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15 Ways to Promote beehiiv as a Partner (Earn 50% Commissions)

Earn Passive Income With the Best Newsletter Affiliate Program

You can make a killing as an affiliate marketer.

How much?

Well, about 32% of affiliates make $10,000 to $150,000+ per year.

And, 11.72% of affiliate marketers earn $100,000+.

But who exactly are these high-earning affiliates?

And what strategies set them apart from the rest?

I’ll cut to the chase: they’re promoting high-ticket or subscription-based offers, similar to beehiiv’s partner program.

With 50% commissions on referred revenue for a year, beehiiv has one of the most lucrative affiliate programs in the world.

If you want to expand your affiliate earnings and earn revenue on autopilot, then it’s time you join beehiiv’s generous partner program today.

In this guide, I’ll break down the top nine ways you can promote beehiiv as a partner to start earning a lucrative income either part or full-time.

Table of Contents

Here is what we will cover:

  • Learn what the beehiiv partner program is (and how it works)

  • Why it’s the best partner program on the internet (50% commissions)

  • How to disclose your partner link (to stay legal)

  • Several ways to promote beehiiv (even if you’re new to partner programs)

Plus… Stick around to the end to learn how you can win an all-expense paid vacation for two through beehiiv’s exclusive quarterly beach club giveaway. (and other crazy prizes).

What is the beehiiv partner program?

15 Ways to Promote beehiiv as a Partner (Earn 50% Commissions)

The first thing to clear up is even though technically you’re an affiliate we see you as a trusted partner. Words matter and everything about what we have built within our partner program is very intentional.

Affiliate marketers, bloggers, agencies, creators, and more can partner with beehiiv using a unique partner link, earning commissions on repeat.

This compounding income source can become very substantial, quickly.

15 Ways to Promote beehiiv as a Partner (Earn 50% Commissions)

When someone signs up to beehiiv using your partner link, you earn commissions.

How much?

50% of all referred revenue for 12 months.

This means if you refer just 5 people per month, you could earn over $20,000 in one year.

15 Ways to Promote beehiiv as a Partner (Earn 50% Commissions)

Here’s a great video overview of the beehiiv partner program (and how you can get started):

Unlike other programs that leave you hanging, it’s easy to start earning quickly with beehiiv’s partner program.

You get everything you need right from the get-go to get paid fast (and earn every single month).

  • Every partner receives our Partner Program Playbook to thrive.

  • Unique partner link to share with their audience + the ability to customize and create extra links for any campaign you want to run.

  • Tap into our extensive library of resources and assets at your fingertips.

  • Discover a wealth of case studies highlighting the secret strategies of other high-earning partner peers.

Ready to get started?

3 Reasons Why You Should Leverage beehiiv’s Partner Program

What makes beehiiv’s partner program so special?

There are countless reasons. But let’s highlight the top reasons why you should leverage the beehiiv Partner Program:

1. Highest Commissions of Any Newsletter Platform

With beehiiv’s partner program, you earn 50% on all referred revenue for one year.

Let me repeat that.

When you refer someone using your partner link, you keep 50% of whatever they pay. No other email software in the industry even comes close.

15 Ways to Promote beehiiv as a Partner (Earn 50% Commissions)

If you refer someone to beehiiv’s $99 Scale Plan, you earn $49.50 every month for one year straight.

If you refer 10 people, that’s $495 per month for a year.

In 12 months, you’ll get a total of $5,940. If they pay annually you simply collect that full commission upfront.

And that’s if you only refer 10 people.

Imagine if you referred 100?

That’s $59,400 – all from a single platform.

The best part is if someone upgrades or their email list grows so does your commission as they pay more with beehiiv.

2. Unlimited Earning Potential 

15 Ways to Promote beehiiv as a Partner (Earn 50% Commissions)

Do you know the worst part of most affiliate programs?

They tend to cap your earnings.

Why? Greed? 

To us at beehiiv, it makes no sense. Again, we want to partner and share in the upside with you. 

If you refer more people to our platform, you deserve to be rewarded.

