Meet the all new beehiiv

Allow us to re-introduce ourselves...

Back in early 2021, when beehiiv was mostly just an idea and a few lines of code… we paid a freelancer to create a simple logo for us. My co-founder, Ben, threw a gradient over it and I thought it looked damn good.

Fast forward to November of that year and we launched what I thought at the time was a pretty gnarly landing page.

Landing page on launch day

It was cool enough to get started, and we had much more important things to focus on.

People say the things that matter the most in the beginning are…

  • brand

  • voice

  • design

  • values

Things that actually matter when you’re fighting for your life trying to earn yourself a seat at the table…

  • relentlessly solving user’s problems

  • building the best damn product possible

So that became our only focus.

And along the way, we as a company, developed a bit of a voice. The way we would communicate with our users, friends (and enemies) became more of a muscle.

To be honest, it’s just like life and growing up in general. You don’t necessarily know exactly who you are in the beginning, and you’re not supposed to.

But as you grow up and experience things along the way… you begin to learn who you are and what you stand for.

So here I am telling you, 22 months into this journey, that we know who we are (and who we aren’t).

Introducing the all new beehiiv

Curious how we got here?

We spent weeks internally doing brand exercises to really assess and align on what we stand for. We believe the new brand design reflects our mission, values, voice and ~vibe~.

Our mission is to pave the way for the next million creators, publishers, and companies to scale, monetize, and connect with their audiences.

beehiiv as a brand represents: empowerment, ambition, purpose, creativity, and authenticity.

We’re approachable, but unapologetic. Ego comes second, but winning comes first.

Speaking of winning — we have so many incredible new features and initiatives launching in the next few weeks that should help your newsletter dominate. Like the all new Ad Network.

And speaking of empowerment — one of our summer interns, Brenda, is actually the one who kicked off this brand refresh initiative. Regardless of your experience or role, amazing things can happen when you’re empowered to take action.

Let us know what you think...

Love it or hate it, because life's too short for the in-between.

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