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7 Questions Worth Asking Before You Create A Newsletter

A reflective guide to help you decide whether you want to start a newsletter, what it should be about, and how you can keep winning

In the last couple of months, almost everyone we know has launched a newsletter. And, as biased as this may sound, that's probably a good idea. But if you start your newsletter with the wrong goals or strategies in mind, it's impossible to stay consistent & grow.

So, to help you pick the right time & topic for your newsletter and stay consistent with it, we came up with a list of 7 questions you should ask yourself before you start:

1. What’s My Purpose Behind Launching This Newsletter?

With newsletters, like everything, it's hard to stay determined if you don't have a clear purpose driving you. For newsletters creators like you, the purpose could include:

  • a funnel to a paid product (i.e. course, template, guide)

  • monetizing your newsletter via sponsorships or paid subscriptions

  • staying engaged with your audience if you prefer email over social media

Once you have decided on a reason compelling enough to keep you going, you must set your expectations well.

2. How Much Time Am I Willing To Devote to It?

Depending on the content you want to deliver, a newsletter can be a considerable time commitment. However, if you're curating content from Twitter, it shouldn't be too hard.

But if you want to write detailed marketing breakdowns, be prepared to commit at least 3 to 4 hours to your content every week.

Not to mention the additional hour or so it takes to do more operational work - like setting up a robust referral program or reaching out to peers for cross-promotions.

Whatever your newsletter may be, ensure it is well-suited to your schedule.

3. How Will I Ensure That It Fits Into My Schedule?

We've seen many people launch their newsletters, but we've also seen many people give up just as quickly. If you go and ask them why it's because they lack routine.

You want to ensure that you set aside an hour a day or so to sit down and work on your newsletter - no distractions whatsoever.

So start looking for a time in your day when you can comfortably sit and write out some magical content. Pro tip: Your most creative work will happen earlier in the day.

Having a content calendar can save the day.

4. Do I Have a System in Place To Help Me Create Quality Content Consistently?

No matter how driven or creative you may be, without a system, consistency is tough.

Whether it's a Notion database with all your brainstorms & research, or a simple Word document, having a trove of ideas ready is the simplest way to keep you going.

With beehiiv, you can write with your team, by yourself, or even leverage beehiiv AI to assist you with your content writing process.

Once done, schedule it and let it do its magic!

5. Does My Topic Play to My Strengths?

With newsletters becoming so common, you have to find ways to stand out. The best way to do so is to pick a niche you have a competitive edge:

  • an industry you've worked in for years

  • access to insights no one else does

You've won half the game the second you pick a niche that plays to your strengths.

6. Am I Willing To Write About This Niche for an Hour Every Day for 365 Days?

This is the ultimate test of your passion for the topic. If you can't fathom writing about that niche for 1 hour every day for another 365 days, nothing else matters!

So, before launching your newsletter, ensure that you pick a topic interesting enough in the long term because your publication is a long-term commitment.

7. Do I Have a Group of Friends Who Can Support Me on This Journey?

Even if you are incredibly passionate about your topic, and it plays to your strengths, writing and growing a newsletter is filled with its ups and downs.

But, if you have a group of peers to support, brainstorm, and push you through it all, we think you're ready to launch your newsletter!

Excited to publish your first newsletter? We’d love to help!

Start building an email list for free on beehiiv today.

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