

  2. Excited

  3. Impressed

  4. Happy

  5. Satisfied

  6. Easy

  7. Simple

  8. Love

  9. Helpful

Customer Favorites

  1. Ease of Use & Intuitive Design: Users love the platform's simplicity and user-friendly interface, which allows them to focus on content creation rather than technical hurdles.

  2. Comprehensive Analytics & Growth Tools: The detailed analytics and robust growth tools provided by beehiiv help users to understand their audience better and grow their subscribers effectively.

  3. Supportive Community & Responsive Support: The strong sense of community and exceptional customer support are highly valued, making users feel supported throughout their journey.

Top Competitors Mentioned

These mentions represent the platforms customers switched from previously.

  1. Substack (40%)

  2. Mailchimp (26.7%)

  3. Campaign Monitor (10%)

  4. Revue (16.7%)

  5. ActiveCampaign (6.7%)

5 Headlines for Marketing Material

  1. "Transform Your Newsletter Experience: Engage More, Work Less"

  2. "Empower Your Content with beehiiv: Where Ease Meets Impact"

  3. "Join a Thriving Community of Creators Elevating Newsletters Together"

  4. "Analytics That Unveil Insights, Tools That Fuel Growth"

  5. "Beyond Newsletters: Build, Grow, and Monetize with Confidence"

Top 3 Pain Point Resolution Statements

  1. "Say Goodbye to Complicated Newsletter Management: beehiiv Makes It Simple."

  2. "From Audience Insights to Growth Strategies: Everything You Need in One Platform."

  3. "Affordable, Effective, and User-Friendly: Elevate Your Newsletter Without the Hassle."

10 Content/Article Ideas

As a partner creating SEO driven articles and content is a great way to drive awareness and link to beehiiv. These are just a few ideas you can run with:

  1. "Maximizing Your Newsletter's Open Rates: Tips from Top beehiiv Users"

  2. "Building Your Community: How beehiiv’s Features Make It Easier"

  3. "The Ultimate Guide to Monetizing Your Newsletter with beehiiv"

  4. "From Idea to Inbox: Crafting Newsletters That Engage and Convert"

  5. "Analytics Unveiled: Understanding Your Audience with beehiiv"

  6. "Elevate Your Newsletter Design with beehiiv’s Intuitive Tools"

  7. "The Power of Referrals: Growing Your Subscriber List with beehiiv"

  8. "Why Creators Are Switching to beehiiv: A Comparative Analysis"

  9. "Integrating Your Newsletter with Your Overall Content Strategy"

  10. "Success Stories: How beehiiv Helped Creators Achieve Their Goals"

Top 10 Questions Answered

  1. How can I increase my newsletter's engagement rates?

  2. What makes beehiiv different from other newsletter platforms?

  3. Can I monetize my newsletter on beehiiv?

  4. How easy is it to switch to beehiiv?

  5. What growth tools does beehiiv offer?

  6. How does beehiiv support content creators?

  7. Can I customize my newsletters without technical skills?

  8. What analytics does beehiiv provide?

  9. How does beehiiv's community benefit creators?

  10. What are the costs associated with using beehiiv?

Conclusion for beehiiv Partners + 10 Actionable Ideas

Here are 10 strategic ideas on how you can leverage the insights from the our testimonials to create content, engage audiences, and enhance your marketing efforts:

1. Create Detailed Comparison Guides

Develop comprehensive comparison content or videos that pit beehiiv against its top competitors, focusing on ease of use, feature set, community support, and user testimonials to demonstrate beehiiv's superiority.

2. Host Webinars or Live Q&A Sessions with your audience

Organize webinars or live sessions featuring successful newsletter growth hacks, and insert customer stories.

3. Write Success Story Blog Posts

Craft SEO driven blog posts centered around success stories from the testimonials, pain points, detailing how users achieved significant milestones like increased open rates, subscriber growth, and monetization with beehiiv.

4. Produce Tutorial Content

Create tutorial content or guides showing how to utilize beehiiv's top features, such as the analytics dashboard, editor, and referral program, highlighting the ease of use and benefits mentioned in the testimonials. The key here is to bring your unique angle, perspective, and feedback to the content.

Remember: Escape competition via authenticity.

5. Leverage Social Media Snippets

Share short, impactful video snippets from the testimonials on social media, focusing on emotional keywords and favorite features. Use hashtags like #beehiivsuccess to increase visibility.

6. Email Marketing Campaigns

Develop email marketing campaigns for your subscribers, highlighting key insights from the testimonials, including pain points beehiiv solves and emotional keywords that resonate with potential users. Try and tie this back so the content is congruent with what you do.

7. Engage in Community Discussions

Participate in relevant online communities and forums, sharing how beehiiv addresses common newsletter publishing challenges, using testimonials as evidence to back up claims.

8. Create Comparison Infographics

Design infographics comparing beehiiv with other newsletter platforms, focusing on unique selling points, user satisfaction, and key statistics from the testimonials to visually showcase beehiiv's advantages.

We already have some comparison charts created here you can leverage.

9. Offer Exclusive Deals or Promotions

Work with beehiiv to offer exclusive deals or promotions to your audience, emphasizing the benefits and features that users love, as highlighted in the testimonials.

You can do what we call “offer stacking” to sweeten the deal your audience gets. Think about what you can offer as added bonuses to anyone that uses your link?

Matt McGarry our Q2 2023 Beach Club winner did exactly this which worked really well. Stacking discounts to his course and even offering a complementary consulting call when you used his link!

10. Publish Content on Emerging Trends

Write articles or create videos on emerging trends in the newsletter space, positioning beehiiv as the go-to solution for staying ahead of the curve, supported by user testimonials on feature development and community support.

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