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How Nicholas Agardy Won a Trip to Cabo as a beehiiv Partner

3 Strategies Nicholas Used to Win beehiiv’s Paid-In-Full Trip to Cabo

Need a vacation?

How about passive income?

Or, better yet… Why not both?

For Nicholas Agardy, he’s cashing in on recurring revenue and a trip to Cabo this year.


Because he joined beehiiv’s Partner Program — one of the most lucrative affiliate programs in the world.

beehiiv Partners earn 50% commission for 12 months on all referred revenue.

That means you can earn $20,000 per year automatically by just referring five people per month to beehiiv.

At the end of 2023 (Q4), Nicholas Agardy competed in the beehiiv Beach Club and claimed the top spot.

The Beach Club is our quarterly giveaway – taking our top partner on a trip around the world (with a friend of their choice) for an entire week.

In this beehiiv case study, we interviewed Nicholas, head of marketing at Influence Vision and founder of Influencer Marketing School to break down how he was able to secure the number one spot on the partner leaderboard.

Keep reading to learn the exact methods he used to refer his audience of influencers to beehiiv so you can earn recurring commissions as a beehiiv partner (and maybe even win the next Beach Club’s Q2 prize and that is a trip to the Bahamas)!

beehiiv’s Partner Program Overview

How Nicholas Agardy Won a Trip to Cabo as a beehiiv Partner

Before we dive into Nichola’s partner strategies, let’s quickly go over the basics of the beehiiv partner program.

beehiiv has one of the most lucrative partner programs on the internet:

  • High Commissions: Earn a 50% commission for the first year.

  • Uncapped Earnings: There's no cap on the commissions you can earn.

  • High Growth Potential: beehiiv is one of the fastest-growing platforms online.

  • Recurring Income: Leverage our powerful platform to create an automated income stream.

How Nicholas Agardy Won a Trip to Cabo as a beehiiv Partner

With beehiiv’s Partner Program, Nicholas Agardy has been able to generate thousands in passive income per month.

The Partner Program is an incredible opportunity for creators, newsletter operators, and brands to tap into new income streams by recommending the tool they already use and love.

2023 Q4 Beach Club Giveaway Winner: Nicholas Agardy

How Nicholas Agardy Won a Trip to Cabo as a beehiiv Partner

Our first-ever Beach Club winner is Matt McGarry who went to the Bahamas.

Our second winner was Waleed N who went to Aruba.

Now, Nicholas Agardy is heading to Cabo.

So, what did he do to secure the top spot?

We asked Nicholas about his business to investigate.

How Nicholas Agardy Won a Trip to Cabo as a beehiiv Partner

Before we dive into the exact strategies and tactics he used to grab hold of the top spot in the Beach Club Giveaway, let’s back up a bit. 

Here’s a bit of Nicholas’ backstory that helped lead him to win the Cabo trip.

Nicholas recalled, “I'm a marketer. I didn't really go to college. I started working for tech companies from a very early age and got to know a few newsletter tools throughout my career. I'm an avid Morning Brew reader. I love the newsletter. I almost read it every day. I basically stumbled upon beehiiv through Morning Brew.”

While Nicholas did an amazing job as a beehiiv partner, it’s not the first platform he’s ever used.

He shared, “[I’ve tried] so many of them; MailChimp is a classic; ActiveCampaign; and all these other tools. I started working at startups and then, I heard about the creator economy. I followed Logan Paul on YouTube and I was like, ‘Oh, what is this thing — the creator economy?’”

How Nicholas Agardy Won a Trip to Cabo as a beehiiv Partner

Then, Nicholas entered the creator economy himself after seeing his friends get started.

He explained, “Two friends of mine started their creator marketplace called Influence Vision. And that's basically when I came in touch with the whole industry and I was like, ‘Wow, this has so much potential. It's so cool. There are so many cool people who are trying to do awesome stuff.’”