That’s why we don’t cap your commissions.

If you refer 3 people, you get paid for 3.

If you refer 300 people, you get paid for 300 — no strings attached.

We reward you even more when you earn more, like winning a trip to the Bahamas as Matt McGarry did.

We also have been very thoughtful in the design of our partner program with longevity in mind. You will see some platforms launch with high commissions or commissions paid for the “lifetime” of your referrals only to realize that it isn’t profitable for the company and after a year they end up taking away, canceling, or changing their payout structure.

This sucks especially if you count on or have built your business around this. 

3. Leverage One of the Fastest-Growing Email Platforms in the World

15 Ways to Promote beehiiv as a Partner (Earn 50% Commissions)

beehiiv is one of the fastest-growing platforms on the internet – not just in the newsletter space, but in the SaaS space overall.

What does this mean?

Well, remember the early investors in Bitcoin?

The guys who put in $20 and now are basically millionaires?

They got in early and were rewarded for their faith in the venture as it skyrocketed. We want you to join our rocketship and there are plenty of first-class seats available for you. 

Our user base grew by 700+% between 2022 and 2023.

15 Ways to Promote beehiiv as a Partner (Earn 50% Commissions)

Plus, in 14 months we went from zero to $1 million in annual recurring revenue (ARR).

14 months after we hit $1 million, we reached a whopping $7 million ARR. This is just the beginning.

15 Ways to Promote beehiiv as a Partner (Earn 50% Commissions)
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger

  • Josh Richards

  • Colin & Samir

  • Robin Arzón

With the platform growing as fast as it is (and with so many big names switching over to beehiiv), it’s only going to get easier and easier to “sell” others on the platform.

So, promoting your partner link in the right spots will ensure you ride the revenue wave all the way up.

Bonus: beehiiv Beach Club

15 Ways to Promote beehiiv as a Partner (Earn 50% Commissions)

Remember I mentioned roundtrip vacations?

Juicy commissions aren’t all that’s in store with the beehiiv Partner Program.

As our way of rewarding your outstanding performance each quarter, we wanted to take things up a notch with our partner program, so we decided to throw in a chance for you to win luxury vacations throughout the year.

The beehiiv Beach Club is a quarterly giveaway we run that takes our top partner on a trip around the world (with a plus one) for an entire week.

Every quarter, the partner who generates the highest net new partner commissions will win an all-inclusive, paid-in-full trip to a new destination – and they get to take a friend.

While you’re swimming in commissions, you could also be swimming in a tropical paradise.

15 Ways to Promote beehiiv as a Partner (Earn 50% Commissions)

We launched our Beach Club in Q2 2023, and our first winner was Matt McGarry who went on a trip to the Bahamas.

In Q3 2023, our second winner was Waleed N who went to Aruba.

In Q4 2023, Nicholas Agardy won and is soon heading to Cabo.

15 Ways to Promote beehiiv as a Partner (Earn 50% Commissions)

Our Q1 2024 Beach Club winner will be heading to Maui. 

And, we’ll be announcing the winner soon! Will it be you?

15 Ways to Promote beehiiv as a Partner (Earn 50% Commissions)

But, that’s not all.

We’ve recently started handing out other juicy prizes like cold hard cash, MacBook Pros, and more to offer even more to our beehiiv partners.

This is also a work in progress. We listen to our partners and our goal is to make this not only lucrative but fun.

15 Ways to Promote beehiiv as a Partner (Earn 50% Commissions)

Here’s the not-so-fun, but important part of affiliate marketing

You have to disclose your affiliate link.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) legally requires you to tell your audience you are using Partner links. 

When you’re making money as a beehiiv partner (or with any affiliate program), you are legally required to disclose this information to your audience.

You can do this in one of two ways:

1. Make a Partner disclosure within the specific content that has a Partner link, or

2. Provide a link to a page where your audience can read a full Partner disclosure

If you’d like more information on the legality of using Partner links, visit the FTC website.

Why Listen to Me? I’ve generated over $1 million with email and written over 1,000 blog posts. I run Storey Time, a newsletter where I teach people how to become full-time digital writers. Feel free to reach out to me on X anytime!

