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10 Exceptional Drag-and-Drop Email Builder Options (Plus Our Top Pick)

Make Your Life Easier (And Your Subscribers Happier) With Better Emails

I don’t know if you believe in love at first sight, but your email subscribers do.

They want to enjoy a smooth and pleasant reading experience, which requires creating beautiful email templates tailored to the theme of your newsletter.

Forget about plain emails and go pro with your email designs using one of these ten drag-and-drop email builders.

The best part? You don’t need coding skills or a graphic design background to use these builders at their best.

Drag & Drop Email Builder (Top Pick)

1. beehiiv 

10 Exceptional Drag-and-Drop Email Builder Options (Plus Our Top Pick)

beehiiv is the newsletter platform built for growth.

It allows creators to stop paying for a dozen different pieces of software by providing them with features like the best, most flexible editor in email (why look like every other newsletter?), first-party audience data, advanced segmentation, monetization aids, and more.

Let’s discuss what makes beehiiv’s email builder our top pick.


10 Exceptional Drag-and-Drop Email Builder Options (Plus Our Top Pick)

The team at beehiiv believes that your newsletter deserves a glow-up.

beehiiv’s new editor - the best text editor in email - was built for ease and optimized for beautiful custom newsletters.

It provides creators with the following:

  • A sleek minimalist editor with maximum features

  • Flexibility and customization (it even includes a Gmail clipping warning)

  • An SEO-optimized website loaded with all the bells and whistles from user authentication, reCAPTCHA, collecting attribution data, and more

  • Streamlined campaign analytics to understand performance

  • Ways to create content exclusively for different subscriber tiers and segments

  • beehiiv handles user authentication, paywalls, subscription management, billing, and more

You can get the full details about beehiiv’s email editor here.


beehiiv has three plans, ranging from free to $84 per month if you pay yearly. The email builder experience is available in all three plans.

Drag and Drop Email Template Builder (Best Options)

2. SendPulse 

10 Exceptional Drag-and-Drop Email Builder Options (Plus Our Top Pick)

SendPulse is a comprehensive automation toolkit for email, SMS, and chatbot marketing. It provides users with all the necessary components to create landing pages, build online courses, and manage their contacts in a free CRM.


SendPulse’s drag-and-drop email builder allows users to create adaptive and beautiful email templates.

  • No coding skills required

  • Add images, text, or video to your email and modify their size, color, and style

  • Allows customization so that your email truly matches your brand

  • YouTube embedding is available

  • Add your social media links


SendPulse is free if you have 500 subscribers or less. You need to start paying $9.85 per month after you pass that threshold, and up to $814 per month for 500,000 subscribers. Pay-as-you-go email packages are also available.

3. Sender 

10 Exceptional Drag-and-Drop Email Builder Options (Plus Our Top Pick)

Sender is an effective marketing automation solution with a reliable email template builder. It provides multiple helpful tools and functions to improve the performance of your email campaigns, such as a drag-and-drop editor.


  • Attractive design blocks

  • Create and manage email and SMS campaigns in the same dashboard

  • Automated sequences and workflows

  • Intuitive signup forms and popups to capture leads

  • Personalization and effective customer segmentation

  • Metrics

  • Integrations


Free users can send emails to up to 2500 subscribers without feature limitations. The basic paid package is $8 per month. The pricing increases with the number of email subscribers.

4. Mailersend 

10 Exceptional Drag-and-Drop Email Builder Options (Plus Our Top Pick)

Mailersend is an efficient transaction email and SMS service for everyday business activities. Use it to rapidly send invoices, delivery info, and forgotten password reminders without any hassle.


Mailersend’s drag-drop email and template builder allows users to:

  • Start quickly with pre-built templates

  • Ready-to-use content blocks for every need

  • Dynamic content blocks (image carousels, countdown timers, custom code, dynamic tables, etc.)

  • Responsive design


Get 12,000 emails per month for free and $1 per 1000 emails after that. Use Mailersend Premium for more features at $25 per month, or contact their sales team for Enterprise solutions.

5. BEE 

10 Exceptional Drag-and-Drop Email Builder Options (Plus Our Top Pick)

BEE is an excellent email editor, having been developed as an extension of MailUp. Its intuitive drag-and-drop interface makes creating emails a breeze. Click and change the text according to your preferences. All features are readily available for you to access.