So, Nicholas hopped on board since started his own companies as well.

He shared, “So it stuck with me. And. since then, I've been working with two of my friends on their startup and also on a couple of my projects at the same time.”

Core Strategy for Partner Success: Influencer Database

Part of Nicholas’ strategy is to create content via blogs and newsletters and send it out to his influencer database. Since Nicholas works closely with creators and influencers, there's a relevant crossover to promote beehiiv as a partner.

He shared, “I just happened to promote beehiiv through that network of influencers and creators. Influence Vision is a marketplace and also a network.”

How Nicholas Agardy Won a Trip to Cabo as a beehiiv Partner

Nicholas explained, “And also I have my own blog and a creator school called the influencermarketingschool.com. I teach creators and brands how to get started, how to work with brands, and how to earn money online through creator marketing and content marketing.”

He smiled, “So, that's where I'm at right now. I'm having tons of fun and I'm loving the game.”

How Nicholas Agardy Won a Trip to Cabo as a beehiiv Partner

While Nicholas first heard about beehiiv by reading the Morning Brew newsletter, he got connected to it firsthand when his friends began raving about it.

He recalled, “Two of my influencer friends have already been using beehiiv and they were like, ‘Wow, what a great tool. beehiiv is such a cool platform.’“One of them is actively promoting their business on LinkedIn, and they've had some success with beehiiv. I love the approach of ‘Let's push this some more through my network and my channels.’”

So, Nicholas decided he’d start promoting beehiiv within his businesses to see how it would do.

He shared, “That's when it came on my radar. Then, I started integrating beehiiv partner links into different platforms, newsletters, and blog posts.”

Success Tactic #1: Blog Posts

Nicholas shared his main secret to his success as a beehiiv partner is organic promotion.

He explained, “I have a few blog posts up and I've been pushing it as well. For example, I’m driving traffic to blog posts and acquiring new influencers for the network. And it's how it all happened — just multiple channels and accounts.”

How Nicholas Agardy Won a Trip to Cabo as a beehiiv Partner

Success Tactic #2: Newsletters

The second way Nicholas promotes beehiiv is through Influence Vision newsletters.

He showed us a screenshot (below) of a newsletter they sent out to the influencers in his network to recommend beehiiv.

He explained, “This is one newsletter we sent out through Influence Vision. We recommended beehiiv as a tool. In that network, there are like 50,000 content creators.”

How Nicholas Agardy Won a Trip to Cabo as a beehiiv Partner

In terms of partner commissions, this newsletter helped keep the ball rolling.

Nicholas explained, “I’m sure that helped a lot. This is the German site, but you get the idea. It’s the Influencer Marketing School. So you can also sign up for our newsletter.”

How Nicholas Agardy Won a Trip to Cabo as a beehiiv Partner

Enjoying this case study? Learn how Matt McGarry of Newsletter Operator won the first-ever beehiiv Beach Club and landed a trip to the Bahamas beehiiv. Read the full case study here.

The third tactic Nicholas uses is to simply share recommended tools in different areas within his businesses as a list of resources. He does this in his newsletter and blogs, but also in Notion docs.

He explained, “We also recommend all kinds of tools. We basically teach creators about influencer marketing and what tools to use. And we send out lists through Notion — we have a huge tool list. And then we placed beehiiv in one of them. We have, for example, comparisons like beehiiv versus ConvertKit.”

How Nicholas Agardy Won a Trip to Cabo as a beehiiv Partner

Success Tactic #4: Paid Traffic Via Google Ads

Nicholas and the team also began running paid ads to the blog posts to get initial traction and paid traffic on the content that featured beehiiv’s affiliate link.

He shared, “We pushed these blog posts through Google Ads to get initial traffic on the blog post. And then people can also sign up and hear about it again”.

Why beehiiv’s Partner Program?

Nicholas has had his fair share of experience with other affiliate programs. But to him, beehiiv’s is one of the best online.