15 Ways to Promote beehiiv as a Partner

Now that you know the ins and outs of the beehiiv Partner Program (and all the spicy benefits), let’s dive into the tactics to win.

Here are nine ways you can convert your audience with your beehiiv partner link and maximize your earnings:

1. Review Posts & Videos

Modern consumers don’t want products shoved down their throats.

Instead, they want to choose what’s best for them.

Now, when someone’s trying to figure out what software to use, they hit up Google or YouTube to do some research. This is very common, especially for Email Service Providers like beehiiv.

15 Ways to Promote beehiiv as a Partner (Earn 50% Commissions)

One of the easiest (and most common) ways to earn as a beehiiv partner is by writing or recording software reviews. If you have SEO skills this can be a great first-partner chess move.

For example, Victoria Kurichenko’s beehiiv review ranks on Google’s first page as seen below. As well, another partner Omid ranks for his beehiiv review in the number one position with Marketer Milk! 

15 Ways to Promote beehiiv as a Partner (Earn 50% Commissions)

Her beehiiv review blog post ranks second organically, and she consistently converts about three visitors to beehiiv every month.

She even landed a beehiiv enterprise client which nets her $499 per month (from a single commission). This is a great example of “write once'' and “sell infinitely”. 

15 Ways to Promote beehiiv as a Partner (Earn 50% Commissions)

But, blog post reviews aren’t the only way to do a software review. You’ll notice right below her Google result that there’s a YouTube video review.

Video reviews are another proven way you can generate traffic (and earn commissions) to earn on repeat every month. This is a much less competitive place to do a video review and can be a great place for those who aren’t camera-shy. 

These also don’t need to be overproduced. Take Jason Lee for example, who filmed a simple video sharing his thoughts on the newsletter business model and integrated beehiiv seamlessly with his partner link. His video now has over 380k views!! 

2. Software Comparisons

Another common path to earning affiliate commissions as a beehiiv partner continues down the blogging avenue.

But this time, instead of doing a standalone review of beehiiv, you can write a comparison post simply sharing the side-by-side benefits of beehiiv compared to other platforms. This helps customers truly understand the benefits beehiiv offers and why it is a clear winner. 

For example, at The Stack Junction, you can find a simple comparison post with beehiiv and Substack facing off against each other.

15 Ways to Promote beehiiv as a Partner (Earn 50% Commissions)

When people are stuck between two or more options, looking at side-by-side features between a few platforms can help clarify the best option quickly.

We provide ample resources here that show how beehiiv stacks up compared to other options that you can use and reference to create this type of content easily.

3. Top Tools Page

As a creator or influencer, you’re able to build trust with your audience.

When you build a close relationship with your audience, they’ll be all ears to hear your recommendations — whether that’s related to strategies or tips in your niche.

But, it also means you can recommend tools you use and love. Nestling beehiiv into your toolbox of resources can be a very natural and organic way to share beehiiv.

One of the easiest ways to do this is by creating recommended resources or top tools on your website.

15 Ways to Promote beehiiv as a Partner (Earn 50% Commissions)

A beehiiv account gives you a hosted website — and paid plans allow you to easily create web pages (like a top tools page).

For example, the image above is a screenshot from one of our partners blogs, Storey Time. He has an entire page dedicated to his favorite writing tools, which includes beehiiv.

Placing a recommended tools page on your website is a simple way to earn commissions passively. Just set up your page, add in your beehiiv partner link, and continue to drive traffic to your site effortlessly and watch your earnings grow automatically.

4. Resource Guide or Lead Magnet

A beehiiv newsletter, The Newsie, has a robust lead magnet featuring curated resources in the newsletter space.

In the database, founder Daniel Roman features top tools and resources to start a newsletter, like beehiiv.

You’ll notice beehiiv is the first tool on the list. His beehiiv partner link is in the far right column.

15 Ways to Promote beehiiv as a Partner (Earn 50% Commissions)

Creating a lead magnet resource with recommended tools kills two birds with one stone.

