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How To Set up a High-converting Newsletter Sign-up Page

Craft an Engaging Sign-up Page and Gain More Newsletter Subscribers

Enhancing your newsletter's content is just one way to expand its reach - there are plenty of other strategies for growing your subscriber list.

Sometimes it's just a matter of making it easy for your target subscribers to find you.

Most of the time, it's about making it very easy for them to subscribe once they do.

With that in mind, I have created this guide to help you design an irresistible sign-up page for your newsletter so that it becomes a no-brainer for people in your niche to join it.

Let's dive in!

How Do I Get People to Sign Up for My Newsletter?

First, let me start by saying that creating a great-looking landing page won't work unless you understand the principles behind highly converting sign-up pages.

After analyzing many successful newsletters with enormous lists and killer metrics, I can say that all of them implement the following on their sign-up pages:

Focus on the value

How To Set up a High-converting Newsletter Sign-up Page

What is the main thing your potential reader can get by subscribing?

Put it in one line and set it up as your sign-up page's header.

I love how Zero To Marketing and World Builders do this.

How To Set up a High-converting Newsletter Sign-up Page

They keep it simple, but you can’t open those sign-up pages without knowing in a few seconds what value you would be receiving if you joined them.

Ask for less info

An email address is all you need.

If you ask for more than that, you are probably capping your growth.

Put yourself in the shoes of your potential reader - would you subscribe if you had to put in your name, last name, and phone number?

The Hustle’s sign-up page focuses on the value and keeps the process as simple as possible by just requesting an email address. Good job!

How To Set up a High-converting Newsletter Sign-up Page

Remove distractions

If your sign-up page behaves like a website, don’t expect it to have great results.

People rarely sign up if you have a header menu and links to your bio, social media, side projects, and previous newsletter issues on your sign-up page–there’s just too much potential for distraction.

The Steal Club does this very well. Their sign-up page is a landing page optimized for capturing emails.

How To Set up a High-converting Newsletter Sign-up Page

You don’t have any distractions or options; just the basics about the publication and a place to sign up.

Avoiding such clutter, pop-ups, and other attention-killers is essential to every fast-growing newsletter.

How Do I Create a Newsletter Sign-up Page?

As you can tell from my previous section, the key to creating a winning newsletter landing page is to design with simplicity.

What's a better way to keep it simple than a landing page with only a sign-up form?

Overly simple?

You may be thinking, “This is too basic to work.” Let's look at a real-life example so that you can believe me.

Milk Road is a top crypto newsletter built on beehiiv that grew from zero to over 250,000 subscribers in less than a year.

It was later acquired in a multi-millionaire deal. Sounds impressive, huh?

How To Set up a High-converting Newsletter Sign-up Page

If you sign up for beehiiv, you can create a similar sign-up page–without coding–in a couple of minutes.

We'll provide you with an SEO-optimized website loaded with all the bells and whistles, such as user authentication, reCAPTCHA, collecting attribution data, and more.

How Do I Create a Newsletter Sign-up Form?

Even if you prefer a different website builder, you can create a sign-up form for your newsletter in minutes using beehiiv.

To set up your beehiiv form, you are going first to navigate to Dashboard > Audience > Subscribe Forms.

Once you arrive on this screen, click “Create a new form.”

How To Set up a High-converting Newsletter Sign-up Page

Once you've styled your new form to your liking, click save, and you'll be ready to embed.

You will have several customization and embedding options. The attribution tracking feature is also available.

How Do I Create an Email Sign-up Sheet?

The truth is that you don’t need an email sign-up sheet anymore. Every newsletter platform will store all the information your subscribers give you with top priority.

Focus on the subscribe page and form, and the readers will follow.

beehiiv focuses on analyzing the data you collect to understand your readers: where they came from, what interests them, how they engage with your content, and more.

You can use beehiiv to leverage data analysis through features like advanced segmentation, native one-click polls, subscriber attribution, and more.

How Do I Create a Newsletter for Email Marketing?

Launching a newsletter? beehiiv makes starting easy!

Our simple sign-up form creator takes just two minutes to set up.

How To Set up a High-converting Newsletter Sign-up Page

You'll get a newsletter landing page with your latest issues and a second call to action for more subscribers.

Creating an irresistible email sign-up page can make a significant difference in growing your newsletter subscriber list. By focusing on value, asking for less information, and removing distractions, you can design a winning landing page that people in your niche cannot ignore.

With beehiiv, you can create a landing page and sign-up form in just a few minutes without any coding.

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