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Is the beehiiv Enterprise Plan Right for You?

beehiiv offers several different plan types to fit every budget. Enterprise is beehiiv’s highest plan, and provides the widest feature set and service offerings. We’ve broken everything down to give you an inside look.

beehiiv’s Enterprise Plan has 4 core advantages over the Launch, Grow, and Scale plans.

Is the beehiiv Enterprise Plan Right for You?
  1. Scale for large senders

  2. Full feature suite

  3. Best-in-class deliverability

  4. Premier support

1. Scale

Is the beehiiv Enterprise Plan Right for You?

Our Enterprise Plan is for our larger senders with more than 100K subscribers. On this plan, you have access to unlimited email sends and unlimited publications.

Other competing newsletter tools have similar plans for large customers, but they limit the number of emails that can be sent. Once you cross that limit, you’re charged hefty overages.

beehiiv allows for unlimited email sending and an unlimited number of publications on the Enterprise Plan. You’ll always know your monthly cost upfront, with no overages or hidden fees. We know our large publishers want flexibility when sending. And we want to encourage our beehiiv senders to grow, so we don’t limit how often they can send or how many publications they can create.

2. Full Feature Suite

Is the beehiiv Enterprise Plan Right for You?

As our highest-tier plan, the Enterprise Plan provides access to all beehiiv features. This includes beehiiv-specific tools like our best-in-class referral program, unlimited audience polls to gather reader feedback, our recommendations engine, and one-click-signup magic links.

Our analytics suite also provides in-depth cohort analysis (think performance metrics broken out based on acquisition source, location, etc). These data points can provide invaluable insight into what tactics are working best, and where you should continue to allocate your time, money, effort, and other resources.

Here is a list of the full set of features available on our Enterprise Plan:

  • Referral program

  • Unlimited audience polls

  • Recommendations network

  • Magic links

  • A/B testing

  • Custom fields

  • SEO-optimized web pages

  • Advanced BI tools

  • Real-time email verification

  • API access

Is the beehiiv Enterprise Plan Right for You?

And best of all, beehiiv is continuously rolling out new features and functionality (our Q4 and Q1 roadmap includes items like automated emails / journeys, a new template editor, more robust API capabilities, custom pages). All of these new features will be automatically enabled for our Enterprise customers. We also provide Enterprise customers early beta access to many of our new features to allow them to use the tool as early as possible, and also to gather feedback before general release.

3. Best-in-Class Deliverability

Is the beehiiv Enterprise Plan Right for You?

Deliverability is critically important to your sends and your success, and it is our number one priority, too. We monitor all beehiiv sends in real-time and are alerted to any sends that see a spike in spam complaints or bounces. We’ll work with our team of deliverability consultants and specialists to remedy any issues, and we’ll notify you, too.

Strong deliverability is even more crucial for our Enterprise customers. Because of this, we offer all Enterprise customers the option of using a dedicated IP. Most of our Enterprise customers send enough email volume that having their own IP, and being able to fully control their sending reputation, is critical.

We also routinely do deep dives into the deliverability for all our Enterprise customers to ensure everything is running smoothly behind the scenes. If we notice anything amiss -- declining open rates, higher than normal spam complaints or bounces, or any sort of blocking / throttling of emails –we immediately alert the customer and our deliverability consultants to dig into the issue further. We’ll all work together until we’re able to resolve the issue and bring deliverability metrics back to where they should be.

4. Customer Success and Support

We are committed to seeing our customers succeed and accomplish their email goals while using beehiiv. We want our customers to think of beehiiv as their newsletter partner; not just a vendor.

We also know our larger, Enterprise customers have sophisticated workflows, complex data needs, integrations, and critical email performance and revenue goals. beehiiv’s enterprise level of support is specifically designed to help our customers with all of these.

When it comes to submitting support tickets, Enterprise customers have access to our highest priority Support. Their tickets are prioritized in a separate queue, to ensure they are answered in a timely manner.

Beyond that, we also provide proactive guidance to help customers meet their newsletter targets, ensure they’re leveraging all the beehiiv functionality, and have a streamlined workflow that they can depend upon.

One of the biggest value-adds of our Enterprise Plan are our Quarterly Business Reviews. These strategic touchpoints help customers unlock the most value out of beehiiv and achieve their newsletter goals. During these strategic meetings, we’ll cover:

  • Goals & Initiatives (subscriber growth, boosting open rates, earning more revenue, improving workflow, unlocking more audience data, etc.)

  • Product Utilization (digging into beehiiv features, providing any necessary training, and helping you add them into your workflow).

  • Email Performance Metrics (understanding how metrics are trending over time, which acquisition sources are performing well, how monetization efforts are going, etc.)

  • Curated Recommendations (based on the performance metrics, we’ll put together a set of specific recommendations geared towards improving your newsletter performance and helping you hit your goals).

Is the beehiiv Enterprise Plan Right for You?

Ready? Chat with the beehiiv Team About Our Enterprise Options

Our Enterprise Plan provides both the tools and the customer support to allow our larger, more sophisticated publishers to build a successful newsletter on beehiiv. Our full suite of tools empower our customers to grow and monetize their newsletters, and our best-in-class service provides strategic guidance to ensure our customers are getting the most from beehiiv. If you think the Enterprise plan is right for you, or if you have any questions about the features or support, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the beehiiv team here!

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