He shared, “I think [beehiiv’s partner program] is a lot of fun. I like your incentives. I think that's a very new approach. I haven't seen anything like that before. With Kajabi, they're more like, ‘Hey, we'll give you a down payment or a monthly payment for a Tesla, for example. I think that's their approach.”

How Nicholas Agardy Won a Trip to Cabo as a beehiiv Partner

He recalled, “But, I'm a huge traveler. Last year I traveled to 12 different countries. I'm European, so I love traveling and I'm always looking into cheap flights and destinations where I can go. When I saw that you guys have the Beach Club, I was like, ‘Wow, this is for me. I gotta participate in that.’”

He explained how other programs don’t really offer much, so beehiiv stood out.

“The [vacation] incentive is so unique and amazing compared to all the other affiliate networks. With most affiliate networks in the creator space, you don't get anything.”

He shared, “I tried promoting another newsletter platform. And I saw some traction with them, but they never responded to me and they never even accepted the commissions or anything. I was like, ‘Okay, there's no response. There's nobody — no partnership manager behind this and nothing and no real community. And I was like, ‘Okay, maybe they're not really keen on this.’”

Nicholas added, “I appreciate this about you guys that you're so spot-on. You’re helpful and you provide resources, and it's not just integrated with an affiliate network. It's really authentic. I like that, a lot.”

Recommendation Rotation

beehiiv partners typically take one of two approaches: evergreen affiliate promotions (continuously promoting beehiiv) or they rotate promotions throughout the year.

Nicholas takes the rotation approach, switching up offers from season to season for his audience.

He shared, “I like to cycle through different [product recommendations] because my audience likes new stuff and new tools on the market. So right now, the focus is on Skool.com, for example. So, it's also a big platform for creators. It's on the horizon. And because we want to recommend fresh tools and new approaches to creators. So we switch from one to another.”

How Nicholas Agardy Won a Trip to Cabo as a beehiiv Partner

Closing Remarks

Nicholas ended the call by shouting out to beehiiv for standing out with its partner program.

He shared, “Huge shout out to the whole beehiiv team. It must be so hard to build out a platform like this in an already crowded space. And I love your angle. I love that you tap into the creator market and I am super stoked to follow you guys along and help you guys out.”

To follow along Nicholas’ journey, you can find him at Influence Vision or Influence Marketing School!

Earn Passively With beehiiv’s Partner Program

How Nicholas Agardy Won a Trip to Cabo as a beehiiv Partner

beehiiv’s Partner Program is a powerful way you can earn recurring income by simply sharing the newsletter platform you already love.

How Nicholas Agardy Won a Trip to Cabo as a beehiiv Partner

At beehiiv, we made it our mission to make this the best (and most lucrative) affiliate program available, giving you 50% of all revenue from referrals for 12 months straight.

This means if 10 people sign up for our Scale plan through your partner link, you’ll earn $500 per month for a year!

How Nicholas Agardy Won a Trip to Cabo as a beehiiv Partner

Plus, what’s even better…

We don’t cap you on commissions like the other guys.

Whether you refer 10 users or hundreds, you’ll still receive a 50% commission.

The income potential is limitless.

How Nicholas Agardy Won a Trip to Cabo as a beehiiv Partner

The average beehiiv customer pays $87 per month. This means if you get 25 people to sign up, you’ll earn $13,050 in a year!

You can join the beehiiv Partner Program in minutes. Just click the button below and in a few minutes, you’ll be fully set up in no time.

The Next Beach Club Giveaway: Bahamas Q2 2024

Are you a recent beehiiv partner? Or, do you want to get started?

Don’t worry, Cabo may be gone, but your next trip could be right around the corner for 2024 Q2 for the Bahamas. 

The contest ends on June 31, so join now for a shot at the getaway to the Bahamas.

We’ll catch ya on the beach! 🤙

*Full terms and conditions of the Beach Club Giveaway promotion can be found here.

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