Creator Spotlight: Tyler Steinhardt

Happy Earth Week! Join the conversation on how we can better invest in our planet!

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Tell me about Pique Action

Pique Action the newsletter was launched when we came out of stealth mode last October. At Pique, we’re seeking to change the conversation around climate change - instead of doom and gloom, we aim to inspire optimism and action by talking about solutions. The newsletter is aimed at drawing in those curious about climate change to a range of resources and solutions. Each edition gives a sneak pique at the upcoming films that we’re producing and also puts a spotlight on good climate news. We feel that it’s critical to amplify news that’s good in climate-related issues, since so often only the bad news breaks through.

You’ve previously worked in sports media—how is it different from climate-related content development?

There’s a built in infrastructure for sports, we have teams, leagues, players, beat writers to cover this stuff. Climate is a new topic and what we’re doing is an emerging field within the new topic. There’s not the same funding or infrastructure of what’s happening, despite it being a far bigger issue. Sports have been around and such a big part of society for so long.

How do you navigate the conversation with people that claim climate issues are not real?

A lot of folks in the climate space will tell you that the tactic of delay, i.e. saying climate change is not real, it’s manmade, was used by those interested in keeping the status quo. Now, we’re seeing the new strategy is doom- it’s too late to do anything, we’re screwed so why make any changes. It’s the same playbook to figure out how to continue to do business as usual.

Scientists are not always the best storytellers, they are focused on doing research in the field. We find what we think are interesting solutions, often on the frontier of technology. These are things that haven’t been done before. We also want to get the human stories as well, it’s not just about the technology being developed, but what is the story of the person(s) who developed the technology?

How is the conversation changing?

It’s becoming more personal, we’re seeing the results of climate change in our lives more than ever before. There were 20 weather and climate disasters that cost over a billion dollars in 2021. We have overlapping public health crises, including higher rates of asthma, fertility crisis, microplastics are showing up in lungs. As we become more aware of how these issues are affecting us, it’ll become more urgent.

But change will come when we understand that there are choices, alternatives. If you’re not aware that solutions are available, you’re not going to imagine a better solution.

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