It allows you to ramp up your subscriber growth by converting your audience to your email list.

And, you can then insert a bunch of partner links (including beehiiv) which can help you earn commissions from your new newsletter subscribers.

5. Leverage Giveaway Bonuses or “Bribes”

Our first-ever Beach Club winner in our Partner Program was Matt McGarry – one of the leading voices in the newsletter space.

Matt runs GrowLetter – a newsletter growth agency. And, he also runs the beehiiv publication, Newsletter Operator.

So, there’s no doubt that Matt had an edge in the competition since he’s already deep in the trenches of the newsletter world.

In our follow-up interview with Matt, he shared that his secret to earning more as a beehiiv partner (and leading the pack) is with what he refers to as the “Giveaway Bonus Strategy.” 

15 Ways to Promote beehiiv as a Partner (Earn 50% Commissions)

In this strategy, Matt promoted his beehiiv partner link to both his followers on X and his newsletter subscribers. He ran a giveaway that offered his audience a few high-value bonuses if they signed up to beehiiv using his partner link.

In total, he offered $550 worth of courses and coaching to anyone who signed up to beehiiv with his link.

15 Ways to Promote beehiiv as a Partner (Earn 50% Commissions)

He shared how nearly 80% of the beehiiv referrals that he generated came through this giveaway strategy.

So, Matt was able to leverage two digital products he created (and his time and expertise as a newsletter expert), to push for people to get onto beehiiv.

And, it worked wonderfully – pushing him to the top of the beehiiv partner leaderboard.

15 Ways to Promote beehiiv as a Partner (Earn 50% Commissions)
6. Tutorials

While tutorials are often being searched for by current users of a platform, that isn’t always the case.

Some people who are in the consideration stage will search for tutorials like “How to get started on [platform]” or “How to get set up on [platform]” when they want to see how the platform works (and how easy it is to use).

15 Ways to Promote beehiiv as a Partner (Earn 50% Commissions)

Such is the case with Matt Giaro’s YouTube video here: “beehiiv Tutorial for Beginners: How to Get Started in Just 9 Minutes.”

In his tutorial, he breaks down how you can get started with beehiiv in only 9 minutes.

You’ll notice he puts a beehiiv partner link directly in the description below (and discloses it as an affiliate link).

7. SEO Keyword Targeting
15 Ways to Promote beehiiv as a Partner (Earn 50% Commissions)

Another way to promote beehiiv as a partner is by creating blog content with search engine optimization (SEO) in mind.

By targeting specific keywords, you can find opportunities to serve searchers using Google to find the information they need.

For example, Omid Ghaim, the founder of Marketer Milk newsletter, realized in beehiiv’s early days that there were certain keywords related to newsletters that were underserved.

One opportunity keyword that Omid found was the keyword “best newsletter platforms.”

So, Omid wrote the article with that keyword in mind. Then, after a few months, he realized he was ranking in position two on the search engine results page (SERPs), so he applied to beehiiv’s partner program and plugged in his partner link throughout the article where beehiiv was mentioned.

In our interview with Omid, he shared that he was making $700 per month from his beehiiv partner commissions alone.

8. Email Newsletter Mentions

Another beehiiv partner, Brandon Storey, has a newsletter called Storey Time. In it, he teaches freelance copywriters and ghostwriters how to get to full-time.

He offers up actionable tips and strategies to help writers break out of their 9 to 5. Plus, he shares tools to help them get this done quicker.

15 Ways to Promote beehiiv as a Partner (Earn 50% Commissions)

In one of his recent newsletters, he shared how launching a newsletter is a great way to earn online as a writer. And, of course, he mentioned how beehiiv is his favorite newsletter platform.

He’s been ghostwriting emails for years, so it’s a natural extension for him to share his experiences using different platforms – and how he believes beehiiv is the best email platform for anyone looking to start a newsletter.

Regularly placing beehiiv partner links in your newsletters to your audience is an easy way to promote beehiiv in an evergreen way.

