Creator Spotlight: Gannon Breslin

We connect with creator Gannon Breslin on his experience on beehiiv, how he's been able to stand out in the competitive realm of NFT's and his advice to other writers like him.

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We connect with creator Gannon Breslin on his experience on beehiiv and his drive to stand out in the NFT space despite it being a saturated market.

Tell me about The Drop

The Drop is bite-sized news about the entire NFT space straight into your inbox. We know the Web3/NFT space is confusing because there are so many changes and things being built that it can be overwhelming. I always say that 1 day in the NFT space feels like 1 year. Our goal with The Drop is to make sure that you stay up to date on all the news, upcoming projects, and culture every morning.

2022 Goals

To at least have 50,000 subscribers and have a referral program that is Web3 orientated in nature.

When and why did you launch a second newsletter?

We [Gannon has two co-founders] started the newsletter in October 2021 because we felt that nobody in the NFT space was writing a daily newsletter that is educational, vetted, free, and accurately covering all the major news in the space.

With Rebelmarkets, I was a small fish in a big pond of finance writers. I saw that everyone was following the same stories and anytime there was big news, no matter how on top of it you were, someone had an article that was exactly what you were going to say. The market was saturated. I’ve always had an interest in art and started investing in crypto in 2017 and sold an NFT last year. A friend suggested I write about his NFT project and I immediately saw more engagement and more organic traffic. I realized that no one was talking about it and the number one recurring thing with NFT's is that everyone is lost and feels confused.

Advice for other writers

Write about things you enjoy, if you write about something you aren't truly passionate about you will burn out and/or get writer's block.

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