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My first reaction when I began working at Morning Brew as a wide-eyed 22 year old — “holy shit I should have been collecting emails since preschool.”

There I was in New York, a part of a small team… printing nearly $20,000 every time we pressed send each morning (this was back in 2018).

Morning Brew Dinner 2018

Morning Brew at Joe’s Shanghai circa 2018

It wasn’t rocket science, it didn’t take a large team, and it straight up performed multiples better than other channels of media.

We built a massive loyal following of people who looked forward to reading our content each morning. An audience who trusted our recommendations and aligned with the products we sold and the communities we launched.

Why wouldn’t everyone with an audience launch an email newsletter as well?

Turns out they were.

Fast forward to today and some of the largest content creators, musicians, artists, fitness instructors, athletes, and others have launched massively successful newsletters to further expand their influence and engage with their fans.

We have built beehiiv from day one to serve those who want to be the best at what they do.

So today we’re officially launching beehiiv Talentpowering the world’s top talent with the world’s best newsletter platform.

We are doubling down on…

  • tools to help content creators diversify across platforms with ease

  • providing reliable monetization opportunities to support talent

  • being the platform you use to build a deeper relationship with your fans

So why are they all launching newsletters now?

  • Ownership — the relationship with your audience belongs to you, not the platform

  • Reliability — newsletters provide a direct line of communication with your fans, without algorithms dictating the engagement

  • Profitable — email performs 12x better than social media for conversion

  • Dynamic — you can drive your audience down-funnel to your new product drops, videos, courses, podcasts, community, and more…

And to be honest, tools like beehiiv make it easier than ever before to build a massively successful newsletter.

Have a large following on Instagram? YouTube? TikTok? → Learn how much you can be earning with a newsletter.

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