beehiiv Acquires Swapstack

One small step for beehiiv, one giant leap for newsletters.

No cute intro, no burying the lede, nada. Straight to the point—beehiiv has acquired Swapstack and it’s all systems go 🏎️ 🏁.

  • Two weeks ago — we launched the beehiiv Ad Network, allowing newsletters to monetize with premium brand sponsorships… all without ever having to leave beehiiv.

  • One week ago — we launched our rebrand to redefine who we are as the rising dominant player in this industry.

  • Today — with the announcement of the Swapstack acquisition, we take one giant leap forward towards helping newsletters everywhere earn more revenue.

The tl;dr on Swapstack

Swapstack is one of the leading newsletter advertising and monetization platforms — home to thousands of publishers and hundreds of advertisers.

They have facilitated over $2M in advertising spend via their ad network across hundreds of campaigns.

What does this mean for you?

Our mission is to empower our users to monetize their newsletter however they want.

  • Premium Subscriptions users on beehiiv can seamlessly launch paid newsletters and charge their readers directly. beehiiv takes 0% of revenue from paid subscriptions.

  • Boosts allows newsletters of any size to earn meaningful and passive revenue by simply promoting other newsletters in the beehiiv ecosystem.

  • Ads beautifully crafted native advertisements from premium brands, dropped directly into your newsletter.

The goal of the beehiiv Ad Network is to give every newsletter the opportunity to earn meaningful revenue… without having to deal with the headaches that come with sales, copywriting, testing, reporting, and invoicing.

My co-founders and I previously built the ad management platform at Morning Brew, which facilitated tens of millions of dollars in advertising revenue for the company.

And with the addition of Swapstack… we are inheriting a killer team, with tremendous product and operational chops, and a wealth of expertise and relationships in the industry.

Their CEO, Jake Schonberger, will be joining beehiiv as the Head of Brand Partnerships to lead the beehiiv Ad Network. Prior to building Swapstack, he spent 5 years at Facebook scaling ad spend with some of the largest agencies, advertisers, and brands in the world.

How do I get started?

For those of you who already have a newsletter on beehiiv, the fun has already begun.

Users on our Scale plan are eligible to receive ad opportunities directly within beehiiv. We currently have several live ad campaigns, and are launching dozens of new ones as we roll into Q4.

To review and accept ad opportunities, just visit Monetization → Ads in your dashboard. Or click here to upgrade to Scale and become eligible.

I personally couldn’t be more excited for the future ahead as we look to streamline revenue opportunities for the next million creators, publishers, and companies on beehiiv.

And if your newsletter isn’t currently on beehiiv… then what are you waiting for?

Get started for free today, and start earning by tomorrow.

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