Plus, since beehiiv newsletters live on as static posts on your beehiiv site, you can keep generating commissions from your past newsletters forever.

9. Promote Your Affiliate Link on Social Media

You can place your beehiiv partner link anywhere.

Whether it’s in your newsletter, a course, website, or even social media.

15 Ways to Promote beehiiv as a Partner (Earn 50% Commissions)

Daniel Roman, the founder of The Newsie, places his beehiiv partner link below certain posts on X (formerly Twitter) after they start gaining traction.

Since Daniel runs a newsletter setup agency (and has a newsletter about newsletters), promoting beehiiv is a natural extension of value to his audience on X.

This is a simple way to promote your beehiiv partner link directly to your audience on social media, whether you’re active on X, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, or wherever!

10. Free or Paid Courses

One of the easiest ways to integrate a beehiiv partner link is with educational content.

When you’re teaching something (especially in the digital world), you’ll naturally have products and tools you recommend.

Anyone in the online education space has the opportunity to share unique tools to accelerate learning and implement them practically.

15 Ways to Promote beehiiv as a Partner (Earn 50% Commissions)

Will Steiner, the Head of Content at Altruist, has built a few successful email-based courses before.

So, when people started asking him how he did it, he figured, why not make his course on how to build a course that’s delivered via email?

So, he did.

Will launched Mastering the Email-Based Course which includes recommended tools to set up an email course – so Will places a beehiiv partner link in that section.

This means Will isn’t just earning money on course sales. He’s also earning a second time when someone signs up to beehiiv after taking his course.

In many cases, Will’s earning more from people who sign up through his affiliate link than what they spent on his course.

11. Paid Media

One often overlooked way to promote beehiiv as a partner?

Paid ads.

You can place paid ads on:

15 Ways to Promote beehiiv as a Partner (Earn 50% Commissions)
  • TikTok

  • YouTube

  • X (Twitter)

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • And more

You can set up paid advertising campaigns to promote beehiiv using your unique partner link.

Since beehiiv is growing fast, this is an easy win to tap into the hype that’s already buzzing in the newsletter hype (and earn some juicy commissions along the way).

One example of a creator leveraging paid ads to promote an affiliate link is Kristin Johns. She’s a lifestyle influencer on Instagram who runs paid ads to her affiliate links.

One paid ad she ran was an offer for Glamnetic’s fake lashes. After it performed well as an organic video, she decided to turn it into a sponsored ad to reach a larger audience on Instagram.

15 Ways to Promote beehiiv as a Partner (Earn 50% Commissions)

You can apply the same strategy with your beehiiv partner link. You can either create organic social media content from scratch and turn it into a sponsored ad or start with a paid ad from the start.

Just keep in mind that you can’t run search ads (i.e. Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) to promote your beehiiv partner link. But, running ads on any major social media platform is one of the best opportunities as a beehiiv partner.

12. Webinar on newsletters or adjacent topics

Long-form video is a great way to share your partner link since you’re already teaching a topic.

However, you don’t just need to stick to a platform like YouTube to create video content to promote your link.

You can also create webinars on dedicated landing pages through your website.

This works best if you’re in the newsletter space and are teaching on a newsletter topic already.

However, you don’t even need to be teaching newsletters specifically.

As long as there’s a related topic where beehiiv is mentioned, you’re in the clear.

For example, let’s say you run a digital marketing business. And your niche is helping local brick-and-mortar businesses expand online.

So, you decide to give a simple digital marketing launch webinar where you teach business owners how to start marketing online.

In addition to your pitch at the end (to sign up for your digital marketing services), you could include links to recommended tools to launch online – including beehiiv to start a newsletter.

Matt McGarry offered a webinar to his X (Formerly Twitter) audience in December 2023, where he broke down his newsletter growth system.

15 Ways to Promote beehiiv as a Partner (Earn 50% Commissions)

He capped the spots at 100 people, and had over 500 people sign up to try and get in.

By offering up his expertise as a live masterclass on newsletter growth and monetization, he created a seamless transition to promote his products, services, and recommended tools (like beehiiv).

