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A Better Referral Program: Migrating from SparkLoop to beehiiv

Why Pay More for Less?

Have you finished migrating from SparkLoop to beehiiv yet?

What are you waiting for — more information about how to make the switch and why you should?

Well, I guess that’s fair.

Our mission at beehiiv is to enable creator growth. We’d never ask you to tear down what you’ve already built.

But by shifting it over, you can save yourself wasted effort and money as you navigate between SparkLoop and your publication platform. beehiiv’s all-in-one solution offers you an intuitive interface, a conveniently centralized set of tools, and access to multiple potential revenue streams.

So let’s get moving.

Can You Transfer Contacts From Sparkloop to beehiiv?


You can transfer contacts from SparkLoop to beehiiv. (If you couldn’t, this would be a very different article.)

Which Is Cheaper – beehiiv or Sparkloop?

Short answer: beehiiv

 A Better Referral Program: Migrating from SparkLoop to beehiiv

Long answer:

Paid yearly, beehiiv’s premium plans start at $42/month, and SparkLoop’s at $75. beehiiv also offers free plans for newsletters with up to 2,500 subscribers. SparkLoop has recently added a Lite plan for publications under 5,000 subscribers at $199/year. (But it’s hard to find on the pricing page.)

 A Better Referral Program: Migrating from SparkLoop to beehiiv

The other difference lies in what’s included with your subscription. SparkLoop is a tool that allows you to add referral and reward programs to your newsletters, integrating them with your current email service providers. If you publish a paid newsletter, you likely will have to pay a flat fee or profit percentage to your platform of choice in addition to SparkLoop fees.

beehiiv is an all-in-one platform with a native referral program that users can access with the Scale plan ($84/month paid yearly).

It’s also worth noting that SparkLoop requires you to upgrade to the Media Brand plan if you have more than 100K subscribers or want to add additional members to your team.

beehiiv’s Scale plan allows you to do both. We want you to succeed wildly and will toast your success. (And if you pass the 100K mark and want to send us a bottle of bubbles in celebration, we won’t say no.)

Which Is Easier To Use Sparkloop or beehiiv?

While beehiiv is more than its amazing referral program, that’s where it competes with SparkLoop.

In beehiiv, you can create a referral program in minutes. Reward your audience for sharing your newsletter with friends without navigating between tools.

 A Better Referral Program: Migrating from SparkLoop to beehiiv

On the other hand, SparkLoop requires integration with other platforms like WordPress, Substack, or WooCommerce. Sounds like a lot more work to us - which is why we say beehiiv is easier to use.

How Do I Migrate From Sparkloop To beehiiv?

Ready to migrate your contacts? Let's do this!

Export Your List of Subscribers

Start by pulling up your SparkLoop dashboard. There, click on "Subscribers." When you choose "Export," you can have a CSV file containing all of their data emailed to you.

 A Better Referral Program: Migrating from SparkLoop to beehiiv

Clean Your CSV File

Before uploading your CSV file to beehiiv, import it into either Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel for a quick check-over. You may run into some column and field distortion, which you can easily fix in the program of your choice. This ensures that the transfer from one application to another is as effortless as possible.

Because SparkLoop is used to manage rewards programs, you'll want to preserve relevant subscriber information. beehiiv allows you to create custom fields of information to cover anything you might have stored about your contacts, which will make it easier to transfer your rewards program as well as your contacts.

Then export the document, turning it back into a CSV file.

Import Your Contacts

It's time to move that CSV with all your contacts to beehiiv. Navigate to "Audience" on the beehiiv dashboard and select "Subscribers." Then click "Import Subscribers."

 A Better Referral Program: Migrating from SparkLoop to beehiiv

Rather than manually enter your subscribers, you can now pick “Choose File” under “Upload Email List.” Then select the appropriate document.

 A Better Referral Program: Migrating from SparkLoop to beehiiv

Why Is beehiiv Better Than Sparkloop?

 A Better Referral Program: Migrating from SparkLoop to beehiiv

SparkLoop does a lot of things well. After all, it was the tool that The Morning Brew team used to drive exponential growth.

But it also helped lead the team to develop beehiiv in search of an affordable, all-in-one newsletter solution. beehiiv has all the necessary tools for growth built into the platform, saving you time and effort as well as money.

With beehiiv, you get:

  • Beautiful content creation tools

  • Newsletter subscription tools

  • A built-in referral program

  • Recommendation network

  • Distribution and segmentation features

  • Newsletter analytics

And…(drumroll, please)...beehiiv recently launched its internal ad network. Connect with premium brands and get paid for featuring their ads — without doing all the work of finding and soliciting your own sponsors.

SparkLoop helps you increase subscriber-related revenue. beehiiv does that, too, and also gives you access to sponsorship revenue. Plus, it gives you all the other tools you need to create and grow your newsletter.

Create More Buzz, Make More Honey

beehiiv was built from the ground up to be an all-in-one newsletter solution. We love everything about the medium and want to empower creators like you to earn the recognition and paychecks you deserve.

It’s easy to migrate from SparkLoop to beehiiv–and look at all you’ll gain in the process! You’ll get more first-class tools for less money. And now that you know how to do it, you’re out of excuses.

Join the hive. You won’t regret it.

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