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Tell me about The Ramp Report

My newsletter has changed a few times over the past few years. It started off covering anything and everything on stocks and tech. Mostly opinion pieces that allowed me to express my thoughts in long form.

In 2020 and 2021, it merged into following a crowdsourced portfolio ($WERAMP) that I was running using Twitter polls. Each week I would put out a poll of 4 stocks and Twitter would vote which stock I should buy. Then I would go buy that stock at the end of the week. The newsletter tracked my portfolio as it changed each week.

In 2022, I wanted to try something a little different. Since I’m on Twitter a lot I decided to do a segment where I capture some quick short thoughts on the most interesting charts I saw that week. I’m a very visual person and follow a lot of highly technical and smart people that share some really great insights. I thought it would add value to the reader to see some of these interesting charts and data that get shared each week. Separately, I’m also looking at doing deep dives on startup companies that I am interested in or invest in indirectly. We just put out our first piece on AssetDash a few weeks ago, which I am an advisor and investor in.

How have you set yourself apart on Twitter and in the newsletter arena?

I stay in my lane, things I know that I’m competent in. I stay in the finance lane 90-95% of the time. I don’t put bible verses or pet photos. Within that lane, it’s hard to pin it down to one area, it’s whatever catches my eye. Especially in the investing area, there’s so many different start-ups you can invest in.

One of things I wanted to do is help people build things and market things. Through my twitter account, I’ve met a handful of venture capitalists that run funds and specifically funds that I’ve invested in, so then I’ve had conversations with them on the side and sometimes even contribute money to and then I’m a part of their fund. And then there are opportunities that we can both benefit from, I can do a deep dive with a start-up. Of course, I announce that I’m an advisor/investor to them and that it’s a sponsored post.

What motivated your move to beehiiv?

I started my original newsletter/blog on Squarespace to keep all of my content in one location. It was extremely limited and glitchy. I was then prompted by a friend to switch over to Substack which was a much more intuitive service and offered better features for lower prices. When I heard about beehiiv, I was seeing some of my friends using it and having success. I am friends with a lot of the Morning Brew crew. So knowing Tyler was an ex Brew crew and went out to build this on his own, I thought I would do my part to help grow this. The migration was super simple. I just let Tyler know I was moving over from Substack and he gave me the white glove treatment. It was up and running the next day and I was free to start writing. When you have these huge companies, you can’t get anything done. beehiiv is listening, that’s huge to me. It could be as simple as I think I have to click too many times to do this one thing. Or it could be to apply some UI/UX changes here to make it more intuitive for the writer. I feel like I have a direct line to the beehiiv to throw in anything I want, not that they’re going to do everything I suggest. It’s fun to help build the product around me.

2022 Goals

1) provide value 2) help people if I can in any way 3) not get burnt out in the process and4) learn new things through the act of curating and creating fresh content. I want people to be excited to read the latest report as soon as it gets published.

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