  • Free to use

  • Edit your emails in mobile view

  • Upgrades available (BEE Pro & BEE Plugin)

  • Multi-user features

  • Easily plug your design editor into your existing email service


There’s a handy free plan and a Team plan priced at $30 per month. Enterprise solutions for larger teams are also available.

6. Stripo 

10 Exceptional Drag-and-Drop Email Builder Options (Plus Our Top Pick)

Stripo allows for quick and straightforward email design. It comes with an email testing tool, so you can be sure any emails created are of the highest quality. Editing is incredibly intuitive, as you can simply drag content modules into your email and make changes using drag-and-drop.


Among other features, Stripo provides its users with the following:

  • Over 700 templates

  • Dynamic emails

  • A custom blocks library

  • Preview and test emails

  • Integrations


Stripo’s free plan provides four exports and five test emails daily. Upgrade to the premium plan for only $15 per month to gain access to up to 50 exports, the ability to share previews, and all premium features.

7. Chamaileon 

10 Exceptional Drag-and-Drop Email Builder Options (Plus Our Top Pick)

Chamaileon is designed for larger teams and agencies, promising 10x faster production. Its visual email editor makes it incredibly fast and efficient, so this tool would be good to consider if you're searching for a template builder for your team.


  • Mobile & desktop previews

  • Save your content blocks

  • 600+ templates and blocks to help your creativity

  • Real-time collaboration


Chamaileon doesn’t have a free plan, but you can use its free trial. Get the paid plan and enjoy five users, five integrations, and real-time analytics for just $125 monthly.

8. Sendgrid 

10 Exceptional Drag-and-Drop Email Builder Options (Plus Our Top Pick)

Sendgrid is an email service provider and a template builder in one. It is mainly used by developers with their email-sending API, allowing hassle-free integrations with almost anything your team might use. This makes it an attractive option to integrate transactional emails or trigger them directly from the backend.


  • Email marketing features

  • Code editor available

  • API solutions

  • Sign-up forms

  • Optimized delivery


Sendgrid's drag-and-drop email editor is free to use; however, if you're looking to automate emails with the service, you'll need a paid plan that starts at $14.95/month - and will increase depending on the number of emails sent.

9. Postcards 

10 Exceptional Drag-and-Drop Email Builder Options (Plus Our Top Pick)

Postcards is an online editor for crafting HTML emails, brought to you by Designmodo. Get your email templates started by jumping straight in and creating them with their drag-and-drop tools – which come ready with blocks for header, content, CTA's, and more.


  • Export your templates in one-click

  • Version history feature (for collaboration)

  • Cloud image hosting and retina-ready support (HQ images)

  • Perfect integration with Designmodo


Postcards has a free plan, a premium plan at $17 per month, and an agency plan at $29 per month for five users.

10. Unlayer 

10 Exceptional Drag-and-Drop Email Builder Options (Plus Our Top Pick)

Unlayer is a relatively new email drag-and-drop builder created by the MailMunch team. It's designed to be user and developer-friendly, with complete documentation and support on the website. The email editor is neat and straightforward, much like BEE - plus, it offers plenty of pre-made templates that are modern and pleasingly sleek.


  • Dynamic content modules

  • Save templates and blocks for later

  • Send your templates to Sendgrid, HubSpot, MailChimp, and other tools

  • Custom file storage

  • Collaboration and sharing


You can opt for the free plan with limited features or upgrade to the paid plan starting at $15/month for unlimited access to email template generation.

Best Drag And Drop Email Builder (Closing Thoughts)

After weighing the features and capabilities of beehiiv, it's clear why it's our top pick for drag-and-drop email builders.

It provides the best and most versatile text editor, offers an array of customization options and extras, and has a streamlined campaign analytics feature to help you understand campaign performance.

beehiiv stands out among drag-and-drop email builders with features such as its text editor optimized for ease and beauty, SEO optimization on the website, user authentication tools, paywall implementation, subscription management, billing capabilities, and more.

These features make beehiiv an exceptional choice for those who need a powerful email builder with plenty of options for customization and optimization.

Ready to change your set your newsletter apart from the rest?

Sign up for beehiiv here, and let the transformation begin.

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