He capped the spots at 100 people, and had over 500 people sign up to try and get in. By offering up his expertise as a live masterclass on newsletter growth and monetization, he created a seamless transition to promote his products, services, and recommended tools (like beehiiv).
13. Guest Blog Posts

As mentioned earlier, one proven method to earning passive income with your beehiiv partner link is by writing blog posts on your website.

But, another nifty way to earn more with blogs is by writing them on other people’s sites as guest posts.

Guest post writing is a brilliant way to network with other bloggers, earn money as a freelancer, and build backlinks to your site for SEO.

But, it’s also an opportunity to promote your beehiiv partner link.

For example, instead of just placing your beehiiv link on your blog, you get to place it on someone else’s website – leveraging their traffic.

This can help you establish yourself as an authority in your space, and also tap into the audience of another blogger in your space to earn more as a beehiiv partner.

Justin Welsh, the “solopreneur” expert, is tapping into the guest blogging world by partnering with Starter Story.

15 Ways to Promote beehiiv as a Partner (Earn 50% Commissions)

Offering to write a guest blog post (or even paying to get a guest blog post) on someone’s website can help you tap into their audience and traffic to get more eyeballs on your brand.

And, not only can you get a backlink back to your site, but you can also generate passive income by incorporating a beehiiv link naturally into the post.

14. Arbitrage

Another unique way to earn passive income with your beehiiv partner link is with paid link placements, otherwise known as “arbitrage.”

The way arbitrage works is similar to paid ads – in that you’re paying to advertise your link.

But, instead of placing a traditional Facebook or TikTok ad, you’re placing it on other people’s websites and digital spaces.

There are dozens of ways you can do this.

For example, you could place it:

  • On someone’s blog as a link

  • On someone’s website as a display ad

  • As a sponsored ad in a newsletter

For example, Fantasy Life, a beehiiv newsletter, accepts display ads on their website from advertisers.

The majority of their display ads are traditional display ad placements that go right to a product page. But, the advertisers could have their ad go to a landing page with an affiliate offer and link.

15 Ways to Promote beehiiv as a Partner (Earn 50% Commissions)

All an advertiser would have to do is set up a landing page that promotes someone else’s product (as an affiliate), and voila, arbitrage in action.

As long as the average revenue per click exceeds the cost per click to place a display ad on someone else’s website, you’ll remain profitable.

It’s fair game to place your link in any digital real estate, and many business and website owners would be happy to “rent” the space to you to promote beehiiv – especially if they’re already using the platform themselves.

15. Host a Challenge

Do you like teaching people?

But, you don’t want to take the traditional content or course path?

Hosting a challenge is a unique way to develop your audience in a particular area quickly.

And, it’s a brilliant way to plug your beehiiv partner link to create a new income stream.

For example, you could host a challenge called “How to start a media company in a weekend" or “How to start a newsletter in 30 days.”

Depending on your audience and their needs, you could craft a challenge that helps them reach their goals in a short time frame with high intensity.

15 Ways to Promote beehiiv as a Partner (Earn 50% Commissions)

One example of this is AI Copywriting Creators.

In September 2023, they hosted “Start a Profitable Newsletter Business in 30 Days” with their audience on YouTube.

15 Ways to Promote beehiiv as a Partner (Earn 50% Commissions)

In it, they walk through how to plan, launch, grow, and monetize a newsletter business in less than a month.

And, of course, they posted their beehiiv partner link in the description of every video.

Join the beehiiv Partner Program to Earn On Repeat

Ready to cash in on some recurring revenue?

There’s no better affiliate program for newsletters than beehiiv’s.

With beehiiv’s Partner Program, you get:

  • The highest commissions (50% on all referred revenue)

  • No cap on earnings (unlimited commissions)

  • A partnership with one of the fastest-growing platforms

  • Unlimited support via resources and a private beehiiv partner community

If you want to level up as an affiliate marketer and build a new revenue stream, the beehiiv Partner Program is one of the most lucrative options.

Apply to the beehiiv Partner Program by clicking the button below now.

The process only takes about two minutes from start to finish.

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