🐝 beehiiv Resource Roundup

Newsletter Glossary • Double-Sided Partner Rewards • Monetization Guide • Growth Guides • Ad Tracking Tutorials

Our top priority at beehiiv is ensuring that you are best positioned for success.

Over the past few months, we have invested in several new initiatives to further equip you with best-in-class resources, strategies, and guides to optimize your growth and monetization.

To make it easy for you — here’s our first ever 🐝 beehiiv Resource Roundup to get you caught up.

Newsletter Glossary

Every single email newsletter term you’ll ever need to know — from DMARC to ISP to Magic Links.

Each term in the glossary comes equipped with a simple-to-understand definition, examples, and additional guides, tutorials, and resources to dive even deeper 💪🏽.

Now you can be the smartest (newsletter) person in any room.

Double-Sided Partner Rewards

Our partner program has helped us share revenue with thousands of our top users — as a partner you’ll earn 50% of all referred revenue for 12 months 🥳.

And just last week we launched double-sided rewards — meaning those who use your custom partner link to signup will get 20% off for 3 months (aka you win AND they win).

💰 Referring just 5 people per month can lead to over $25,000 in partner revenue per year.

Sounds too easy? It is…

  1. You can become a partner in just 30 seconds here.

  2. You’ll receive a personalized partner link you can share anyway (LinkedIn, Twitter, your newsletter)

  3. We provide dozens of resources, case studies, and best practices

  4. You can track your referrals in real-time

  5. You get paid monthly, in perpetuity

We also send the top partner each quarter on an all-expenses-paid beach vacation for two (Q1 is in Maui). First place right now only has $500 in sales… so Q1 is wiiide open.

20 Ways to Monetize Your Newsletter Guide

When it comes to earning a substantial income online from an owned audience, there’s no greater tool than newsletters.

So we broke down the 20 best strategies to monetize your newsletter in tremendous detail.

0 to 1,000 Subscriber Guides

“How can I grow my newsletter if I’m just getting started?”

To help — we created 6 powerful guides, loaded with strategies to help you scale your newsletter from 0 to 1,000 subscribers in just 90 days.

Pro Tip: You don’t need to just choose a single one, rather, you can leverage strategies across each platform to more quickly compound your growth.

If you’re running paid ads across social channels to acquire new subscribers, you’re not alone. It’s one of the most popular paid acquisition methods for newsletters.

So we created a few simple video tutorials to help ensure you’re tracking everything properly and efficiently 💪.

To stay up to date on other best practices and tutorials, you can visit the full YouTube channel below (updated weekly).

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