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NewsletterXP: The World’s Top Newsletter Course

The most comprehensive course on how to build, scale, and monetize your newsletter.

I joined Morning Brew back in 2017 as the second employee in a dynamic role that spanned engineering, product, and growth. Fast forward three years and Insider Inc. acquires Morning Brew, a newsletter-first media business with nearly 4 million subscribers, for a reported $75 million.

During those three years I was as deep in the weeds of email newsletters as one could possibly get, leading a broad range of initiatives big and small:

  • Configuring DNS records and DMARC compliance

  • Building an incredibly powerful referral engine

  • Developing advanced models based on ad spend and subscriber value

  • Building an email-centric CMS and ad platform from scratch

  • Running multivariate tests on every single webpage to collect emails

  • Optimizing hundreds of acquisition channels down to the penny

Since my time at Morning Brew, I have spent countless hours helping others strategize and scale their newsletters to become more successful. Most recently, I spent a ton of time helping the founders of Milk Road, who launched on beehiiv and got acquired just 10 months later.

So in an attempt to help as many people succeed as possible, I decided to build and host the most value-packed newsletter course ever created. Specifically designed for anyone who wants to answer any of the following questions:

  • What are the most effective newsletter business models?

  • How do I improve my email deliverability and open rates?

  • How do I monetize my newsletter?

  • What are the most efficient ways to grow faster?

  • How do I set up tracking pixels to monitor conversion?

  • What data should I be looking at to optimize growth?

  • How do I get sponsors, and how much can I charge?

  • How can I convert free readers into paying subscribers?

  • WTF is CAC:LTV and how do I measure it for my newsletter?

The end result is NewsletterXP: The most comprehensive course on how to build, scale, and monetize your newsletter. Taught by the experts who have done it before.

And when I say experts, I mean some of the best and brightest in the world with respect to scaling and monetizing newsletters…

  • Alex Lieberman and Austin Rief are the two co-founders of Morning Brew.

  • Kendall Baker founded and wrote Sports Internet, which went on to be acquired by Axios.

  • Codie Sanchez has scaled her Contrarian Thinking newsletter into a massively profitable paid community.

  • Adam Ryan helped build The Hustle, which was acquired by Hubspot.

  • Jenny Rothenberg led growth at Morning Brew through the acquisition by Insider Inc. and now helps creators monetize and scale their operations at Smooth.

  • Dan Krenitsyn led newsletter growth at BuzzFeed, The Information, and The Telegraph.

  • Brian Hanly ran sales and monetization at VICE Media before launching Bullish to help fuel the monetization of hundreds of content creators.

  • Dan Oshinsky was the Director of Newsletters at BuzzFeed and The New Yorker prior to launching Inbox Collective.

  • Brian Morrissey was the Editor-in-Chief at Digiday for nearly a decade before launching his own newsletter, The Rebooting.

  • Yanna-Torry Aspraki is in the top 1% of email deliverability experts in the world and is the co-founder of EmailConsul.

  • Max Tcheyan is a co-founder of Puck and previously ran growth at The Athletic and Bleacher Report.

  • Neal Freyman was the first employee at Morning Brew and is currently the Managing Editor.

We ran the initial cohort live back in December with over 100+ invite only attendees…and the response was remarkable. So today we’re relaunching NewsletterXP as a 100% async course, loaded with additional resources, and bonus Q&A sessions, so you can take it at your own pace, when and where you want.

Every speaker dropped actionable nuggets of wisdom. I really enjoyed Dan Oshinky's hot take on the future of AI and ChatGPT and how newsletter creators can leverage it to grow.

It’s a $4,449 value that we’re offering at just $999 for lifetime access.

That means for just $999 you can learn everything you’d ever need to know about scaling and monetizing a successful newsletter, directly from some of the most respected experts in the industry, AND have lifetime access to the exclusive newsletter community where you can post questions and collaborate with others in the course.

The course is jam packed with actionable insights, strategies, and best practices to take your newsletter to the next level. In addition, we’ve added dozens of additional resources to allow you to dive deeper into specific topics, are continuously adding and updating content, and the course grants you access to an exclusive community featuring the best minds in the industry.

And if you don’t believe me, you can read some of the many reviews from our initial cohort…

You can be up and running in just a few minutes, so what are you waiting for?

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