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How Victoria Kurichenko Earns $500+ per Month as a beehiiv Partner

Practical Tips From an SEO Expert on Earning Passive Income With beehiiv

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Everyone dreams of passive income.

What’s better than waking up every day, week, or month, with an automatic deposit into your checking account?

Victoria Kurichenko knows plenty about it.

Like many digital entrepreneurs, she chose to take the path of the content creator, which has opened up a number of doors–including opportunities for multiple revenue streams.

In 2022, after dabbling in different affiliate programs for some time, Victoria decided to plant the seed of a new money tree—beehiiv.

For the past year, she’s been cashing in on the beehiiv partner program. And in March 2023, she earned her biggest beehiiv commission yet: a $499 monthly payment.

How Victoria Kurichenko Earns $500+ per Month as a beehiiv Partner

The best part is—she’ll be harvesting that plump fruit every month for a year thanks to beehiiv’s generous partner program.

In this beehiiv case study, we interviewed Victoria Kurichenko, founder of Self Made Millennials, to explore how she leveraged her expertise in SEO to earn recurring commissions as a beehiiv partner, how she amassed over 750,000 readers on Medium, and the strategies she used to build a thriving business with multiple income streams.

Journey to 750,000+ Global Readers on Medium

How Victoria Kurichenko Earns $500+ per Month as a beehiiv Partner

Victoria’s entrepreneurship journey began with search engine optimization. While working in the SEO game brought her some level of freedom, she always had a deep-rooted drive to create online businesses that would give her even greater freedom and flexibility.

She shared, “I've been working in marketing for over five years. I work in SEO—specifically in product design companies and also in 3D modeling companies. I realized that I wanted to have more control over my life and also have more freedom, so I decided to switch to entrepreneurship.”

“I’m not sure if I have more free time right now because I have been working much more. But, I am quite happy about this movement in my life.”

After diving head first into the SEO world, she decided to head over to Medium to start sharing her SEO expertise and to craft her writing skills. In just a few years, she’s gained thousands of followers and hundreds of thousands of readers.

She shared, “I started on Medium in 2020. I started writing on that platform without actually knowing how it'll go. Since then, I've published 257 pieces, grown my audience to 7,200 followers, and also reached 755,000 readers worldwide.”

How Victoria Kurichenko Earns $500+ per Month as a beehiiv Partner

She continued, “I realized that Medium is an absolutely great opportunity to improve my writing skills and grow my personal brand. I wrote a lot about my SEO experience, business, and entrepreneurship journey. I realized that people relate to what I write, and they have very similar issues. That’s how my small online business started.”

But, there was an issue. Victoria began realizing that her content lived on Medium. Her followers lived on Medium. Her entire business was on that platform. She was getting SEO clients through the platform. But, if she stopped posting, she knew her prospects would dry up.

She understood that if she was going to truly make her business work and expand, she would need to start her own thing.

How Victoria Kurichenko Earns $500+ per Month as a beehiiv Partner

Victoria shared, “I realized that I wanted to scale my business. And it's probably impossible to do it on Medium because it’s all about temporary traffic. So when you publish there, you have clients. When you don't publish anything on Medium, your traffic drops and nothing happens.”

“Since I am an SEO specialist, I know how to grow websites, and I help businesses do it. So I built my own website, which is called Self Made Millennials. I launched it in August 2021. It’s a year and a half old. The website is basically the digital environment which I use to share my marketing case studies.”

Creating the Self Made Millennials Brand

How Victoria Kurichenko Earns $500+ per Month as a beehiiv Partner

When Victoria launched her site, she decided to go against the advice of other SEO experts, who recommended using her name as her domain. Instead, she felt that a branded approach was more aligned with her values and target audience—and would give her more options to expand the business in the future.

She shared, “A lot of people ask me why my brand is called Self Made Millennials. The common way is to use your name as a domain name, but I always say that when I created my website, I wanted my website name to reflect my personal and professional journey, my values, and my beliefs. I am a lifelong learner, and I believe that I have the power to shape my own life and future.”

“So the website name should absolutely reflect who I am. When I reviewed a lot of different domain names, this one specifically stood out among all of them. I was like, ‘Yes, I want to call myself Self Made Millennials because that resonates with me.’ It's about me as a person, as a professional.”

She continued, “It’s also about the people who I work with. They are self-made millennials, self-made experts, and self-made people.”

From ConvertKit to beehiiv

How Victoria Kurichenko Earns $500+ per Month as a beehiiv Partner

When Victoria first started her email newsletter, she didn’t launch it on beehiiv, since the platform wasn’t live yet. She used ConvertKit for a while. But, thanks to Medium, she began hearing about an up-and-coming newsletter platform that was creating quite the buzz online.

She shared, “I heard of beehiiv from a very established medium innovator. He wrote an article that I read, and I decided to give it a try.”

While Victoria wrote a review blog post on beehiiv, she didn’t move over from ConvertKit quite yet. But it wouldn’t be long until she decided to fully migrate over.

How Victoria Kurichenko Earns $500+ per Month as a beehiiv Partner

She continued, “First, I joined the platform to give it a try. And back then—one year ago—beehiiv was just starting. The functionality was primitive, so I joined the platform to test it and write a review, and then I left it.”

“But one year after, I realized that beehiiv is much more powerful than it used to be. So I switched my email list from ConvertKit to beehiiv. I really like the beehiiv dashboard, which is very informative and helps me understand where users come from, and it visualizes how the newsletter grows.”

Growing Two Audiences At Once: Creators & Entrepreneurs

Victoria takes a twofold approach to her audience growth: focus on entrepreneurs and business owners looking to improve their SEO, and on content creators like herself aiming to build their own creator empire.

She shared, “I target two completely different groups of people. One is entrepreneurs, business owners, and people who are interested in SEO—who need help with SEO.”

“Another group of people is content creators who are interested in monetizing their writing skills. I can help both of these groups, but they are very, very different. Therefore, I need a solution that will allow me to serve different segments and also keep those segments in one place. I don't want to use different tools. I want to use one tool...

Earn on Autopilot With beehiiv’s Partner Program

How Victoria Kurichenko Earns $500+ per Month as a beehiiv Partner

Thanks to beehiiv’s Partner Program, Victoria Kurichenko has been able to generate over $500 per month passively.

beehiiv’s Partner Program is a great opportunity for beehiiv publishers to earn additional revenue streams by simply recommending the platform they already use and love.

At beehiiv, we made it our mission to make our Partner Program one of the most generous programs around—giving you 50% of all revenue for 12 months.

That means for an entire year, you’ll earn a 50% monthly commission on every person who signs up to beehiiv through your referral link.

The best part is that your earning potential is limitless, since we don’t cap you on your earnings. If you get one person to sign up, or you get a thousand, you’ll receive 50% of all revenue.

For instance, the average beehiiv customer pays $87 per month for their newsletter plan ($49 for Grow, $99 for Scale). This means if you get 20 people to sign up through your referral link, you’ll earn $10,440 that year.

How Victoria Kurichenko Earns $500+ per Month as a beehiiv Partner

If 100 people sign up through your link, that’s $52,220!

There’s a huge opportunity for you, as a creator, to grow new revenue streams and create additional passive income.

You can join the beehiiv partner program in just a few minutes by clicking the button below. Plus, when you sign up, we’ll give you access to our beehiiv partner program playbook to give you a step-by-step guide to succeed.

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