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How to Leverage Make Automation With Your beehiiv Newsletter

Use Make Integrations To Build Automated Email Journeys

Automating your marketing workflows will save you valuable time–and every marketer knows how priceless time can be. Whether you are automating email sends, or updating your contacts without having to go into their file manually, having technology work to your advantage is as important a skill as knowing how to write a blog post.

How to Leverage Make Automation With Your beehiiv Newsletter

No-code automation platforms like Make can connect your web-based marketing apps, like beehiiv and Google Forms, with a simplified integration process. Connecting Make with beehiiv allows you to automate routine tasks and will get you more time to focus on other projects.

What Is Make Automation?

How to Leverage Make Automation With Your beehiiv Newsletter

Make is a no-code automation platform that enables users to connect different web apps and automate workflows without any coding knowledge. The platform offers a visual interface that simplifies the process of building custom integrations and automating routine tasks.

With Make, you can create integrations between a wide range of popular web applications, including email marketing tools like Mailchimp and SendGrid, social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, project management tools like Trello and Asana, and many others.

One of the key benefits of Make is that it allows you to create custom workflows that are tailored to your specific needs, without requiring any technical expertise. For example, you could use Make to create an automated workflow that sends a welcome email to new subscribers, adds their contact information to your CRM, and creates a new task in your project management tool to follow up with them.

For newsletter publishers, Make can be incredibly useful for automating tasks involved in publishing and distributing newsletters. For example, you could use Make to automatically add new subscribers to your mailing list whenever someone fills out a form on your website or to automatically create a new draft in your newsletter software whenever you publish a new blog post on your website. By automating these tasks, you can save time and focus on creating great content for your readers.

What Can Make Be Used For?

Here are a few ways a newsletter writer could leverage Make to automate tasks and save time:

  1. Automate subscriber management: Make can be used to automatically add new subscribers to your email list, update subscriber information, and remove unsubscribed emails from external tools. This can help you keep your subscriber list up-to-date and ensure that you're only sending emails to people who want to receive them.

  2. Streamline content creation: If you publish blog posts or articles on beehiiv, Make can be used to automatically create new posts in an external CMS whenever a new post is published.

  3. Cross-promote content: If you have a social media presence, Make can be used to automatically share your newsletter content on social media whenever a new issue is published. You can also use Make to automatically create social media posts when you publish new content on your website.

  4. Monitor your brand: If you want to keep an eye on mentions of your brand or your newsletter in the media, Make can be used to automatically alert you whenever your brand is mentioned in a news article, blog post, or social media post. This can help you stay on top of your brand's reputation and respond quickly to any negative publicity.

  5. Analytics and tracking: Make can be used to automatically track key metrics related to your newsletter, such as subscriptions, and pass those events to external tools like Facebook Ads Manager. This can augment the effectiveness of ad campaigns and more.

These are just a few examples of how newsletters can leverage Make to automate tasks and streamline workflows. The possibilities are endless, and Make's extensive library of integrations means that there are many more ways to use the tool to improve your newsletter production process.

How Can I Leverage Make Automation With beehiiv?

How to Leverage Make Automation With Your beehiiv Newsletter

Anyone can easily integrate Make with beehiiv and start using it to automate their newsletter and marketing workflow. The beehiiv platform already has some fantastic automation capabilities for building complex automated email journeys for your subscribers.

Here, we’ll show you how to connect beehiiv and Make, and then go over some amazing use cases that will elevate your marketing strategy ten-fold.

How To Connect beehiiv and Make

  1. Go to your beehiiv Settings, then Integrations, and then Create API Key.

  2. Copy and paste the API key somewhere you can find it. You can only see the key once!

  3. Go to Publication settings and copy the string of characters between “beehiiv.com/p/” and “/edit.” This is your Publication ID.

  4. Sign into Make.

  5. Go to Scenarios and Create New Scenario.

  6. Add a module and choose your source and your trigger.

  7. Click the plus sign to add another module, then find beehiiv.

  8. If you do not have access to the connector, email [email protected] to receive an access link.

  9. Create an action and add your account information, API key, and Publication ID.

  10. Click Run Once to test the integration, then switch it on!

Integrate beehiiv and Shopify With Make

How to Leverage Make Automation With Your beehiiv Newsletter

Create custom beehiiv and Shopify workflows by deciding what your triggers, actions, or searches will be.

For example, when a customer abandons their shopping cart in Shopify, Make could prompt beehiiv to add that subscriber to a custom segment of your mailing list. Then, you can set up beehiiv to send an automated abandoned cart email to anyone added to this list segment. That will easily increase your conversion rate, bolster your sales revenue, and free up time you’d otherwise spend manually tracking and sending these emails yourself.

Connect beehiiv and Google Forms With Make

How to Leverage Make Automation With Your beehiiv Newsletter

If you’re using Google Forms to collect responses from website visitors or from a customer survey, you can have Make trigger changes to those contacts in beehiiv. Let’s say you have a “Join our email list” checkbox on your site’s Contact Us form (which, by the way, is an essential email opt-in marketing strategy). You can tell Make to add a new subscriber in beehiiv each time someone clicks that box.

You’ll get bonus points if you’ve set up an automated email welcome series that triggers when a new contact is created in beehiiv!

Connect beehiiv and Asana With Make

How to Leverage Make Automation With Your beehiiv Newsletter

Project management can get overwhelming, so integrating beehiiv with Asana is a pro maneuver. Need to create or delete segments in beehiiv when a new task is created in Asana? Here’s what you need to try:

  1. Integrate beehiiv and Make.

  2. Create a custom workflow using “Watch New Tasks” as your trigger.

  3. Choose “Delete a Segment” as your action.

  4. Let Make work its magic, and voila! You just took one more task off your To-Do list.

Why Connect beehiiv and Make?

How to Leverage Make Automation With Your beehiiv Newsletter

First things first, just take a look at how many platforms you can connect to your beehiiv account with Make. The beehiiv platform has your success built into every feature. You can also try out integrating beehiiv with other platforms through Make alternatives like Zapier.

Whichever you choose, you will see an immediate improvement in your ability to efficiently tackle projects and improvements. Making integrations will get you more subscribers, more engagement, and more conversions.

We’ll share some other effective Make templates to get you started. And when you’re ready, launch your free newsletter here! Once you’re set up and running, check out beehiiv’s Scale Plan to take advantage of Make automation.

More Templates to Get You Started with Make

Simply click any of these links to get started with pre-made connection templates:

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