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5 ways to grow your newsletter with Twitter

Actionable tactics to turn Twitter into your growth engine

Other than throwing shade on LinkedIn, there's a lot that can be done on Twitter. And that includes growing your newsletter.

So, here's 5 dead-simple ways to make Twitter the growth engine your newsletter needs:

Optimize your bio

When it comes to newsletter growth through Twitter, there are 2 changes you need to make to your bio:

  • put a link to your newsletter blog or subscribe page in the link option

  • integrate your newsletter using Revue (doesn't matter if you actually use beehiiv or another newsletter platform)

The second point is where people generally miss out. Leveraging the pollinate tool the beehiiv team created, every hour the users that signed up via revue will be migrated to the platform of your choice.

Want to set it up now? Check out this guide

Still not convinced? Check out these results from Jack Raines

Young Money twitter embed example
Pollinate subscriber screenshot

433 subscribers from that little newsletter link on my profile. Thanks @beehiiv


Threads on Twitter can be an exceptional funnel for your newsletter, it serves as a trailer for your long-form opinions.

The best example of threads as a funnel is in Nathan Baugh's work:

Twitter threads are my number one driver for growth. I do one per week, I just crossed 11,000 subscribers and I’d say that Twitter threads are probably responsible for 9,000. A Twitter thread is a great example of a long-form opinion, and a newsletter is a natural extension for that.

Nathan Baugh

Here's how he does it:

1. Pick a topic that aligns with his newsletter's niche of storytelling & business

Formula1 Screenshot

2. Plug his newsletter at the end by connecting it to the bigger narrative

Nathan Baugh tweet screenshot

If you want help writing better threads and improving your Twitter game, check out BlackMagic.so (for analytics) and Tweethunter (for content creation).

Relevant Engagement

Even when you're not churning out content of your own, it's easy to snag a few subscribers a day. Aim for at least 6 relevant comments a day.

Here's what you need to do:

  • make a Twitter list in the niche you're writing about (eg. marketing)

  • add all the best writers in that niche

  • spend 15 minutes on it every day

  • drop at least 6 comments

The best comments either asks a thought-provoking question, challenge their perspective, or add value to their narrative.

When you start doing this, their followers will start to notice you, and your work. And given the similar niche, they might even subscribe to your newsletter!

Free Giveaways

If the free product aligns with your niche and is up to the mark, you will attract a high-affinity audience that believes in your work.

A 3 step guide to help you launch a free giveaway and grow your newsletter:

  • build a digital guide that aligns with your niche (eg. Email Marketing Hacks)

  • Post it on any platform that will capture the users' emails in exchange for the giveaway (eg. Gumroad)

  • Post a CTA on Twitter (eg. comment "free") and leverage tools like Tweethunter to auto-DM those who reply with a link to the email capture page

An example of the tweet I posted that got me 400 subscribers in one day:

Abhi Tweet screenshot

Connect with Content Creators

Twitter today is filled with content creators, most of whom are more than willing to help (if you reach out the right way).

So, try reaching out to creators in a niche similar to yours and perhaps one step ahead of you in the content game.

Provide value first - feedback on their newsletter, one thing they could improve, or a fleshed growth idea for them. Keep the conversation going.

When you trust them enough:

  • ask them for feedback on your newsletter & make the sensible changes

  • ask them to share your newsletter on their feed

Provide value first, ask later


If you want to grow your newsletter via Twitter:

  • optimize your bio

  • write twitter threads

  • host free giveaways

  • make relevant engagements

  • connect with content creators

And if you're still looking for more growth hacks (as you should), check out this blog post for 5 different ways you can grow your newsletter.

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